Some Ideas I'd Like to Play



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These are just some things my wacky brain has come up with. I'm also open to others if there are some that others would like to play. These were just a few I came up with that I want to try out and see if I can pull them off. They are all modern romance, because lately that's been my curve. I'm open to other ideas of various genre, so feel free to ask me to join in other 1x1 games as well.

The Mature roleplay will be going in the Mature section so make sure you have access there.

What Is This... Love? - Claimed
I would like to do one roleplay where there is a rough 'n' tough tomboy that falls for a rather interesting rich girl. The setting would be college. Outside of that, I'm open to just about any plot ideas.

A Wonderful Time [Mature] - Claimed
M/F or F/F
A wealthy business (wo)man, late 20's, is on vacation and runs into a cute waitress and asks her out, and thus romance insues. (Yes there will be some adult situations if I have anything to say about it.)

Building It Up
M/F or F/F
A carpenter is leading the renovations on a house and falls in love with the college student daughter of the family (s)he is working for.
I'd play any of these. What Is This... Love? sounds really intresting
Awesome! PM me and we'll haggle over characters and the like. ^^
I'm interested in a F/F "A Wonderful Time".
All right!
PM me and we'll fine tune it. :)