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  1. So every day when i get up, and i do all my normal Zorilla things, i have to do two thing. Play my trumpet, and inspire myself to greatness beyond normal understanding. Because if i do not, I'd be a dumb ass. So due to this i have decided that maybe someone out there needed a pick-me-up or just a laugh. Now while these videos are PERFECTLY offensive and i respect for this thread to recieve me the jerk-of-the-year award, this are real people, talkin' 'bout, real issues, that really happened, in a real world, to real.... well you'll figure it out.


    And and i mean, Martian Luther King Jr. man... MLk the most used substance in the world really tried to do some things to stop this kind of belligerence didn't he? What would HE say

    And more importantly, i think the issue is also, "who do we, the black community' has as a role model. you know, people we praise, people we think of as 'successful'.

    And you know what.... he's got to be one of the smart ones..... He at least has an expanded vocabulary... So is the solution something like this?

    I don't think so. Or maybe you do???? I don't know... y-y-you know what Iwaku talk to me here... if you aren't ashamed, embarrassed, or insulted to......

    -hides behind bullet proof glasss covered ins ilk under four hundred feet of led at the bottom of the ocean-

  2. I can see you're trying to prove a point, and possibly trying to get a reaction. But heres not the best audience for either. Though I do have to agree, those problems are endemic to every culture on some level and are not unique to any one subculture.
  3. well i think is aid in the initial section that i wouldn't usually post this here, in fact i disagreed with posting it but Octo and a few others assured me this was the possible..... best place.......... i use that term looosly
  4. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with racist stereotypes, jokes, and entertainment. Not because I'm racist (cause I'm not XD ) but because people need to be able to LAUGH about how stupid it all is. Every race and culture has it's stereotypes and horrible, horrible role models... It's these TV shows with their ironic and sarcastic humor that are able to point out how absurd it all is.

    The important thing is making sure people are educated enough to realize that these things are ENTERTAINMENT and that they are NOT supposed to be a model for behavior.

    Like, that teacher calling a student a nigger, that was stupid. It was unprofessional. Yes, people sling the word around all the time, just like fucker and dumbass and fag. But a teacher is supposed to be the role model that shows that kind of behavior is inappropriate.

    If family and teachers would take responsibility for the molding and educating of kids, then they wouldn't grow up to be little jerks. D:
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  5. I agree completely with you Dia, however i also feel that we need to set an example with what entertainment we allow our kids to watch. I mean imagine if a kid LVOED Miek Tsysona nd Mike said THAT to could you only pictture what the kid would do? So to me a lot of it is that we need to educate them educate them to NOT be so stupid as to do such a thing. And, being a black, i believe Nigger nigga or any other form of the word shouldn't be used by ANYONE. I feel for that teacher, it was a mistake, a slip of the tongue and i believe eh learned his lesson, however i see his point. My brother, and many other blacks like him. feel that Nigga (the word he claimed to say_ if a different word than nigger. And is away of claiming the insult and turning it into a positive thing from the 'white supremacy" but personally it hink it's bullshit and should c ease.
  6. Propagation of small instances like the teacher will never calm the issue and instead adds fuel to the fire. In fact me posting anything here adds fuel to the fire. And you know what they say, "We didn't start the fire, it was always burning since the world's been turning." Put simply, a word is nothing but air molecules being moved in a particular pattern, if your offended so easily by that, then you probably aren't ready for society. (It's when society starts to punish you that you must take action.)
  7. I'm offended by almost everything that comes out of my mouth.
  8. I think banning the use of a word is what gives it power. D: Why else do kids and teens want to say curse words SO BAD? They think it makes them cool by saying those forbidden words. Any word can be used as a derogatory word, it's all about the power you give to it that makes it offensive or not.

    So they got it right when they say they're taking power back by throwing the word around. XD Granted, no one else can scream MAH NIGGA without getting the shit beat out of them, but it's in the right direction. In another 200 years, that word could have a totally different meaning.

    And that's totally what I meant about parents and people needing to take responsibility and educate people. D: Parents shouldn't be letting their 8 year olds watch stuff like Boondocks or other Teen/Adult material. And if they do, they SHOULD be talking to their kids and making sure they understand the difference between good behavior and bad behavior. ><
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  9. As far as words and empowerment. i think perhaps maybe a few people have forgotten hot that word came about. It's meaning, what it does, why it is there. it was a result of what you called someone who was LESS than a person. A person whom you owned, who couldn't vote, who had no say in anything. If a person get's offend, no matter what the race, of being called that word. I believe it is justified, it's not society to call a person such a name. it IS society to call a person a bitch, a whore, a slut retard, those words are only as strong as we mean them to be. However, for racial words, for terms of historical hardship, i believe those are words that anyone would take offense too, had they have been raised to know and understand the cruelties it endued, and that came with it.

    but yes Diana i agree with you. My baby cousin who is like thirteen watches it and his mother makes me report on WHY the episode was the way it was.. I was like "Dude that's a good idea." but none the less i believe education is the way to it. But sadly i do not think they are 'taking it back" Because you have such terms like "Bitch Nigga' and "Ho ass nigga' so it is therefore a bipolar word, which is why i disapprove of it's use. However i do not think a banning of the word is the cure, i think society pushing the word into the league of unused terms is the cure. Society recognizing what that word can, and does inflect on people. I mean my parents are old enough to remember MLK and all of the others. they watched them when they grew up, and sadly, my dad hears that word and i still see his face cringe with pain from remembering being called that.
  10. Well since videos were used to illustrate points, I'll do somma that shit too just in this case: videos first, context after. SO HERE WE GO. (And I'm just sad he doesn't update his youtube channel anymore, with real talk or just regular hip hop news.)


    As well as:


    Now what really struck me as interesting is that you used The Boondocks to help you make your points. Now, I come from the Asian-American community so I can't get into any particulars since the topic was geared first towards the African-American community so I'mma try and speak as broadly as humanly possible.

    Rereading up until now just so my shit's straight I think the only thing I could speak on at this moment is the n-word situation. I applaud you Zorilla for more or less presenting this problem in a genuine manner. The videos though... were maybe just a little too carelessly used in that those videos would provoke more reaction than your words-- I agree with Vay on that point.

    But as far as the etymyology, evolution and current use of the n-word... I'mma say right now that ain't nobody ever starts out that conversation right and I doubt anyone can. The problem with the n-word is that for one, people attack the word in and of itself. They'll go into it's origin, what it was usually used for etc. but that's just sidesteppin' the actual problem with the word itself.

    Its meaning.

    I used to strain myself wondering what my professors meant by "the power of language doesn't lie within words but the meaning of words" and now at the ripe old age of 26 I can at least grasp why that's so. When this word is brought up, most of the discussion takes place about the word, how it's hurtful, why X people can use it and Y people cannot and most laughably this nonsense of "taking back the word". Even more hilariously is that it somehow worked but not in the way that the people who think taking back that word would think. Now the n-word exists in our language as both a slur and a title of endearment both of which are used under certain specifications. All that really did was just complicate trying to talk about it and things similar.

    Trying to "take back" a word doesn't work on principle because the problem it represents isn't being solved-- it's essentially being covered by a band-aid that people can safely ignore without checking to see if it's really healing.

    (And I'mma cut off here because shit, I was ready to do a full on 8-page thesis on this motherfucker and goddamn this thread would be ginormous if I actually followed through.)
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  11. I have a question. A perfectly serious and on-topic question.

    Why in God's name is it ok for someone to call me a racist white-bread piece of shit for the color of MY skin, but I can't use the other word in public?

    Let me explain. It's not that I even enjoy the word 'nigger,' I don't. I abhor it and all it stands for. The word, at base level, although used as a racist slang term for black or African-American person, means ignorant. I do not like the idea of ignorance, and therefore do not prefer the word. Also, some of the coolest people I've ever met are of African descent and I hold absolutely NO hatred or dislike toward any race. But does that make it ok for someone with a vendetta held up from the days of segregation and slavery to call me white bread and a racist JUST BECAUSE, BY HAPPENSTANCE, I'M WHITE? My family had nothing to do with it. We came about when Ellis island was really hip, and lived in small towns in Montana ever since. And, no, I'm not claiming my family is perfect. They probably were prosegregation, I don't know. I'm not, never have been.
  12. You know, as i watched this lovely baby i birthed come to floristion i had to take a step back and laugh, but for a different reason. My initial goal for the morning was to post this as a "Hi i' inspired by this." not to discuss it in a direction of what's right or wrong, but ti explore it in away that would possibly denote one to become compelled to think about the situation, which is something i do daily.

    Koori your video was fun, i liked it and watched it about five times each.

    However since my little baby grew up into a man, and i suppose it's now a full on discussion i feel i MUST say this. Vay's original comment was 'right course wrong place' I kind of agree but disagree. But i won't say why, as it really doesn't matter, it's here... and as long as we all can act like adults it will stay here, i suppose.

    Now dealing with the direction.

    I'm not so w caught up with the word, and it's meaning. TO be hoenst, i could care less. ANd i think maybe Koori you saw mine and Zyph's comments and saw it in that light. So let me turnt hat light off, put a filter on it and turn it back on so we can see it differently. What i wanted to really bring out is this, Do some people, not african american people, not white people, not asian american people, but PEOPLE really fit the word Nigga?

    Then, does the people that have struggled some 450 yrs ACT like they have had a man as MLK J step up and fight for their freedoms and rights in a world and country that was perfectly fine with treating them differently?

    And then can this be relayed to any OTHER situation, women civil rights, so on so on. Does it REALLY have a unique principle as 'Nigga' or does it go further.

    I see my brothers, my sisters, my people acting the way they act and i have to admit, there are some racist people out there, and if those are the people they despise with such a ferocious passion, i cannot blame them, i do not agree with them but i cannot blame them. (Going with the what they did and not what they are) FOr you see those people ACT a certian way, and they SAY a certain thing. And it makes me think, and believe, that they have forgotten the problem. And not just forgotten, but don't care.

    Kuuri your video was very intellectually driven, but i believe it's rhetorical use is better suited to apply this topic global, and not to pin point. But hey it's yoru vid.

    Also i meant to get a rather large reaction with the videos, in fact i believe i boarded the idea of spam with them. The boondocks was used because it s, at the moment, a widely known cartoon of racial humor driven to relate the problem of the word. the Unckel Ruckas vid was meant that the word isn't the word, but the heart of the individual, which was caught by Diana and several others. I posted the MLK to concentrate now that they did and not what they are. So on so on so fon. You can figure it out.

    Ultimately i must say though, the question isn't "Is the n-word okay- the question should be "let's figure out some things WE, the people reading this- can do to fix it. I haven't seen a single person come here yet saying the N-word is okay. Heck I wanna find one.
  13. It's not, it's double standard and it is those exact people that i am forced to run head over heels tot he Martian Luther King jr. Boondocks vairtant on. Because it is those people that i ahve to say... they don't know SHIIIIIT about MLK and what he stood for. About what ANY of that stood for. Wether or not they know the past is fine, but MLK died so whites and blacks could be FRIENDS not enemies.

  14. OHHHHHHH, okay, that's much clearer.

    And straight up, real talk, no bullshit.


    The hard work has more or less been done and because of it people have grown privileged. Rarely, if ever, do they remember what had to be done to make the world we live in right now. Children are unbelievably spoiled, not by their parents but the environments they live in. The Civil Rights movement, World War II are even farther in the past for them than they are for us. Survivors of those events are dying and being able to talk, in person, about their experiences are reduced to words on a page in a book that is assigned to read for the class curriculum.

    But their behavior can't solely rest on ignorance of history. Behavior is something that loads of other factors can be taken into account. Social media for example.
  15. yeah I agree the Media isn't the ONLY soruce to blame. because like Dana and I were saying ealier. if as a PARENT you stop that bullshit, your kids ahve a higher chance of growing up without tht bulls hit.

    Personally as a christian i like to believe Jesus is the answer, )please note that was ahlfway a joke)

    There are things we cna ALL DO.
  16. I think this is something that the Chappelle show tried to address, by presenting different racist situations in a humourous way. In that sense, it was absolutely brilliant because it portrayed some very racist topics in completely absurd situations, which served as a way to open up racial discussion in a non-racist way. The only problem was that most of the people that watched the show were too obtuse to actually understand what he was trying to do.
  17. Dave Chappelle, in his way, was a brilliant man. I loved that show back when I didn't understand it, and I do even more so now that I understand the undertones.

    @Zorilla, thank you for clearing that up for me. I really appreciate your insight.
  18. Dave was an interesting man. I approuch all humor with a grain of salt however. I believe not all things are made clearw ith humor. I once knew a preacher who approuched stern biblical topics with humor... There is nothing funny about Sodam and Gamora and hellfire brim stone, no matter how you slice it. And i believe i'm somewhat of a professional at finding things funny. I laugh so oddly my teachers thought i was mentaly insane, and were correct ttot hink so. I found several movies that had NO HUMOR int hem funny. So long story short i feel that there are some things that CAN be made funny.

    Raceism is one of them

    @ Chet
    it's not even a matter of clarity to me, it's a matter of fairness. I make my white friends say the N-word JUST so i can HEAR how they say it. because hate to say it, I haven't found a single white guy who can say that word and make it sound anything like a rapper, a gangster, a thug, myself, my black family. It's like black people can say that word and you LITERALLY cannot hear any sting to it. And whites say it, and they could be the most non racist person ever, and it just stings.... So i understand both sides, which is why i take a pro-ban approuchm it's not okay for anyone to say, at any time, unless it's in discussion of the word.
  19. No, not all things are made clear with humour. The person laughing at the racist joke has to put some effort in to trying to understand why it's wrong in the first place, which should hopefully open up further discussion. I'm a Jew and I know a lot of people that like to make Jew jokes. I don't get offended at the jokes, simply because I make a lot of Jew jokes myself. Being able to joke about my heritage, to me, takes away the power from people who tell Jew jokes in an attempt to demean us.
  20. I can understand this, and do appreciate the insight. However, I believe that if I cannot say the word 'nigger,' nobody can call me a honkey motherfucker. And they should get the same exact racism charge as I would get.