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  1. [​IMG]

    (taken from the titanfall wiki)

    "Humanity lives in the deepest reaches of explored space in a vast region known as The Frontier. It contains many well-known and inhabited solar systems, but many more worlds remain uncharted. Most people will never travel this far away from normal civilization, but for pioneers, explorers, mercenaries, outlaws, and soldiers - the Frontier offers both adventure and opportunity."

    "Major interplanetary corporations known as Hammond Robotics -- a major manufacturing, aerospace and defense contractor -- used resources of the Frontier to make builds of mecha-combatants such as Titans and Spectres. Titans are descendants of present-day fledgling military exoskeletons. In addition to the obvious combat applications, unarmed forms of Titans are used in heavy industries like cargo transport and deep space ship salvage. They are also used in special applications such as deep space search and rescue, and are very effective in inhospitable environments. The use of Titans is widespread throughout the Frontier in both combat and civilian life. As with Titans, the Frontier contains Pilots of many different styles and experiences. Titan Pilots are rated by 'certifications', most of which apply to civilian applications, such as construction, shipping, and heavy salvage industries. The most prestigious of these is the Full Combat Certification - a widely published series of tests that grade a Titan Pilot's abilities. Because of the extreme physical and mental challenges of mastering both Titan combat & dismounted parkour movement, a fully combat certified Titan pilot is a rare find, and the combat skills of active Pilots in the field varies widely throughout the Frontier."

    This RP will focus on a new mercenary group called The Unbound, a fresh new group of mercenaries. This group's focus is on achieving fame and fortune. Whether it be as bounty hunters, public defenders, or just badass fighters. People from all walks of life have joined the Unbound. Some to seek adventure, others to escape the past, while many just seek their fortune.

    The titans are divided into three classes:
    The nimble Stryder (left), the sturdy Atlas (center) or the massive Orge (right).
    Every titan will have a main weapon, a secondary ability/weapon, and a special ability/weapon.
    Please keep your titans balanced and realistic. I dont want a stryder with a gravity hammer and a tactical nuke launcher, or an ogre that has an infinite missile launcher etc.

    Each pilot will have a primary weapon, a sidearm, and a grenade/equipment.

    Character Sheet:
    Appearance: (no anime but drawn pictures are allowed, just nothing too cartoony)
    Titan Class:
    Titan Callsign:
    Titan Loadout:
    Other: (any extra stuff you may want to add)

    -No god modding
    -Respect others
    -Respect other players
    -Posts should at least be one paragraph, preferably two
    -No harassment or bullying of other players, any disagreements should either be resolved OOC or told to me (the GM)
    -If you have an idea or suggestion please put it in the OOC, hijacking scenes will not be tolerated.
    -Everyone should post at least once per week, preferably more.
    -If you are going to be gone/absent please let me know ahead of time.
    -Those who don't post will be given several reminders. If they do not post after repeated reminders their character will either die or become controlled by the GM
    -The posting order will be set in the beginning and will be followed. Please don't fill up a page with posts between two people
    -GM word is law (I will be a fair and benevolent god)
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  2. With Position do you mean like within the Unbound or on the battlefield I.e. Sniper
  3. Oh whoops lemme edit that >.<

    Edit: I copied the cs template from my last rp and forgot to change that one part.
  4. Will you let us use the titans from the upcoming game? The variation would be much greater.
  5. I thought about it but there are only 6 titans in titanfall 2 if more than 6 people join I dont want anyone to feel left out. You can make your titan similar to one from titanfall 2 if you want. Plus I figured this way would give people more variety.
  6. Name: Argus Maupin
    Age: 45
    Personality: Argus is a stoic and determined individual. He is always willing to help those in need and punish the bad guys. While most of the time he is loud and domineering, if you put a few drinks in him he can mellow out and show his funny side.

    History: A veteran of the titan wars, Argus was a well respected officer and soldier. He led many successful missions and sorties which earned him the rank of major. Near the end of the titan wars, Argus discovered a conspiracy of using the war to profit for certain companies through underhanded and deadly means. He immediately reported it to his superiors but had insufficient evidence. The conspirators found out and through a series of botched assassinations and set ups, Argus was eventually given a dishonorable discharge after he nearly killed one of the conspirators who was a superior. Soon after the titan wars ended and Argus was left to find his own path. Disgusted with the failed bureaucracy of the military, Argus set out to make his own private military. After a decade of work, Argus finally managed to secure a base of operations and began recruiting.

    Loadout: R-201 Carbine (assault rifle), RE-45 pistol (full auto .45 pistol), frag grenades

    Titan Class: Atlas

    Titan Callsign: Paladin

    Titan Loadout:
    weapon: 40mm auto-cannon
    secondary: vortex shield (catches incoming projectiles)
    special: Hydra Missile. (launches a cluster missile for damage across a wide area)
  7. Name: Clyde Riggs
    Age: 24
    Personality: Rambunctious and cheerful would best describe Clyde. He is always looking for the next good time and loves to share his cheerfulness with others. In combat, Clyde likes to be the first in the fight and is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

    History: Born into a prospecting family, Clyde spent most of his childhood traveling between various wild planets on the outer frontier. He learned to hunt and fight from his father and learned to pilot a titan from his mother. After reaching adulthood, Clyde left his parents to seek his own fortune. He soon joined a hammond robotics prospecting team and became combat certified after fighting off several pirate attacks. After awhile, Clyde got bored of the money focused company style and set off on is own again. He then learned of Argus' crusade and joined him as one of the first members of the Unbound.

    Loadout: Mastiff shotgun, Peacekeeper heavy revolver, and grappling hook.

    Titan Class: Stryder

    Titan Callsign: Wrangler

    Titan Loadout:
    Primary: Leadwall shotgun
    Secondary: Grappler harpoon launcher
    Ability: Jump jets

    Other: Clyde loves to play loud music whenever going into battle.
  8. alright guys feel free to post your CS
  9. Quick question.

    Could I have a titan with a sword?

    I have a neat idea that involves smoke and lots of laughing.
  10. Sure you could have it as your secondary weapon I guess
  11. [hey, let me know if i need to edit anything. more than happy to do so, since i know almost nothing about Titanfall :/ ]

    Name: 'Nate' Foster
    Age: 32
    Personality: He's a kind introvert, though he comes off as a bit unwelcoming. He's not a super quick thinker, but he is analytical- so he takes his time in coming to the best conclusion. He realizes the importance of teamwork, being a veteran- but his nature is to take more responsibility to himself. Not because he doesn't trust anyone else, but because he'd rather make himself the responsible party. He's a bit of a martyr in that respect. If he sees someone in need of help, he will take it upon himself to assist. Never afraid to get his hands dirty, or to do what he thinks is right. He has a direct personality- where he prefers honesty up-front, and that's what he gives.

    In combat situations, he prefers to blitz the enemy with move and shoot tactics, out maneuvering and assaulting with swift violence.

    History: Didn't have much guidance as a kid. Grew up with decent enough parents, but somehow Nate always found himself in trouble. He had a younger brother who was always being picked on, and messed with. Feeling he had to be the protector, this got him into a lot of confrontation. Family didn't have a lot of money, and Nate felt he had to stick around to help. So he became a mechanic- and a really great one, too. His pastimes seemed to surround figuring out how things work- with the physical sciences.

    His younger brother passed away when he was 20, and Nate promptly joined the military- trying to escape his grief, and hoping to make a better life than being a townie mechanic. He did pretty well for himself, already being physically fit, and good at taking orders. served for four years in a scout infantry division before moving to an armored one. This is where he got his initial titan pilot certs for basic operation, and commercial use.

    Honorably discharged after his reenlistment, he went off to work for the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation. He was an accomplished engineer at this point, and had plenty of skills to offer. He worked as a mechanical engineer for them for a while... but- Due to his previous certifications and familiarity with Titans, as well as his work in the military, he was approached for a departmental transfer, and was offered the full combat certification training for free- IMC taking the bill.

    Unable to refuse the paygrade increase, he accepted. Passing his certification course, he joined the IMC security detail- where he was deployed into a combat mission that almost cost him his life. Outgunned by Frontier resistance, his Titan incurred too much damage, and Nate [heavily injured, himself] had to eject. IMC retreated due to the number of near immediate losses.

    Always a fan of the "little guy", Nate saw the IMC actions basically as extortion in the Frontier, and signed his resignation after he was healed and fit for duty again. Upset that he wasn't able to do anything about it, he admitted defeat. However, unwilling to let his certifications go to waste, he thought he may be able to make a difference with another paramilitary organization. He found the Unbound, and got in contact. He has a lack of combat piloting experience, but knows his way around titan systems. Argus recruited him to work as a combat engineer- making Nate one of the newest recruits.

    Loadout: Compact submachinegun, p2011 sidearm, Data knife
    Titan Class: Ogre
    Titan Callsign: Vulcan
    Titan Loadout: XO-16 Chaingun, Particle wall, and multi-targeting missile system.

    Other: Usually seen in the company of cigars, cigarettes and/ or cheap beer. He's got some less than healthy habits.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Character Sheet:

    Ragnar Solius


    Born into a screwed family of military men and women, Ragnar grew up knowing how to handle a gun. The strict and limited life roots deeply into his personality and have left him rebellious. Stubborn and slightly arrogant, Ragnar still know the rules of war.

    Ragnar grew up in the Frontier, but to parents connected to the IMC. Both his parents works for he corporation, sending intel back to Earth. The rules of the house were strict and without any other siblings, Ragnar grew up almost isolated. However, as he got older he quickly turned experience into practice. He began experimenting and taking risks, effectively rebelling against his parents who had thought him everything. From how to use a weapon, to sabotage and ropes to control a titan. The Titan he received would be the turning point in his life, as it lead him connect to another personality for the first time. It sparked new life into him, opening his eyes for the changes around him. When he was confronted by his parents to join the fight against the Militia, he packed his stuff and left. He spent a few short years taking up different kind of jobs, and usually something involving a lot of explosives. Feeling ready to choose side, Ragnar joined the Unbound with his titan Valkyrie.

    EVA-8 Shotgun - Semi-automatic shotgun.
    Hammond P2011 - Precision semi-auto pistol.
    C4 - Explosive specialist. Always carry a bag of TNT with him. (Replaces anti-titan weapon)


    Titan Class:

    Titan Callsign:

    Primary Weapon:
    Tracker 40mm - The 40mm Tracker Cannon shoots semi-auto explosive rounds,
    which acquires partial lock-on.

    Secondary Weapon:
    Large knife & bag of explosives.





    The Valkyrie AI almost has a life of it's own.
    The female personality have a special form of honor, one that sometimes
    crash with Ragnar's. While they may have their disagreements, she still save his sorry ass
    when she has to.
  13. Name:

    Tabitha Gritt






    Tabitha is a strict, by the numbers type of person. She prefers perfection over all else, getting her missions and actions down to a note. Anything she says or does, she means full hardheartedly, and is loyal only to those that she finds worthy of such emotion. She cares little for people in general, and avoids those she doesn't have to communicate with.


    Through every corporation there is always corruption. Through every government there is always greed. This is a lesson that Tabitha knows all too well. She was raised within a rich family that profited off of Hammond Industries as one of its main share holders, and thus attended every party and gathering that was hosted in the companies favor. Through these she saw bribes and blackmail in closed quarters, that were assumed to be private, on accident. Her eyes quickly opened to corruption, and she learned how to use it to her favor.

    Quickly she became a key member in the black market dealings at the age of 18, using the code name Exodus. She successfully made millions upon millions of dollars through extortion and pirate raids that were under her command.

    However one day she messed with the wrong people, and was sent to a detention center, awaiting a sentence that would end up leading her to life in prison. Before the sentence came however, I.M.C, the former Hammond Industries, came up to her with an offer. Join a group of elite spies they were making, or take the life in prison. The offer was an easy choice.

    Training to become one of the group wasn't easy, her body becoming fit in ways she never would have thought possible, and more than one body lined her path to become the best. The group eventually got out and did training to become top tier pilots for Titans, and got out into service.

    She spent 4 long years in the group, until she was the last one standing, having not been killed in the line of service, the one before her, being her partner. The I.M.C shrugged it off and sent her on a suicide mission to get intel on a militia force, and she finally realized that her use to them was at an end, as was the rest of the group. She disappeared from I.M.C traces that day, with her titan.

    Out of the military, and with a titan there wasn't much she could do legally, but that wasn't her forte in the first place. She quickly found out about the Unbound and joined up, becoming one of the first spies and infiltrators recruited.


    Primary: C.A.R SMG I Secondary: Hammond P2011 I Ordnance: Arc Mine

    Titan Class:


    Titan Callsign:


    Titan Loadout:

    Main: 40 MM Cannon I Tactical: Electric Smoke I Ordnance: Rocket Salvo

    Other: Never goes anywhere without her pistol on her.

    Her Titan's AI, Reginald, imitates a British nobleman, and their personalities are alike, Tabitha's and Reginald's. He sometimes will act almost fatherly towards her, however, showing the connection between titan and pilot.​
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  14. So we seem to have a nice array of Characters ^-^

    Can't wait for this to start, all these different personalities clashing is going to be so fun to read and write.
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  15. If nobody else is going to make an ogre class titan I might make a third character to fill the heavy role
  16. Can you do three characters at a time though XD?
  17. Oh yeah, the most I have done was 6 characters at a time. But that was because people legt and I didnt want to kill off their characters.
  18. Since I don't really know the difference, I can swap to an ogre... would it be conducive to a blitzkrieg type of warfare? Or are they more like slow heavy artillery?
  19. The Ogre titan is slower and has more armour.
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