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So these are some ideas that I've had for a while, wanting to do something good with them. Then again... I can't say I've ever successfully GMed an RP in my life. But I've read about GMing.

Brotherhood of Loss
For as long as man has known evil, man has been stalked by the Vampire. Creatures of evil, soulless bodies stealing the very life of the living form their veins, protected by the fear they cause. But we do not fear. We have lost those that we love and our grief has turned to rage. Our creed: No rest for the weary, no comfort for the cursed, no mercy to the damned.
Genre: Supernatural, drama, maybe a little horror

Fires of the Colonies
For the last hundred years, the nation of Lotusk has exploded outwards into a colonial empire spanning the length of the globe. One of the oldest and still the most troubled are the ports and towns of Evlana. There exists an uneasy peace between the colonists and the native Evlin, a truce maintained only by a shred of respect and a shared desire to avoid a brutal war. But the colonies keep growing, and soon the Evlin won't be able to reassure their hotheads and their hawks that those lands were previously unused, and soon the expansionists and racists among the colonists won't be able to be held back by saner minds. There will be fires. No one can delude themselves into believing otherwise.
Genres: Fantasy, drama, colonial(I guess? Is that a genre? Pseudo-historical?).

Flamestone Keep
Flamestone Keep is abandoned. Built centuries ago to guard the only known pass between the mountain borders of Daveon and Streinland. But a landslide choked that pass shut one hundred and fifty years ago, and Flamestone Keep has been abandoned ever since. But relations have soured. Spies report the Streinland army mobilizing. There is now a very real fear among the Queen and her advisors that they have found some magic to clear the pass. In response, the queen has hand-picked commanders, sorcerers, engineers, nobles, warriors; a select elite sent to Flamestone with a single mission: Make Flamestone Keep ready for war.
Genres: Fantasy, war

The Agency
Welcome to the Internal and External Information Agency, agent. The IEIA, one of the foremost espionage companies in the world not directly under the thumb of a government. We have a long history doing things that might other wise cause us to be disowned and disbanded. Since we haven't, we're good at our job. We only train the best, and no IEIA agent has ever gone rogue. If you think of the best jobs as the most difficult ones, then we only get the best.
Genres: superspy(pre-Craig Bond), action

A World, Dead
Travelling the Planes is almost commonplace in these times. Dozens have been discovered, worlds covering a wide range of conditions and possibilities, but all bearing life. A few months ago, a planeswalking sorcerer found a new Plane. One that was dead. Cities and villages with no signs of the inhabitants. Dusty, grey soil, no plants in sight. The sun choked behind ashy clouds. The news of this has been kept tightly controlled, and one of the major transportation companies has quietly recruited a small team of mercenaries and scholars under for a simple mission: Learn what happened to this Plane.
Genres: Fantasy, horror
Strongly support the idea of the second one. The ethnic dissent issue always helps to add extra layers of depth and intrigue. I like the idea of a very tense and delicate situation that can explode at any minute.
I would love to see something done with that setting, but I've never GMed successfully and I'm honestly not sure how to involve players with the ideas I have for the setting. If someone else is a good GM and is interested in the setting, I can infodump the crap out of you with everything I've had and keep things coming for new developments.

I've edited the first post with some ideas I forgot to put in the first time(copied from an old thread of mine on another forum).
The Agency one sounds similar to Alpha Protocol. I like it, 'nuff said.

The Colony one also sounds nice, however. Historical Fiction is the term you are looking for though. What I would like to know in regards to it is if it is based around the Middle Ages like most fantasy or around Renaissance? I mean both have merit but it also helps me form a character... not to mention it would be nice to know where the lines are drawn between Fantasy and Reality. For instance does magic replace guns in a low tech setting, or maybe the colonists are very technological where the natives are more magical? I think thats the line that is also going to keep my interest or lose it sadly :/

As for the others... well I like the idea behind "A World, Dead" but I think it is better suited as a lowtech Sci-Fi game... name and description makes me think Survival Horror. After all, why would they have a butt load of weapons if they are just a survey team?

Meanwhile "Flamestone Keep" and "Brotherhood of Loss" don't interest me. Seem like they would be better suited for a table top than for a free form forum based game.
I've... never played Alpha Protocol. To be honest the idea came from playing the new Goldeneye(which is fantastic)singleplayer(also fantastic), n thinking, "Hey, this might be a fun RP." Might be better in a chat setting though.

Anyway, the technology of Fires of the Colonies is more bent towards the Renaissance. If you couldn't tell(It's a subtle thing, I know), but this is a fantasyfied colonial America. Magic does definitely not replace guns or technology in this setting, as magic is rare. In Lotusk, a city of thousands would have a mage's guild of around 20. Mage's guilds are generally only in nation capitals and the biggest trading cities. All of the Evlana colonies have a dozen(from all nations, scattered over the four main colonial territories), mostly younger adventurers and thrill-seekers. Mages are always in high regard, one among the players would be a Big Person, VIP, able to put themselves into High Society because they're a mage, and mages are rare. So I guess you could say the magic vs. technology thing is logistics driven. There are mages and they are powerful, but there's just not enough of them to stop or hold back technological advancements. They're not obsolete yet, but the writing is on the wall. Evlin mages and shamans are generally recluses and hermits, a sub-caste who live away from the villages and cities, learning through meditation and being mentored by an older shaman. Numbers are similar to their colonial counterparts.

A side note is that some general alchemical(more protochemistry not at all FMA) potions and formulas are available and do work, but that's not mage magic. The kind you would pay an alchemist for are really nothing more than refined and perfected versions of old wive's remedies, the kind of random recipes your grandmother would tell you to take.

I don't know if that's more answer than you wanted for your question, but there you have it, I guess.

Also, thank you for suggesting the genre change for A World, Dead. That does sound like it would be better to work with, and I don't think the stuff I have is that closely tied to a fantasy setting anyway. I sort-of disagree with you on Brotherhood of Loss, in my head it's the kind of dark and moody "he who fights monsters/looks into the abyss" thing that might be better on a forum.
A World, Dead captured most of my interest. I like roleplays with mystery and haven't gotten to play in one yet. :3 Sounds like it would be a really cool plot for horror; there's more to it than just escaping the clutches of something evil.

I look forward to whatever it is you choose to run, though. I have confidence in Spammy~
Alpha Protocol has a wonderful storyline and way of presenting it... the issue is that the gameplay mechanics are behind the times and generally clunkie. They could have done a lot better on that portion is all... I'd say the game was a 6.5-7 out of 10.

I think I'd still need to know more about Fires before deciding. I do like whats being said so far though. Only issue is it Renaissance or is Gergorian? Basicly is it geared towards the early days of the explorers and the New World or is it closer to the same century as the Revolutionary War and the French and Indian War?

Finnally, I still see Brotherhood of Loss as one. Sure that might be the image you are trying to put on it but I see the old "Hunter: The Reckoning" made by White Wolf. Its got a lot of that same Neizche morality questions that come up... but then thats the entire World of Darkness (save Changling of course, all faries are happy go lucky even in grim dark!).
In the grim dark supernatural underworld there is only goth. Also, Alpha Protocol is an Obsi-"What do you mean, finish the game?"-dian game. Sure they can write. Just not a whole story.

On Fires... my own knowledge of history isn't detailed enough to understand the difference between those two categories. Halp? I guess I would say closer to the technology of the French and Indian War, but again, I don't know what the difference is. Guns are flintlock, but rifling has been invented. When it comes to transportation you've got sailing ship, canoe, horse, buggy, warag(the Evlin's transport of choice, a large wolf descendant[Think less mangy wargs. I'm so subtle]). I don't know how much more detail you need, but I'll keep answering questions.