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  1. I have been collecting a few ideas for a little while now and have decided to finally post them up. They are all romance ideas though they would have much more than just that. I also am open to any ideas if you want to role play with me but are not interested in the ideas I have here. PM me or post here if you are interested in one of the ideas. :)

    First, About me:

    - I usually play females, it's what I am best at.
    - Usually FxM pairings.
    - My schedule is random but I am on a lot.
    - I don't care about post size, post what you would like or can. :)

    Now, Ideas: These are basic right now. I would like to discuss them in more detail with my partner(s).

    - A bad guy, an actual villain of the story, is doing his usual business when some girl gets caught up in the middle of it all. They begin to fall for each other.

    - A girl comes to a new school, but for a secret reason, is pretending to be a guy. A guy however begins to fall for her, though has conflicted feelings, thinking she is a guy.

    - High school: geek X popular

    - Human X Alien

    - Red riding hood X wolf (half human/Half wolf) You know, human with wolf ears and/maybe tail. (or Switch genders for red and wolf too)

    - The devil (in the form of teen or young adult) sees a human girl and falls in love, wanting to marry her he takes her to hell with him. She must deal with her new life and falling in love with the devil.
    ~All my love
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  2. Dibbs on first and last
    I can play the villain, love doing it.

    The devil - can we do Hades and Persephone instead?
    kinda same story but I don't like the devil, I rather Hades!
  3. Yay. Hades and Persephone is fine, it's pretty much that same like you said. :)
  4. So how shall we start it? PMs or new thread?
    You may go ahead a start if you want, either was is fine for me.
  5. Do you like making Character sheets or just creating the characters as we go? I'm fine with either way.
    Hmm, I'm fine with either PM or thread too. I might just do PM so that there's not a thousand threads made by me on the list. :)
  6. -Flails-

    What were you thinking of for the Alien and Human? I actually think I'm pretty good with playing male characters, and Scifi and my character can go ahead and be either the human or the alien . _.

    Recap: would you like to play the alien or the human?
  7. I was fine with playing either. Is there one you would want to play more? I figured it could either be that the alien comes to earth, but crashes and meets the human. We could have the human either know or not just yet.
  8. Do you like a lot of action and a good story? I have an idea we could do.
  9. Yes I do. What's your idea?
  10. *Takes deep breathe* Okay here I go!

    A cult that worships an evil god summons demons into the world and everything these demons touch they turn into darkness, or negative energy. And wherever they go light doesn't shine, even though light will shine in places they haven't touched.

    This will be a roleplay about war, survival, escaping the darkness, character development, etc.

    And our characters of course will be knights, wizards, even demi-gods are there.
  11. Sounds pretty interesting. :)
  12. Alright, I'll PM you and we can get to planning! ;D
  13. Okay. Great.
  14. Either way works for me.
    Also I seem to be missing alerts when someone posts on the threads I am in, so maybe over PMs will be better
  15. Alright. I will send two PMs to you. :)
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