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  1. Hello one and all. Been rather bored of late and why not try do more 1x1 since just about everything I was involved with slowed down and died for one reason or another. I generally play male characters when it comes to my general protagonist character but I am quite capable of playing multiple character of one gender or another or lack there of. I mostly have a setting craving than pairing as what I may want can change on a whim but there are some that I can think of which I wouldn't mind playing, mostly has do to with what types of people I want to be working off one another. Please, if any of them peak your interest in some way or share something that you would like to do, shot me a message and we'll chat and delve deeper into plots and characters.

    Setting Craving

    These are just what I can think of at the moment. If something is similar to what you might have in mind, we can work something out.

    Pathfinder/pathfinder esq Setting. High Fantasy with magic and what not. A good pairing I can think of is a Traveling Wizard and his mercenary protector. I would like to be the Wizard but wouldn't mind being the Merc instead.

    Cyberpunk (Hard cyberpunk or something akin to Shadowrun which you just have to do a google search to get the idea). A Role I would like to play in this setting is a independent net journalist who has more integrity than is good for him and sticks his nose where it does not belong.

    Modern Fantasy. This is a rather big genre setting now that I look at it as it can involved tons of things. Generally I can think of is something akin to the Supernatural TV show, Vampires in modern times, Folklore and fairy tales making a secret living among the mundane people.

    Other Historical Era fantasy. Something like Victorian Era zombie apocalypse or werewolf hunters in Edo Japan. This can also be just an individual/individuals displaced from time to be in something like a post nuclear war like the Fallout series for one reason or another.


    The pairs are rather interchangeable of whether I want to be left or right and they are relatively vague as to fit in other settings. They mostly have to do with physical characteristics. There are only two right now since I never really got much of an opportunity to play them except once or twice in a short game and would like to do so again. They aren't the only things I want though and there is no love lost if I don't get to play them.

    Average Sized Person x Shorter Person (Example, Dwarf, Gnome and so on)

    Average Sized Person x Much Larger Creature ( Around 9-12ft tall Humanoid)

    I generally don't do a whole lot of Fandoms but there are some that I wouldn't mind playing. I do have this thing about never playing as Canon characters. I always prefer original characters and play fairly loosely with the source material I mostly just want to play as an OC in the world. If there is a fandom something similar to what I have listed, lemme know. I am sure that I forgot to list some as they did not come to mind right away.

    Star Wars
    Dresden Files
    Call of Cthulhu
    World of Darkness (Vampires specifically)
    Warhammer 40k and Fantasy
    Witcher Series
    Alien and/or Predator
    Metro 2033
    Mad Max
    Left 4 Dead
    Elder Scrolls
    Deus Ex
    The Darkness/Witchblade

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  2. I be interested in being your partner
  3. Great. Anything specific you had in mind?
  4. Victorian Era
  5. Star Wars non-canon sounds great.
  6. Awesome to hear. Anything specific you had in mind?

  7. Definitely something post-Yarvin (if that's too ambiguous, anything from A New Hope and onwards). Avoiding prequel-era if that's ok.
  8. Nothing is too vague for me when it comes to SW. I am quite confident in my knowledge of star wars both main canon and expanded canon
  9. Great! :)

    Care to continue in PM?
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