Some more ideas. Different content ratings apply to different ideas.

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  1. English is not my first language so I apologize for the spelling mistakes and funny sentences.

    Ohai everyone! Here are some more ideas by me! These are all MXF 1x1 ideas, and I will be playing the females! My partner doesn't have to be male irl to play the male! (Naturally.)
    If you're interested PM me or simply say so here in this post!

    -Different content ratings apply to different ideas.
    -I suggest you read my Information and RoleplayResume for additional information.
    -Most of my rp's tend to have sexual themes, so consider that. Also, smut (Any kind.) is NEVER the core of my stories.
    -No godmodding, please.
    -No taking over my character. I will respect the same for yours.
    -No one liners. You don't have to post 10 paragraphs either but please, post a fair amount.
    -OCC is important. Lets work together!
    -I'm not a big -Character sheet- user, but if you prefer them, I have no problem with them.
    -Please make sure your grammar is understandable. I will do the same.
    -I can post several posts a day, and I ask a reply every 3 days at least. Any more and I will probably lose interest before we even start.
    -Any kind of picture is fine, but I prefer digital art or realistic ones.
    -I am also okay with cursing, gore, blood, etc.
    -My time zone is GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time). I tend to sleep around 8-14h a day.
    -I'm okay with you writing with whatever face person you like but I prefer the third person.

    Sorry for that long, boring text of wall! Here are the ideas:

    1.) The Sherwood Forest.
    -When the good king is hidden away by his nephew who has taken his throne, the new kings men are hurting the kingdom. Most of the people are helpless, but one of those people is not Holly Greenleaf. Raised as a lady, but never one at heart, she chooses the heroes path and with the blessing of her family runs away to fight against the king in her own way! She settles down in a huge forest and there she meets an interesting stranger. What is his story, and goal in life?
    -This is a light, easy rp with the Robin Hood theme. You have full freedom deciding who your character will be!

    2.) Power Within. -CLOSED.
    -Bella was just your ordinary teenage girl. Living with her parents, getting teased by her brother, loving the times she spends with her friends. The first night of her 18th birthday something happened. She found out the truth about who she really is by her beloved grandmother. Bella is a part of an ancient Circle Of Protectors that fight against evil creatures that threaten earth and its safety using the power of elements. Others that are not a part of The Circle cannot see the creatures that hurt them. Soon, Bella sees nothing as it was but even more surprise comes to her when one day a new boy in her class turns out to be a part of the Protectors Circle.

    3.) Across the Blue Sea. -CLOSED.
    A viking princess, Asta, refuses to marry an old man her beloved father has set for her. The marriage will give Asta's country new fields to grow food on, as their own fields have began dying by unknown causes. Asta's father offers her a way out, she must bring him the head of Fenrir the wolf, a gigantic and terrible monster imprisoned on earth by the Gods. It is believed if the wolf is killed the Gods will grant its killer a wish and the wish will be for the crops of Asta's country to grow again. Asta's father knows there is no way of finishing this quest, but as Asta's husband to be agreed to it, he knows this way she will taste the last freedom in her life. The condition is, if Asta runs away, her younger sister will have to marry the man. So with the warm wishes and prayers of her family Asta goes into the world. Along the way of the quest, Asta meets someone who will help her for gold. What awaits them?
    -Pretty simple. You're the person she meets and goes along the quest with for gold.

    4.) The Solar Medallion.
    The year is 3041. New planets and life have been discovered. Civilizations combined, creating one. Space cities have came to be. In one of those cities lives Selena. A bounty hunter for space criminals. Her job is simple. Catch and get paid. One day the sun starts shutting down. Its core, The Sun Medallion is stolen and everyone who inforces the law is offered a grand prize to return the medallion. When Selena finally manages to be the first to get a hold of the thief, him and his reasons of stealing the item are not what she expected them to be.

    5.) The Institute of War.
    No thought of plot. This would be a League of Legends rp. You may chose your own champion to play as and we will decide the rest from there. I myself will pick after you do.

    6.) Hidden in the Leaf.
    A Naruto roleplay where I will be playing Naruko, the genderbent Naruto. I am looking for a Sasuke.
    My partner MUST be careful to do Sasuke justice. To play him as he is. Cool, uncaring and cold. Before the romance part starts. Even then he must keep that kind of image. This is a tricky request I guess. We start from genin and stick to that for a time. After that we follow the Shippuden series timeline. The story will be following the anime and original settings, or just the original settings. Will be discussed.

    7.) He loves me not. -CLOSED.
    Katie has just started college, and its everything she expected. Except for one thing. Her loud, annoying, obnoxious roommate. The guy is too much into himself, bringing other girls to their shared dorm room and doing other horrible things. Katie isn't a stuck up, but this is too much.
    One day they both get drunk and share a kiss that awakens weird feelings for each other. Will they embrace them?

    8.) Against the Dark. -CLOSED.
    All Melody ever wanted was to have a proper family. Yes, her grandparents gave her a home and more important, love. But there was always a hole inside her heart from not knowing her parents. On her 18th birthday she finally found out the truth. Her parents were defeated in battle against the creatures of shadow. Unnatural beings that had the power to wield darkness. They have existed for thousands of years, with a goal to destroy every living thing. And mother nature fought back, choosing some humans to be presented with her gifts. They had the power of her elements. Water, earth, fire and air filled with light, to fight against the creatures of darkness. Melody was born with the gift of water, with the duty to protect the part of world she lives in. Among thousands of other protectors. On her 18th birthday her powers showed. Three other elements were unlocked at the same time hers was, where are they now? Where is Melody's team?

    9.) Why me?
    A famous youtuber or singer starts to have romantic feelings for a non-famous girl.
    -My character (The girl) will be an OC, and the youtuber/singer can be a real person, or an OC too.

    10.) The Kame Jungle.
    A plane of a young explorer crashes on an undiscovered island. Its beautiful beaches are surrounding a giant jungle that hides who knows what? Tall trees don't give away the feeling of safety, and the wild sounds the explored hears at night frighten him. He settles on one of the beaches waiting for help, it seems there is no civilization this island. Soon, his things begin missing and he is forced to go into the jungle, are there humans here after all?

    11.) Coded Elf.
    A computer game you control with your mind (Like SAO.) with an elf theme. After being friends with one of the players for some time the two of you decide to meet in person. What will happen?

    Hope to hear from you guys.
    More may be added :heart:
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