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Some Ideas

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Arcanum, May 23, 2015.

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    Modern Fantasy || Boarding School || Friendship

    A small, old building in the middle of nowhere is used as a school for young super humans. These children are from all over since it’s the only school offered for super human children due to the rarity of super powers being passed down to children.


    Hide & Seek

    Futuristic || War || Rebellion || Romance

    One family rules over Earth and all its colonies. This family is widely believed to be the only family who is free to make their own choices. The eldest child leaves their life of riches and power to lead the rebellion against their own.


    Here We Are

    Fandom: Harry Potter || Modern || Friendship || Eventual Romance || Adventure

    Four first year students begin their education at Hogwarts deciding from the start they’ll stay together no matter what happens during their years at the school. Their backgrounds make them unlikely friends, but they don’t mind at all.


    Gotta Be Alone

    Modern Fantasy || Romance || Boarding School

    Two lonely teenagers meet at a school for non-humans, and they instantly connect. Both are hesitant to enter into any sort of friendship or otherwise. Each are the last of their kind and feel being alone is some sort of punishment they must endure.


    Got Me

    Modern || Roommates || Friendship || Romance

    Fresh out of college, best friends get a place together and are excited to be getting their start out in the world. They were raised in a small town and had sheltered childhoods. The two had attended a college close to their hometown, and this is the first time they’ve ever been this far away.


    Go On, Say It

    Modern || Drama || Family

    A child has dreamed of what their family would be like once they finally got adopted. They always imagined a hardworking dad and a stay-at-home mom, maybe an older sibling, and living in a nice house in a nice neighborhood with a dog. When they were finally adopted, their social worker had a long talk with them explaining their adopted parents were both transgender.


    Get It Together

    Modern || Boarding School || Drama || Romance

    Rockheights School for Performing Arts is divided into two main groups: those who don’t need scholarships to attend and those who do. The rich kids of Rockheights rule the school and everyone else does their best to stay clear of them. When a new kid shows up and decides that things need to change, all hell breaks loose.



    Modern Fantasy || Science Fiction || Romance

    An alien ruler comes to Earth in search of new citizens for their home-planet after a great war wiped out the majority of its population. Humans are the obvious choice according to this ruler since they most resemble their species and their home-planet is quite habitable for humans. They choose to lay low while recruiting and act as a human. The ruler becomes attached to the first human who shows kindness and won’t leave them alone.


    Making A Home

    Modern || Family || Drama

    A same-sex couple just adopted two children who’ve been in the system much too long. To get a fresh start, the newly-formed family moves to a new town.



    Modern || Family || Drama

    A transgender young teen decided to go back to dressing and acting in a manner acceptable for their assigned gender in fear they won’t get adopted being transgender. Once they are adopted, they don’t know how long they can keep up pretending to be who they’re not.


    PM me, or reply here. I don't mind which.​
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  2. Pretending seems to interest me.
  3. Okay. Who would you be wanting to play?
  4. What roles are there to play?
  5. It'd be either the transgender teen or one of the members of their new family. Doubling up is also an option.
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