Some new plot bunnies were born!

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  1. And I need your help to tend to them! ;D I've had a few ideas pop into my head the past day and was hoping to find someone who might be interested in playing them out :3 Romance is a plot candy of mine so expect that to happen! Haha I will do all pairings, mxf, mxm, fxf, however I prefer mxf and mxm. I also don't RP explicit content anymore, however I will get close to it. But once clothes are off I fade to black. I write about 3-4 paragraphs per reply. I am very intimidated by walls of text ^^; Now onto the bunnies!

    Old America
    I have a deep love for Native American culture and America back before it became what it is today. I was thinking something along the lines of a forbidden love between a Native and a colonist fresh off the boat. Either could be male or female. Think of a kind of Pocahontas theme. :P However this will be after the English have been more of a common occurrence and the language barrier is slowly disappearing. But the two cultures are still a mystery to the other.

    Beauty and the Beast
    For this one I was thinking of an unexpected romance between a human and a vampire, however this is nothing like Twilight. Vomit. For this, I think I would prefer the vampire to be male and pretty hard and controlling, but protective. What's his property is his. I was thinking he would take a human(boy or girl) captive. They would pretty much be a slave for a while until the vampire slowly develops a soft spot for them and dare I say, begins to love them. He would also have other "slaves" but they are vampires which he had turned for personal reasons. He would also be very, very old. Lol This could take place in modern day, or in the past such as the Medieval Times.

    The Curious Royal
    This one would be about either a prince or princess who is curious about the world outside of their palace and they constantly sneak out. They would meet someone, but they wouldn't tell them who they really are and so on. This one could take place just about anywhere and I don't have any concrete ideas. If you are interested in this one we can come up with more of a plot together :)

    Tales of Ye Olde
    For this I was thinking of a setting in Scotland or Ireland and takes place in the time of Vikings. Honestly, the setting is about as far as I've gotten on this one. If you are interested in this there is a ton open for discussion and we can come up with the plot together :)

    Now, all of these are not limited to romance! I love action and plot twists to make things spicy ^^ None of these are set in stone. I can play lead role or the following role. However, I more often than not find myself leading and that can tire me out. I also love RPs where there is no distinct leading role as well ^^ I would also love to RP with someone who is willing to come up with ideas and helps to mold the plot :3 Just let me know if you're interested or have any other ideas :3
  2. I could do the old america or the beauty and the beast idea with you ^^ I mostly play girls if you don't mind :3
  3. Is there one that you like more than the other? :3 I can play the guy, it's fine x3
  4. Hmm... I really like the vampire one but I already have two vampire rps so... I think it's better with a bit of variation so the old America plot :)
  5. Haha okay, great! We're you thinking about taking the colonist or Native? :3
  6. I would prefer the native if you don't mind :)
  7. Sounds good to me! I shall carry this over to messages :>
  8. I'm gonna snatch the vampire beauty and the beast before someone else does >.>
  9. Yay awesome! :D I shall message you ^^