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    Argus walked down the hallway inside the Unbound base. The base was a repurposed asteroid mining complex built into a large asteroid that was part of an asteroid field surrounding a gas giant. As far as bases go, it was not the most well furnished. What mattered was that it was close to shipping lanes, but well hidden enough that most travelers would not find it unless they were searching for it. Taking an elevator down to the hangar bay, Argus looked around at the various dormant titans lined up in their docking stations. The titans had arrived before their pilots but each was unique in its own way. The sound of banjos and twangy country music emanated from a workstation. Clyde was in a swivel chair with his feet up on the work table and his cowboy hat over his eyes. Several beer bottles were strewn around along with a can of chewing tobacco. Grumbling, Argus walked over and kicked Clyde's chair. "Clyde! Look alive! The new recruits are about to arrive and I dont want my second in command looking like a lazy bum!" Clyde flailed when the chair was kicked, causing several beer bottles to roll off the worktable. Tilting up his hat, Clyde smiled widely. "Sorry Boss, its just that its awful lonesome around here without any people so i figured i would take a nap.

    Suddenly, a dropship entered the hangar. The pilot deftly turned the ship around and gently landed it on the ground. The bay door opened to reveal the new pilots inside. Argus and Clyde walked over as a young and prim girl entered the hangar. "Sir I have all the personnel files for you here." She handed Argus a datapad then straightened her skirt as the new members emerged from the ship. "They definitely look like a rough bunch. Are you sure you did not set the bar too low sir?" Argus rolled his eyes as Clyde chuckled. "They will be just fine Maggie." Putting on his commander voice, Argus bellowed at the pilots. "Alright you all! Line up and look somewhat presentable!"
  2. His ride was coming to an end. The interior of their ship was familiar enough as the light personnel carrier he and a handful of others were in. Typical setup of crowded seating arrangements against the walls of the ship's belly. The ship's engines could be heard dropping thrust and letting the craft hover in place before landing with a light bounce from the gear's shock absorbers. He stretched his neck in the seat, and as the lights turned up, he disengaged his seat restraints and stood to get his bag. The loading door began opening, so Nate slung his bag over his shoulder, and pushed his hair back one last time before laying eyes on the ground in the hangar, and the figures of people nearby.

    Filing out of the ship, a single voice was heard.

    Nate couldn't help but exhale sharply through his nose as the one he knew as Argus began barking at them. Reminded him of his days in basic- he couldn't help but raise his eyebrow. *Thought this was a private outfit... He thought dryly. *They've seen my resume... Wonder if they treat all newcomers like boots?

    Though he did as he was told. It was supposed to be an excellent paying job, so he was going to make nice. He filed next to one of the people closest to him, and gently dropped his bag against his right ankle.
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