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  1. this is the out of charater for anything you want to ask me

    just to tell you I wanted to make it because this Asom thing called Lollipop Chainsaw I love the game has been in my head all day and I wanted to do something for that. also I hate zombies so this is super stupid for me. so sorry if its shit.
  2. (truth be told I don't know why I am doing this I hate zombies but whatever
    Character sheet:
    age: (18+)
    what you look like:
    others: (what ever you want)

    Name: Night aka: Lollipop Chainsaw Chick or Wild One
    gander: female
    weapon: chainsaw[​IMG]
    what I look like: [​IMG] or/and
    others: loves music. and lollipops
  3. =) sounds awesome

    Name/Nickname: Kate 'Jae' Rasti

    Age: 19

    Gender: F

    Weapon: Automatic Rifle

    What you look like: Jet black hair (cut at the chin), striking blue eyes. Tan, 5'9''. Wears a dark blue tank top, a black jacket that says 'USAF' and a pair of black jeans. She has a belt that holds 2 rounds of ammo, 6 knives, and a first aid kit along with a pistol. She also wears a black pair of sunglasses.

    Others: She is very loyal, and can seem antisocial when first met, but when you get to be her friend, she's like a mother (kind and caring)

    How's that?
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  4. Sounds fun. Mind if I join?

    name/nickname: Freya

    age: 18

    gender: Female

    weapon: Katana (sword)

    what you look like: She has long, wavy, dark brown hair which she refuses to cut but usually stuffs in a black newsboy cap for safety purposes. Her eyes are an emerald green and her skin is tan. She stands at about 5'7" and is quite skinny do to the lack of food. She dresses in a low-cut violet t-shirt with a black camisole underneath and faded blue jeans with a brown belt. Her shoes are black army boots which are almost always caked with a layer of mud. She carries a brown messenger bag and a smaller brown pack on her hip. Inside these bags she carries various first aid supplies, two regular knifes (along with a third in her right boot), a Swiss Army knife (with scissors, screw driver, wrench, knife,y etc.), a canteen of water, dried fruit and jerky, matches, a lighter, a steel hatchet, a warm jacket, a flashlight (no battery/shake), string, a water filter (like LifeStraw), and a small notebook with a few pens. Her katana fits in a sheath on her back but is usually in her hand for obvious reasons.

    other: She is a quiet person by nature but will speak up about things she feels strongly about. She is kind and puts others safety above her own even if they are complete strangers. She has a weakness for animals and will do almost anything to save one. Also, she likes to always be prepared and tends to carry way too much stuff.

    Haha I think I got way too into this... well there you go
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  5. ..Is this going to continue..or just stop where it is..=/ (i did not mean to sound rude..i was just curious..)

    I'm willing to post a kick-start reply to the IC thread, but I don't know how to kill these types of zombies...
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  6. I want this to start soon too, please. General zombie rules are that you must destroy the zombie's brain to 'kill' it. The ways that people get infected with the virus are they are either bitten by a zombie or something with the infection comes in contact with an open sore or cut this most commonly happens viva zombie blood. If the virus enters through the mouth, like if someone decides to try and eat a zombie, they would just die from poisoning and wouldn't become a zombie unless there was an open sore/cut in their mouth. Their is the possibility, however, that everyone becomes a zombie when they die without having to be infected (through being bitten or through a cut, this would mean everyone would be carrying the virus already but it would only affect them once they died. So basically whenever someone dies whether it is from natural causes or from a zombie bite/infected cut they would become a zombie.) but that decision would be up to you. Also, whether the virus affects animals or not would be something to think about. As far as a symptoms go, when the virus infects a person (through bite or cut) the first thing that happens is they get a fever, the fever then rises, and eventually kills them. Once they are dead it can take minutes or even hours for them to reanimate into a zombie. I just thought I would write some of these general rules because above Mushishi wrote that she didn't like zombies, so I figured she probably wouldn't know much about them. I hope this is helpful and, of course, you don't have to follow these rules these are just what they usually are when it comes to zombies.
  7. no sorry i didnt think anyone would like to join so i stop watch thos thread sorry you guy and thank you

    you can join when ever you want i mad the thrade already no go my flying monkeys goo just watched the wizerd of Oz sorry
  8. I'm gonna make a post! yay
  9. good just now where in BC
  10. Londen BC brithsh calombea (?)
  11. [​IMG]
    Name: Tumi​
    Nickname: Crybaby, Clumsy Girl, That One Idiot
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Weapon: A rusting cleaver
    Others: Tumi is a rather fragile girl per se as she isn't very confident nor brave, she relies on people to help her out as well as protect her. She cries easily and sometimes cries over the most stupid things.
    Tumi might come off as a girl who's quiet most of the time, rarely starting a conversation when being with someone, unless they're really close friends. She's rather self-conscious too, mostly keeping her thoughts to herself and not wanting to be a bother to those around her.
    She's usually a very calm person, sometimes lost in her thoughts which causes her to be a bit clumsy as well, being slightly forgetful and oblivious to her surroundings.

    Tumi can hardly hate anyone, no matter how harshly they treat her. She doesn't judge anyone for anything, accepting each and every flaw one might have. If she sees someone in need, she will try her best to help them in any way she can, sometimes ignoring the fact that she might be the one getting hurt. She can be rather naive as well, easily trusting people and often getting hurt in the end.
    If there's something that might affect her more than anything, is being hated by someone she considers a friend. She's the kind of person that might get lonely easily if she's left alone for a long time, and can even get slightly clingy sometimes, though she'll stop if she notices it's troubling for others.​
  12. ok J do you want my rp i dont think i can jump in anymore
  13. you can have it

    i mushishi have given [MENTION=2387]SilverJae[/MENTION] this rp for i want nothing to do with zobies. i hope everyone will understand. Ps dont get biten or eaten. XD
    signed here: mushishi

    now post this on the this isthe end and its yours

  14. =O You're leaving? aww...okie dokie...and what does "now post this on the this isthe end and its yours" mean..I kinda can't read it.sorry!

    and what about your character?
  15. its ok and i mean post the "I mushishi...." on to the so this is the end to tell everyone that you are the knew person watch the thread
  16. okie dokie. And you're character?