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  1. A few years back I had trouble with heroin and a few months ago I had problem with amphetamines (period.)

    Here lately I've been fucking with Opiods. The rush is different, and I take them orally. 20mg of Oxycodone has me in Lala land and feeling warm and fuzzy and loved. It's different from the needle- like I don't feel anything close to similar.

    But ive got to ask, does this run me into danger with relapsing on the tar?
    I don't think it will but my friends are worried. Friends is a loose term since they only seem to not want me to buy pain killers so that they can since everyone got the same plug around here, but them being worried makes me worried.

    I know that Opiods/opiates are the same base chemicals and heroine is a mega shit ton more powerful hit I dunno. I feel that it's way different and even though the rush is more of a subtle wave rather than a blast, I like it a lot more (and it's healthier to my body and wallet. I think)

  2. Hiya Maddie.

    I don't know you, nor you me, but I recall some of what you've posted before. Even before this post, I know you've had a substance abuse issue, and have had problems with people in your life because of them. I believe you've even said that you've gone through rehab a few times? So in that case, you've been educated about how your substance abuse problem works, and what happens when you get hooked on one thing, or another.

    I can't begin to pretend I know better. I've not had the issue, nor have I had to crack down on it or over it, or anything like that. I can do this: you know you best. You know what your personal threshold is, and you know what you've done in the past when you messed with other users, when you hooked yourself up, and everything else. You know what you've learned in rehab, and you know what happens to your friendships and your other relationships when you get hooked, or when you let something that's "just fun" now become a real issue. So it becomes this:

    Is it worth it?

    Is the potentiality of a problem, worth you using right now? Even if you feel you have a lock on it, look back on your history. Look back to where you've been, and then look forward to where you want to be.

    Is it worth it?
  3. @Seiji honestly whenever I start a new one I don't really get tempted to fall into old habits...I guess I just needed someone else to lay it all out for me. I dunno.

    It's a good time, and honestly nothing else I do for me is gaining me any extra years. I'm sure it's healthier than smoking though, haha. Thank you for responding.
  4. I fail to see how substituting one addiction for another is healthy. If you have a history of substance abuse, then I don't think it's a good idea to give yourself something else to get hooked on.
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