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  1. -General Idea, a tavern with a twist, the twist being, this tavern is also a guild house for bounty hunters from all over this world (Fumai) and other worlds. The settings are future fantasy leaning more toward Tenchi muyo, and other steam-futura settings (final fantasy realm we may have ships and lasers but we still run around with swords n other weapons). Finally I would like three joiners with be one of the 'Four Notes' See bellow in first post for more on them. No profile required of course, but I'll be posting one so you get a general feel for my character as she will be the Eastern Note. -

    ::Year 3046::
    ~One lonely little planet sits on the edge of the Bannerman's Federation (universal super powa) domain. This planet is Fumai, a ruggedly terraformed habitat filled with strange ocean's and massive forests filled with unusually carnivorous plant-life. And the beasts here... well that's a whole nother story all together. No time for that now, as our story starts in a strange little place called the Solstice Tavern & Inn, where the heroes of our story take rest, and mingle with the other bounty hunters of the realms. ~

    -image by Zhaoenzhe

    ::Solstice Tavern::
    As you burst through the trees running from Fumai's newest mutation you find yourself falling face first into an aqua blue lake surrounded by bulbous mushrooms as tall as a man. Quickly veering your path you stumble along the lake's shore only to notice a large shadow hovering fifty feet above the lake, sitting in the air as if this were an every day thing is a strangely shaped tavern. It's architecture of it's roof's suggesting oriental origins, while the walls and foundations suggest gothic. It's a strange building composed of several smaller buildings all connected with bridges. A sign hanging from the very lowest point of the lowest building reads loudly "COME IN THE DRINKS ARE TASTY!" Listening to this sign you decide to make this venture. After an entrancing boat ride floats you to the entrance your starting to wonder about your decision, as from behind the doors before you, a loud ruckus is thundering. Behind those doors awaits some of the most fierce bounty hunters in the universe. Funny how several of their wanted posters are tacked to the front door...


    The day was just starting but it wasn't all that early still. The moon's were full in the sky still however that marked it at a quarter til noon. Good time as any to get up she figured. She stretched long legs and crimson eyes glanced at the floor beside her pallet on the floor. Cloths were strewn in every which direction but still it was easy enough for her to find her pocketed cargo's and a cream tube top to wear over her dark tanned skin. Several tattoo's decorated her left shoulder while a sleeve ran the entire length of her right arm. She swept up her long cream blonde hair into a half tail then slung a swede trench-coat about her slim shoulders. Finally bending to stuff her feet into platform wedge boots that clung tightly all the way up to her knees. Standing ready she was maybe all of 5'7" even with the heels and maybe twenty five at most in age.

    She turned to leave her lovely attic home when she spotted the pamphlet tacked to the wall. A smirk pulled at her lips, apparently she and three of her brothers were being targeted now. The title read "Dangerous Notes in Space" hilarious title dweebs, she thought rolling her crimson colored eyes. The page further read...

    Bringers of Chaos the Four Notes are wanted dead or alive for the death's of Council members of the Bannerman's Federation. Any hunters should be advised, targets are the Four Notes! These individuals are known across the galaxy for their terrifying abilities in either magic or combat. Hunt them at your own risk. They were once the Four Sound of Governance on Bannerman's Citadel, but they are now outcasts and unpredictable.
    The young woman rolled her eyes again, summing that up, she thought, means we killed the council and are now disgraced bounty hunters. I'll take that title since our beloved council men were trying to summon something far more deadly than we four. She shrugged her shoulders and moved out the portal to her room. Stepping out onto a landing she turned and made her way downstairs to the main hall of the Solstice Tavern where there was mead to be tasted.

    When she entered the main hall she was greeted by cherry colored wood, trimmed in deep black mahogany. The bar swept across the room in a lateral line, while the tables sat sparsely around pool tables, and booth couches. A large cylinder vid-screen hoovers in the center of the room streaming videos and news from the galaxy's most wanted lists. The tavern was slow this morning but the young woman was confident things would pick up. A name called across the room drew the woman's attention.

    "Ade! Come cheer dove, we got news from Betga" The girl turned and made for the bar sliding small frame onto the stool. "you'd think you'dt be a lil more careful answering so freely ter yer name Adelayd" The bar keep scolded her. She rolled crimson eyes and shrugged thin shoulders while she twirled a finger through her silvery golden hair.

    "Shouldn't hafta' hide in my home. 'Sides Jak, everyone who comes'n here knows this be the Four Notes' home. Who's crazy enough to bark up our tree hmm?" She asked looking down into the amber mead set before her. Liquid swirling drawing her attention in she sighed. She was ready for a new mission, but she was only second in the Four's little family she had to wait for North Note's commands before doing anything on this lovely day. She side.

    [Adelayd Devis aka Eastern Note]
    Age: 25
    Race: Lyshian (mage like race with elemental bonds)
    Weapon of Choice: Sagittarius (a bow strung with a fire chord, fires bolts of ghostly white fire. can split apart just bellow the grip into twin sabers bladed with white fire energy.)
    Element / Battle Type: Fire and Blood Summoner... of sorts. You'll just have to see.
    Four Notes: A group of four once protecting the high Council of the Bannerman's Federation. However, in a devious plot the Councilmen tried to summon a creature known as the Daevon. The Four Notes turned on the Councilmen and destroyed their summon shard. They were then cast out of the Bannerman's Citadel and chased to the edges where they were though dead. These four are extremely powerful each holding elemental affiliation in some way.
    Northern Note : Male : Leader : Wind
    Western Note : Male : Earth (both rock and plant) Third in Command
    Southern Note : Male : Water Scout
    Eastern Note: Female : Flame Lieutenant

    (if you would like to be one of the three notes just jump in as one, If it's stripped out it's taken. You may still be any other type of bounty hunter you like.)
    History: Unknown,
    Appearence: See avatar for idea.

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  2. -New here. I'd like to take a shot at being the Northern Note

    He sat atop the highest roof of the Solstice Tavern watching the moons fade as one of the suns started to take the sky from the east. The moon's blue rays fell against his lean, bare torso illuminating the scars and muscle tone that adorned it. He'd been up for a few hours already, lost in thought about the perilous situation himself and the other Notes were in. Apparently word had gotten out that the four of them weren't actually dead. He knew it was only a matter time. Bounty hunters were an intuitive and surprisingly gossipy bunch. He'd known it was only a matter of time before they were recognized and word of their survival, and soon their precise location, started to spread. He tried to project a cool confidence around the other Notes, he tried to appear in control and together but the truth was if things continued going how they were going there would be no escape for them this time.

    Solstice Tavern would be a hard place to siege, that's why he'd picked it as a home. It floated and so was always the high ground; it was encircled by some of the most dangerous forests in the universe and -- icing on the cake -- it was always packed with badasses. Many of the people who frequented Solstice Tavern respected Jak, a few even saw him as a father figure. Luckily Jak had taken a strong liking to the four of them, so they could rely on him and a couple others to have their back in a pinch.

    The tavern would be hard place to siege, but not impossible. The bounty was incredibly high and it would only increase overtime. The reward would definitely start to outweigh the risks for all the overly ambitious bounty hunters prowling the domain, looking to make a name for themselves. And even if they could survive the hoard of hunters that were sure to come, how long until the Council acquired another shard?

    He didn't have a long term solution yet. He supposed for now they'd have to keep up with his current strategy: taking high profile jobs, executing stunning heroics, and lining their pockets with the payouts. A strong offense was the best defense after all.

    Corvin sighed. "The life of a disgraced bounty hunter," he muttered to himself. He was only 28 but he was already starting to feel like he was getting too old for all this excitement.

    The others were probably getting up right about then. He figured he should get dressed and join them. He pulled himself up to his feet and, at that very instant, a powerful wind surged in from the west; the wood of the tavern roof creaked slightly from the sheer force of it. A heavy wooden shingle broke free from the others and danced on the powerful currents of air like a leaf. The wind funneled and wrapped tightly around Vin encasing him, consuming him. The shingle orbited him furiously, becoming a blur. The very next instant the wind was gone, and Vin with it. The lone shingle immediately fell and clattered against the rooftop.

    A couple minutes later a gust of wind surged through the bar, rattling empty glasses and rippling the liquid in filled ones, announcing Vin's sudden presence. He was sitting atop the bar-stool next to Ade that had been empty just a moment before. He was angled slightly towards her, one arm resting on the smooth counter-top. He combed a hand though his short dark hair tidying it up just a bit. He was wearing pants and a jacket made from black denim. His eyes, colored a deep green, found and focused on his comrade's. "You're up a touch early," he said with a grin. "Ready to get started eh?"

    "Jak, I'll take a of mug of mead, but lets skip the 'no elemental magic indoors' lecture," He said.
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  3. The day had started so well. As Jim tossed a jolt of blue fire sideways and hit the six eyed beast that was lunging at him right back to the nightmare it came from, he quickly ducked under some arrows flying over his head and slithered beneath two large roots blocking his path. Sweeping back to his feet in a flowing motion, he kept running through the thick vegetation of the forest while the roaring sound of six-eyes' brothers bellowed through the jungle. Arrows were still flying left and right of him and the shouts of the natives were complementing their pets'. What the tribal people lacked in marksmanship they made up with sheer vigor and a persistence that was as impressive as it was annoying. Another arrow flung dangerously close to his face and Jim did a graceful swirl mid-sprint, releasing another wave of iridescent flames in the general direction of his pursuers. The clattering sound of wooden projectiles being deflected in midair behind him as he kept running told Jim that had been a smart move. Passing through a small group of dense trees Jim evaded what looked like a grumpy very large cat and after another jump suddenly found himself at a ledge staring down at least four mens height. Without a second though, Jim jumped. After a fall of three heartbeats that would have taken a normal human being only one heartbeat to complete, he landed in with a splash. The taste of mucky water filled the young boy's mouth and his long loin coat was immediately soaked. Dragging himself through the swampy area, Jim's first thoughts were the books dangling on his side, halfway hanging into the wet substance. They were probably going to be ruined if he didn’t clean them soon. As he reached the edge of the swamp and hauled himself up on the shore, he was glad to be back on solid ground again. The sounds of arrows and shouting were moving away in the distance. They probably didn't think he jumped, as it would be impossible to jump this deep and get away unscathed. Luckily, it wasn't for him. Sitting down on a comparably clean rock that was a bit elevated and making himself as comfortable as could be in this situation, he proceeded to take off his wizard hat and wrung the water out of it. Doing so, Jim looked disapprovingly down at himself. He didn't look one bit the successful bounty hunter he was. The red loin cloth drenched in swamp water falling flat and ungraceful over his slumped slender shoulders and over his back. The books on his large belt around his waist that held his dark green-gold robe in place equally drenched and probably unreadable by now. And the large leather boots that had lost their former golden shine and elegant curves and seemed more like big blobs of ooze his legs ended in. Jim looked just like a mage bounty hunter who had just screwed up a job. In fact, Jim was a mage bounty hunter who had just screwed up a job. As he finished wringing it out and put the much too large hat on his head where it flopped down almost over his eyes, Jim proceeded to empty the water out of the left of his boots and reflected back on the assignment. It had seemed to easy this morning. Take the daughter of the village chief captive as a "hostage", get her out of the village safely and deliver her in one piece to his client. It was obvious the client had... a certain interest in the chief's daughter. Whether she felt the same way about the tall blonde foreigner that had anxiously paid Jim more than half in advance was to be debated, but the colorful spot on Jim’s forehead where her club had hit him after he told her who had sent him indicated that she might not be particularly fond of the idea of running off with that guy. Jim sighed and emptied his right boot, the muddy water leaving his turned over footwear hesitantly as if their brief encounter had made it unquestionably attached to the boy with the silver hair. Impatiently rocking the boot up and down, the water finally left the shoe with a disappointed splat to the ground. It had all gone so wrong after that. Why did the silly girl have to scream like that? If Jim had had a chance to explain to the natives that he was merely here to kidnap the young girl, not to kill her, Jim was sure the village elders would've been much more understanding. Instead, they had to stuff him into a large pot and attempt to boil him. It was always the boiling pot. Jim hated the boiling pot. Luckily for him, the natives didn't expect their lunch to be a fully-fledged wizard, and so he just flung himself out of the village, pot and all. Finally done with his boots, Jim decided it was time to leave this inhospitable jungle and return to the inn.

    The alluring smell of breakfast and the warm chatter that greeted Jim upon ungracefully slamming open the creaking tavern doors almost made up for the full night he had to spend outside. When it became apparent that he wouldn’t make it back to Solstice Tavern & Inn before sunset, Jim decided to take camp at a nearby cavern to make it through the night unscathed. After a short but decisive dispute with the oversized spiders that were already inhabitants, both parties agreed on sharing equal parts of the refuge in an eerie peace. The night passed slowly enough but it was another chase by the natives who had apparently picked up his trace in the early morning that really drained Jim’s energy. When the floating group of buildings huddled together in mid-air finally came into sight after he lost his unsociable chasers, Jim breathed a sigh of relief. A good meal and some rest were all that was on his mind for the time being. Striding through the large main hall, Jim glanced many familiar faces from the corner of his eyes, but he did certainly not feel like greeting any of them, let alone begin something like a conversation. His reputation took care of that. As the small looking kid grumpily stomped towards the most peaceful corner of the room that had always been his own, many a bounty hunter carefully took a step sideways when the boy was about to collide with him head on. It was quite the sight to behold a mountain of a man with a weapon strapped to his back the size of the small wizard evade the slender boy like he was made of glass. Or very hard stone. Slumping down at his usual spot, Jim soon enough found his usual order on a clean plate in front of him, still steaming and prepared the way he liked it. Satisfied with the situation for the first time in two days, Jim began gulping down his meal, as the conversations in the main hall that had simmered down upon his entry began to rise in volume again.
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  4. [[Okay DreamlandDenizan – Corvin, You get North Note, and Joeymici – You reserve Water note. ^.^ We’re going to go ahead with the rp and your character can jump in and explain his absence until that moment in the rp if that’s okay with you?

    Also I forgot to say even though I said the four are family, they aren’t actually family, just closely bonded after being together for so long.

    ONE NOTE LEFT!!! WEST NOTE or Earth. Okay nother side comment for Notes. Just because your Note has an element does not mean your character has to use the element as it’s only means for battle, my character has some pretty nifty abilities but not going to get into that you’ll see in rp.

    Alright unpause ^.^}}​

    Boredom was beginning to gnaw on her Adelayd’s mind as Jak mindlessly rambled about this or that. Ade had a crazy straw swirling down into the mead before her and crimson eyes were locked to Jak’s rambling lips, but all sound was mute in her head. She was wondering what was going on lately in their family. The Four Notes were spending more and more time apart lately and Ade felt the cold touch of loneliness in her heart. She took another deep swig of mead the straw adding to this affect as her eyelids lowered half closed.

    The air shifted suddenly and the smell of spring accented the wind... Ade’s eyes flicked towards an open window-taking note that no strong breeze shifted the foliage there. A brow quirked, she glanced back to her right and lo’ and behold Corvin all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Ade sighed again, she wasn’t all that chipper this shortly after waking.

    Glancing back as Vin was making lude statements Ha! A touch early, I’m always up at the crack of dawn!, She thought sarcastically. She shrugged at his question. “Early is a State of Mind, Vin,“ She turned a little more towards him shrugging off her coat and stretching, her movements feline like as she drew her hands to a peek above her head. “And I’m only up early because I hit the hay before sun down last night.” She slumped over the bar her elbows resting on either side of her mug, and straw pressed between plump lips again. She spoke around the straw while still taking sips “I got banged up pretty badly a few planets over late night before last.“ She cast a wary glance at Corvin “Actually I went to Betga, ran into a couple of our old friends” meaning of course Knights of the Bannerman Feds. “They weren’t all that pleased to see me, but before I get a lecture, no one followed me back and Jak here was about to fill us in on their local chatter.” She chose not to mention what she was waiting to hear. Which of course was, is her mark still on Betga and was he under protection now. She only hoped Jak wouldn’t tell all and let Corvin in on her plans to go back. Never let a mark go…it always came back to bite you in the ass later.

    Jak was looking at Ade’s eerie crimson eyes “Um yeah, See’n a lot’a news from der. But mostly they be sayin that Officals from Loriek are working to seek audience with the Bannermen….” Shit! Ade thought casting another glance towards Vin before looking back at Jak “Eh,“ She shrugged and turned towards Vin again. “So what about you, what’s got you ruffling skirts so early this fine day?” She hoped to divert his attention.
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  5. [Max Karter aka Southern Note]

    Age: 25

    Race: Human/dragonoid (The dragonoids are only human like in body and thus can breed with humans.) The dragonoid half of him gives him more affinity to water and abilities that normal humans wouldn't have.

    Weapon of Choice: Denki Ken (Electric Sword). This is a Katana made of a sturdy, conductive metal that was lost long ago. The metal can take any small amount of static and make it a small lightning bolt. However, it needs a small amount of the wielder's energy to do so. Besides this interesting ability, the sword's metal can also regenerate when exposed to high amounts of electricity.

    Element/Battle Type: Water/Evasive and Defensive. If he is alone he will expend quite a bit of his magical energy and use his speed to try and win. His other element is light, but only in his "Synced" form.

    Synced Form: By concentrating all his power into his heart, he can awaken the dragonoid inside of him. The only physical change this form gives is a blue aura around him. Otherwise, his energy is completely restored as he enters it, and he gains the ability to use light magic. This form is able to last up to one hour if he does not run out of energy, and he can end it as early as he wants. The drawback to using this form is that it takes a full twenty four hours to recover, so this is only a last resort ability.

    History: The only thing he reveals about his past is that he is from a lost planet called Zelanis. Otherwise everyone should know he is the Southern Note of the Four Notes.

    Appearence: Here is the link to the full body but my avatar is him too.

    Max always tried to sleep near a body of water, so he had fashioned a hammock of sorts to hang from the bottom of the tavern. For some reason, no one had ever questioned why there was a hammock just hanging twenty feet from the lake water. Nor had they questioned why a man always slept there without a care in the world. It was an odd spectacle that everyone eventually got over, but Max loved his sleeping area.

    As always he was late to rise, even if he had slept long enough for a sun to shine in his eyes. He always woke up and then quickly went back to sleep. It wasn't the best nights rest, but he was able to fully recover that way. He may not have been able to hear the ruckus of the tavern, but he knew quite a few people were already awake. Max finally opened his eyes and rolled out of his hammock, falling to the water below. As he finally touched the water it absorbed him instead of him making a huge splash. He expended some energy to heat up the water and "bathe." It was enough to kill germs and remove any stench that might be clinging to him. After his "bath" he used more energy to shoot himself up to the Tavern's front door.

    Max sailed through the air and then started the small decent to the ground of the tavern. He hit the ground and rolled up to the front door, hitting it open, "Morning everyone!" He said with a big smile on his face. He looked around and most of the people just ignored him like usual, he shrugged and walked in. He saw Adelayd and Corvin at the bar and decided to greet them, "Morning Ade, Vin and Jak! No need to get me anything just yet." He finished with a laugh and sat down on the other side of Adelayd. "So what are we talking about today?" He looked back and forth at the three of them.
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  6. Early is a state of mind she says! "Yeah, well I'm not sure I like it when you're in that state of mind," Vin said, catching his mug as it slid passed him. In general there were two reasons a bounty hunter got up early. One was if they were looking for trouble, the other was if trouble was looking for them. He took a sip of mead and then said jokingly: "Remind me to tell Earth-Boy to keep an eye on you."

    Vin took long sips from his mug, and his gaze drifted from Ade to some of the other patrons of the bar, as she spoke. He was doing his best to appear vaguely disinterested in what she was saying, hoping she'd get the impression that he wasn't overly concerned so she'd be encouraged to not hold anything back about her latest misadventures... or the ones she had in mind for the immediate future.

    "Nothing like a good ol' fashioned price on your head to keep you from sleeping in," Vin said with a joking grin in response to her last question. "Never know when someone might get an idea." He made a show out of eyeing and then sniffing his mead suspiciously and then casting a glance at Jak. "Seriously though," he said turning back to Ade. "We have to be more careful now. Off-world and alone we're vulnerable."

    He noticed Max enter the bar and greet everyone. He tipped an imaginary top-hat in Max's direction when the Southern Note mentioned his name.

    "Jak, Officials from Loriek seeking an audience eh?" he prompted. His cogs were already spinning over exactly what that meant for the four of them.
  7. A content sigh escaped Jim's lips as another bare nibbled rip fell back on the plate with a clang. To an innocent bystander the amount of meat this boy could consume in one session would be truly astounding. Magic was a costly utensil, and it had it's price. A price the small sorcerer paid with utter satisfaction. With his hunger sated for the time being, he pushed the platter aside for now and dealt with a more pressing matter. Unlatching the leather holdings at his side, he pulled out the three books that had suffered quite a bit during his recent expedition. A failed expedition, of which the quick jolt of annoyance reminded the boy. No matter. The job had merely been a minor one. A distraction from much dreaded boredom. Putting the books on the table in front of him, he lined them up carefully. While he prepared the cleaning ritual, the young mage looked at them one by one, and couldn't help gleaming with pride. Each of the books was a small price of it's own, and he had spent some time gathering these beauties. Some might argue why the mage kept the physical copy of the books with him in an era of space travel and fusion powered weapons instead of simply scanning them to his holopad. If he had been honest, the young mage would have to answer that he was just incredibly eccentric and had a clear tendency of showing off. The answer he'd really give would be that they increased his abilities tenfold and made him even more powerful than he was already, while of course this wouldn't even be necessary for him. Boasting was second nature to the cocky kid sorcerer.
    As he began casting the cleaning ritual by putting his hands over them and a soft blue glow wrapped itself around the books, Jim's eyes slowly wandered over them, as he pleasurably recollected their value.

    The large, rectangular one on the left with the binding of heavy, coffee colored leather was the Compendium of Forces. A rather rare tome that contained a number of pretty awesome incantations, some of which were exclusive to this work. While not unique, the owners of this work were usually considered high class wizard, and carrying this was more about status than about the actual spells themselves. The middle one, similar in shape but thinner than the Compendium was Arismopheus Bestiary. A misnomer, Jim admitted; Though Arismopheus started out with the goal of creating a bestiary, it ended up being so much more. Next to the bestiary part in which countless beasts on all the known worlds were recorded in detail, the tome contained a large number of sections with more... delicate information. With a neat little spell on it, the thin looking book was capable of updating it's contents whenever someone in possession of an edition of the bestiary wrote in it. When Arismopheus cast this spell, he had intended it to be used to keep the ever changing fauna and flora of the vast universe up to date at all times. In reality, the book ended up being a very handy means of communications and exchange of information between mages all over the galaxy. Naturally, a smart mage like Jim knew exactly how to put this truly handy thing to good use.
    Having finished casting the cleaning ritual on the first two tomes, Jim finally turned to the last one. It seemed negligible next to it's two larger brothers. Small, square, with a light leather cover that was devoid of any fancy decorations. It appeared harmless and one would wonder why Jim kept it next to the other two. But if one recognized the singular, red marking etched into the center of the cover, one would understand why Jim's usually steady hands trembled ever so slightly while he gave this book a second, more thorough cleaning sweep.

    The cleaning ritual was done, and the precious tomes were unscathed yet again. Satisfied, Jim put the books back at his side and safely latched the bindings around them. His treasures safely dangling at his belt once more, the boy's grey eyes wandered back over to the half empty plate. The meat looked tasty. Well, magic did take it's toll, so with a shrug the boy pulled his finished meal back in front of him and started eating yet again. Self centered as the cocky kid sorcerer was, he failed to take note of any conversations going on in the tavern. [No pun intended of course here]
  8. Ade glared Jak down while Vin went on about her state of mind and getting Earth boy to watch over her, she rolled crimson eyes before he continued on. Had to be more careful. Had to stay together. She’d heard it a hundred times, to say the Eastern Note was a little bit of a wild child was an understatement. But she’d gotten along fine by herself before their family when she was a wee little child. Who was to say she wouldn't be fine again now that their high and mighty titles had been tarnished. She felt her teeth grit together and had to forcibly calm, and redirect her thoughts back to the moment at hand.

    She listened though, her training, and their time together the last decade had made her Corvin's, sometimes unwanted, subconscious shadow. She was his Lieutenant after all; she hadn’t just been given the title. She'd earned it in blood and time served. She'd take a bullet for Vin...well maybe. She thought as her red eyes swept the bar; Vin mentions anyone could get an idea to take them out. Ade’s red gaze almost challenging those who returned her gaze. She swept past Jim’s form and his rather large meal, magic user, she thought keeping note of the man from then forth.

    Max strolled in and plopped down. Ade couldn’t help but smile, Max was rather carefree it calmed her at times. She shrugged his question off as Jak paused before asking Max if he'd needed anything. Seeing as he didn't Jak smiled and moved down the bar to serve other patrons. Ade shook her head, she'd have to corner him later she supposed.

    “Only been chatting a moment before you arrived Max, I think Vin was about to lecture me some more so you saved my hide” She gave a toothy grin to Vin before looking back at Max. “I went to Betga, prolly gonna need to head back too…wanna come?” She said in a sweet tone with little to no care about the consequence of what she’d just asked. Like they hadn't just been talking about the Bannerman's involvement or nothing at all. She waited in anticipation for the scolding Vin may have heading her way for this little comment. So quickly redirection she asked. “Speaking of Earth Boy.. has anyone seen him lately?” She asked concern drawing her face as she sat up and dropping her swirly straw.
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  9. Fumai was well out of Raja's way, honestly. Still the man knew that if he wanted to be around other Bounty Hunters, that Solstice Tavern and Inn was the place to be. They always had the best information and sometimes they would even share. Even if the planet it was on was an absolute mad house! Last time he'd been there a plant had tried to eat him. That had been a year ago now.

    After settling his ship down discreetly, Raja had made his way to the inn and gotten a lift all the way up to the floating buildings with his bags slung over his shoulder. It was morning planet-side but Raja hadn't slept in some twenty hours or so and he could care less about sunshine or not. He paused at the door and ran a hand through shoulder length sea-foam green hair that desperately needed a trim.

    Pushing the door open, he stepped inside and let his brilliant green eyes adjust for a moment. He gave a wave to the bartender and tried to remember the man's name... But couldn't. Instead he stepped up to the counter and gave a little smile. "Hi. I'm Raja Kerr and I'd like a room..." A yawn caught the blue skinned man by surprise but he managed to cover his mouth and look away. "Sorry about that. I was here last year if that helps..." He turned and looked over now, spotting most of the Notes. He'd never been in when they were in before. That was something special.

    In the land of Bounty Hunters, Raja was still just a bit player. He was very picky about the jobs he took and it caused him some flack. He only went after violent criminals. Other Bounty Hunters teased him that he wanted to be a hero. Others called him a wanna-be cop...
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