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  1. I have been noticing that a lot have been interested in doing "Solo" RolePlays or basically just writing a "Story" by themselves. Sure they could simply write their stories in the Writing & Art Museum but I think they have been doing Invite Only Solo RP's is because;

    • The Writing & Art Museum isn't really looked at.
    • Some may find someone who could write with them which would turn it to an "RP"
    • They want the Views and Attention of their skill.
    So maybe adding a section for those who want to really want stories would be nice. I would partake in that for sure. Blogs are not that popular when it comes to people looking at them or viewing unless they are friends. Writing & Art Museum is suffering from lack of support of other members and is dying faster each week.

    Forum Name Ideas;
    Imaginarium: Refers to a place devoted to imagination. (For those who may not know.)
    Story Wonderland
    Solo RolePlay Section (Very Simply... Lame)
    Mystery Capture: A place for those who enjoy doing Solo-RP but also desires someone to RP with. Almost like a Jump-In but they require permission. That would probably be more like a tag)

    Tag Name Ideas;
    Set One: Solo/Open Request/W.I.P (?)
    Set Two: Story/Open Request or Request Only/ Something....
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  2. If it's a lot of people, wouldn't them all using the Museum spark new life into it? After all, what would be the difference to the average RPer (not the story creators) between what we have and what you're suggesting? If someone wants to write out a detailed world and then later invite people to RP in that world they could easily advertise it with a banner even.
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  3. It would make sense, unfortunately however there is a lot of doubt which prevents people even thinking about going into that section. The difference would be it's focused on a whole story just by themselves instead of having other people. While if someone sees their story to be interesting; that interested person can simply message the Story Maker asking to join thus I imagine it being limited. Since too many interested people would just make it turn into an average RP and would have to be moved into the appropriate section.

    This isn't just creating a world as if someone was advertising their RP. This is literally a self writing story like no one else is involved, but has the option to allow one or two people to join them in building MORE of a story than an RP. (Story and RP in my eyes are not the same thing)

    EDIT: Or we can add a new tag to the Museum along with finding another way in making it more attentive to other people.
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  4. If you're writing it by yourself, it goes in the Museum.

    If you want to promote it, you can submit a banner or post in Roleplay Talk to advertise. If a story becomes a roleplay, it can be moved to the proper roleplay section.
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  5. Yeah--- I RP a lot by myself because I don't do well in groups >3>
    (Fear of talking in groups/rp'ing with more than 2 peoples n-n)

    ^^ working in groups at school made me terrified of being in groups n___n
    like-- any kind of group ;-;

    So I prefer RP'ing with myself X3