INTEREST CHECK So you think you know were wolves?

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  1. -Brief Idea/Look-
    So you think you know were wolves? Are you sure? Are you positive? Well what if I told you, everything you thought you knew is now out the door, its all bullshit. The pull of the moon, the furry half formed wolf man from the big screen, and even the silver bullet its all a bunch of nonsense. But of course in all myths and legends, Hollywood movies, and lore there are grains of truth we’ve had to leave so you silly mortals wouldn’t realize what we really are, what we truly protect, do you want to know the true story… follow me down a twisted path you cannot turn back from.

    Okay so a breakdown, werewolf =rabid thing mortals were led to believe existed, well now they do, and the really guardians the lyshians must go stop them, sorta complicated plot/back story, but don’t wanna reveal to much about it just yet. Checking to see if anyone would be interested, in a new original story Werewolf rp?
  2. I like the idea, I haven't done a wolf RP yet but I'am sure i will be fine.
  3. Alright cool, i wanna see if we can get maybe 6 people together for this. If we get 6 people I will post the thread ^.^ I'm glad at least your interested Eve if no one else is interested we can always do a one on one until we find more partners ^.^
  4. Sounds good to me I'm more than happy to do it one x one or with other's and I'll pm you if i have any questions when making my character (as not wanting to give to much away). I have a rough idea but I will wait and see what happens. :)
  5. Alright sweet ^.^ Now we just gotta keep bumping this forum LOL Come on ! I can't be the only werewolf roleplayer here
  6. Are the werewolves like real wolves? :D Because if so, I'm totes interested as long as I can get behind the plot! :D
  7. Why hello Mittenkitten ^.^ And yes the werewolves or Lyshians as they will be names for this story have some really nifty differences from what you see and hear in movies and books. These wolves can shift at will, (or due to feral emotions) and they look very similar to this artists style
    (I'm working on art of my own currently for the thread another reason why its taking so long for the thread to pop up ^.^ )
  8. Cool! Would you want them to look more humanistic? Like the ones standing on two feet, or are normal wolf images fine? I'm just finding some options for a character profile once everything is set up. ^^
  9. More like the wolves standing ^.^ Its cool anything I can help with I may go ahead and get the thread started tonight that way maybe we'll get more intress ^.^ just need three more people though honestly at first when I posted i was afraid no one would be interested at all., ^.^
  10. Sounds good! ^^