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  1. I gotta make 5 posts to access the cbox, eh?

    I guess this is 1.
  2. You don't roleplay! D:<
  3. Sh Dia!

    Welcome Serge. Bout time you got your ass over here.
  4. Hi, roleplay or not we have things to do.

    Seeing that Diana knows you I'm going to skip the links and just say if you have questions I'm here for you.
  5. Oh this one's one of Diana's *Gives serge a keg of Heffewissen* You'll need that.

    Just posting to gain access to the cbox undermines the many fun opportunities we have to offer.
  7. Helen

    I don’t know how tightly I am clinging to Demi. I just assume that I am not suffocating her, so that’s a good thing. I am just afraid if I let go she will somehow vanish. I don’t know how, but the fear is within me and I want it to go away. Demi is a good thing to focus on and I slowly pry my face away from her shirt, where I look up at her with admiration and weariness. I don’t know how she handles me to be honest. I know that I constantly have anxiety and I stutter like no ones business. She’s much stronger than me and shouldn’t have to worry herself with someone who constantly wants to scrap at her scalp when she’s anxious, or who has troubles just standing up straight when she has bad thoughts. I commend Demi a lot. I commend Penelope too, and the rest of the friend group. Sometimes I think they’d be better off without the drama that my head brings to light.

    When my head does peek up from Demi’s shoulder I feel Penelope’s gentle touch flutter against my face, brushing away the stray hair away. I close my eyes in content and allow a smile to spread across my face “I think I’m okay to drown in the good times. As long as you are all there...I think I’ll be alright.” My eyes linger into Penelope and I notice she is looking at Demi the way she used to look at me. Perhaps still does. I can tell she’s deep in thought but I decide not to interrupt what is going on in that beautiful head of hers.

    There’s no way that...

    No. That can’t be right. Besides, as far as I know, Demi likes men. Right?

    Romance confuses me. I don’t know if I like it. I used to love the little kisses and hugs, but now that I realize it, those little things were almost always after I conformed to him. No, I won’t tell my family that I am spending time with you, no I won’t tell anyone that I feel upset because of the things you say. I won’t tell anyone what you tried to do to me.

    A little kiss on the forehead.

    A cold reminder of what I meant to you. Perhaps an object, or perhaps a toy.

    Maybe that’s why I sobbed out to Logan so quickly. I didn’t want to be inanimate any more.

    I squeeze Demi lightly. I never thought about it this way, but I think they love me more than I ever could have gotten from a romantic relationship. “D-Demi I-I’m sorry I-I r-ruined o-our l-little h-hot cocoa m-meeting...”