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  1. Ello! It's me again, your old pal Arnold! I'm looking for someone to do yet another "free" art request! Sobolic Trent is the subject, one of my OCs. I've had this guy for almost a year now, and I think it's time he'd be drawn!

    His iris are bioluminescent, glowing with fiery deep shade of purple with black strands running down towards his pupil, thinning out as it got closer. His pupils cross into his iris going barely past the outer edge. The shape of the iris is like a filling X, curving as it goes to the cross section in the center. As his pupils widen, it forms a curvy boxy shape, almost like if your were to get a solid square, and press the center of its sides inward slightly. His skin is a dull ivory, as to mention simply. On the bridge of his nose is a nasty scar, little trickles of luminescent light flickering in certain parts. It has the fiery glow of a bright orange-red, and it ran across his whole face, from the cheek to his forehead. His jawline was simple, albeit somewhat bulky but nonetheless in human comparison. His chin is pointed and is covered in a thick drag of black hair, giving him a goatee basically. It went straight down, and was a bit like any other aside in color in that it had some red hairs as well. His face was full, but gave the appearance of an experienced mercenary of sorts, perhaps a knightly past filled with combat. His ears were long and pointed, but dulled out at the tip. Around 5 piercings lined his ear, each of them a solid black. His hair was short with 4, neck-length stripes of dark hair lining the back of his head. Two of which laid on his shoulders and the other two were usually unseen. If we'd would be able to do this for a low price I'd consider... Maybe 15 or twenty bucks...

    Now I understand if you don't take up on this lol, I'm just making a request is all.
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  2. oh wow, this sounds like a pretty fun character to colour.

    I'm busy working through alot of commissions now, but I may post some interest in the coming weeks unless this is already filled by someone else by then :3

    Some questions: what style do you prefer (anime, fantasy art, something else?) roughly what is his age? what sort of clothing is he wearing? and just out of curiousity: what genre/time period do you typically play him in :D?
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  3. Alrighty... No one has taken the task yet, sadly. I'll do my best to fill you in though. Before I do though, are you planning to do it?

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  4. I am interested in the commission, I think the bioluminescence and unusual nature of his eyes/scars would make him a very unique challenge that I'd like to try my hand at. however, I have a lot of commissions underway as well as work committments so, while I will have a go at this sooner or later, I would like to focus on my current commissions first before I take anything new on.
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    If you want a really detailed description of his armor and anything else, let me know.
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