So You Probably Won't Remember Me...

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  1. But my name is Hellion, and I'm an Iwaku Member.

    Anyways my life has been up and down for the past... oh god knows when. But for the last couple of months it's increased, I won't go into any details (as they're personal) but just know that things ranged from me getting arrested to deaths of friends, and much more. As such roleplaying was the last thing on my mind and so I've strayed away from this site. Things have been settling down for a few weeks now and finally I can go back to work/school and have time to roleplay (even if it's just a little) on the side.

    So I really hope that things have been going well with you all, and I hope that I can stay around for awhile now. I know some of you must have thought that I was the biggest jerk in the world and up and left. But I didn't, A PIECE OF MY SOUL WILL ALWAYS BE HERE.

    /dramatic music

    Anyways I hope that everything is good, and if you have any problems with me, then just message me and let me know so we can move on past it.

    - Hellion
  2. That name rings a bell, welcome back.
  3. Welcome back.

    Pretty sure I remember you.

  4. Life sucks like that with the whole.. dishing out of bad luck ): I hope that being here again and having fun with roleplaying will help you put those unfortunate events behind you. When you feel like you need a break from real life, just come chill with us here and write something that makes you happy :)

    Welcome back!
  5. Well, it doesn't matter if we don't remember you! So welcome back to the black hole of the internet! :D