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  1. I'm looking for something with plot, probably with a dark theme and depending on the characters, potentially messed up sexy times. I'm most comfortable playing the female, or gay male (usually not the dominant type), so bear that in mind. I've got a few ideas for plots and pairings, so I'll just list some of 'em.

    Dragon Age:

    I'd be interested in pretty much anything...but I suppose the favourite two would be either Warden x Zevran or Hawke x Anders (with some major conflict with beliefs, as well as the whole Justice thing.)

    Mass Effect:

    Thane x Shepard is the ticket. Full of angst, of course.

    Forgotten Realms:

    Drizzt and/or Wulfgar...gotta love 'em. Either Cattie-Brie or an OC.


    Mainly just because I hate the love interests in these books. Any person will do xD

    Just Random:

    Master x Slave - fantasy setting, could go anywhere really.
    Prisoner of war x Jailer/ruler - Just the old prisoner gets captured, lots of bad stuff happens to 'em, somehow love blooms.
    Demon x Hunter - A rebellious demon hunter finds herself falling for a bad guy.
    Hunter x Healer - Similar to above, but in this one the bad guy happens to be a sweet li'l healer.
    Order x Chaos - This one is more specific. I've got two characters that represent order and chaos. They start off working together, eventually fall out, start a war. They basically torture eachother (either literally or figuratively), there's a helluva lot of angst and eventually they might just decide to love eachother.

    There are plenty more where that came from, including various anime fandoms. Basically, if it's fantasy or sci-fi it's a shoe in. Other stuff is also good, just ask. I'm always looking for new things to try.
  2. Hrmmm the daemon/hunter interests me greatly.
  3. Excellent. Do you want to discuss it more over PMs?
  4. Perhaps our one on one would be better placed here?
  5. Good point xD So, vampires. Genders? I can do either MxM or FxM. I prefer doing the female, but I'm flexible.
  6. I do not mind playing either. As long as I am the slave.
  7. Alright then. I'll have the female. How about a highborn having a slave bought for her? Or something else?
  8. I want him to be captured from his home. I want my character to be a jock, foot ball player and all around jerk. I want you the female to put him in his place.
  9. That can be arranged. Shall I get a thread up?
  10. yessir.
  11. I can't seem to find it and the link don't work.