Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn

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Moriarty or the Joker?

  1. Moriarty

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  2. The Joker

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  3. Both are as good as each other

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  4. Both are as bad as each other

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  1. You asked - and you got it.
    A battle of two of the most chaotic, destructive, anarchistic psychopaths who don't even have superpowers.
    (If I'm honest with you, I prefer Mark Hamill's Joker over Heath Ledger's. This has no influence on my opinion of who I prefer as a character out of these two.)
  2. Ok, I must admit, this is somewhat difficult for me to choose because I adore both of the characters. They are both two different kinds of "evil" though, I think. Moriarty is an intellectual insane while the Joker is chaotic insane (not saying he isn't intelligent). Sherlocke, in this series, describes himself as "consulting detective" which makes Moriarty a "consulting criminal." Both are unrivaled in their fields... This pairing, to me, is a battle between intellects.

    Then you have Joker and Batman. With these two, it seems to be an utter battle of good versus evil more than anything. Batman tries to save innocence while Sherlocke gets off on the intellectual power of it all, the power of deduction. In some ways, I'd even go as far as to say that the people involved mean nothing to Sherlocke: it's only the mystery that matters. Batman, on the other paw, is all about the people involved and he'll do whatever he needs to do to make those people safe.


    I side with Moriarty. I honestly could care less about some muscleman with technology behind him. I find the challenge more attractive if it's wits against wits, brain against brain. And if I were in the place of Sherlocke, the stimulation and the pressure from the case wouldn't be from what is at stake, but from the challenge itself, the mystery itself.
  3. I have to say the Joker (though I agree with Parson) because I grew up watching him and I can analyze him easily. And I haven't seen Sherlocke yet.
  4. Both I think are horrible, but I have to say Moriarty, because yes Joker is horrible and cruel yet he doesn't fuck with your mind like Moriarty does. At least the one from Sherlock the TV show is the one im thinking of. He made Sherlocks life a living hell, making him question his sanity made everyone he knew turn against him...really I would rather be killed then have that happen to me.
  5. Joker - because he has to compete with motherfuckers who have superpowers all day. Moriarty just has holmes.
  6. heh. He "just" has Holmes.

    That's like saying the Cuban Missle crisis was "Just" a simple misunderstanding.
  7. Alright, I will never claim to be all knowledgeable onSherlock Holms. However I have seen the films and know a bit about the books.Correct me if I am mistaken, but didn’t Moriarty have a master plan? He was acrime lord in the books and in the movies he wanted to over throw thegovernment or gain some control. Correct?
    If that is so then how can you really compare him and theJoker? All the Joker wants is the chase. He really just wants to see the worldburn. Moriarty seems to want power through destructive ends.
    You could compare these two by the complexity of theirmurder plots or even by their formidable foes, but I don’t think comparing themtwo as similar creatures is really that fair.
    That being said, I would have to go with the Joker. Moriartyis calm and well thought out. The Joker is a true mad man and he’s proven hecan fuck some stuff up. Just Sayin’.
  8. Joker, and for that matter, Heath Ledger Joker. All the other Batman movies I'd seen are for kids. The Joker in Dark Knight was beyond an adult villian; he was a nightmare. And the Joker wasn't just crazy, either. Remember all the plans that the cops had that the Joker turned on their heads? He was maybe as smart as Moriarty, but also goddamn psychotic.

    Plus, while this was a horrible, horrible event, the Joker actually instigated real-life violence. That doesn't mean the movie itself was bad, or that it inspired violence; that guy was nuts, no two ways about it.
  9. I would pick the Joker.
    Did you know that he spend 1 month before the film in an apartment in solidarity? Just to perfect his role as a joker? Now, THAT is dedication!
    Even after/during the film the actor was "going nuts" or so they say.
    So I prefer him because he is just sadistically horrifying.
  10. Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes modern TV Show > The Joker from Dark Knight > Joker from every other show > Moriarty from everything else.
  11. Ditto. Everyone likes a rather puzzling challenge. I'm only a few episodes in on Sherlock, but Moriarty's quite a crazy man. Even I didn't know what to expect from him and I am usually good at predicting things when it comes to television shows.