So uhm, hi there.

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  1. Like thie title says, hi :P. My name is *this post was redacted by the Pretty Important Privacy Association*, or Neobullseye on the webs. If that's too long, just call me Neo. Pretty much everyone does that anyway, so eh.
    So yeah, I should probably tell you guys how I got here or something, right? Simple version; someone else referred me to it in an off-site PM on another RP site which shall not be named. And no, it's not Voldemort(dot)com, you silly persons.
    Some simple likes: RPs with a good story, video games, good books, cats.
    Some simple dislikes: Godmodders/poerplayers, bad writing in general. Speaking of which, is anyone else here annoyed when they find spelling/typographical/grammar errors in a book?
  2. If there's not a there SHOULD be. >>;

    Hi there Neo! <3 Welcome to the site. :D
  3. Welcome Neo, it's a pleasure to meet you.
    If you want to role play sometime, ring me up, I'm willing.
    Hope to see you around.

    Oh, and yes my mind goes berzerk seeing an error in a book. Just because I know it probably won't be changed.