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  1. Stevie was sprawled out across a bench in a muscle shirt and cargo pants, practically willing herself to not sweat all over the bench. Damn it's fucking hot, she thought as she lazed about. The sun was bright in her eyes and she glared at it, as if it was to blame for all her problems.

    Her full name was Stephanie Brooks, but no one called her that. Stevie was simpler, shorter, and she felt the name suited her better. Much better than Steph did, at least. The last kid to call her Steph was in the Seventh grade and he got a titty-twister so hard from her that he bled and avoided her for the rest of middle school. The memory could still make her grin in triumph.

    Stevie sank into the bench and lifted her feet up onto it, it was like heat was practically radiating off of the ground, and besides, she didn't want someone she didn't know to sit next to her. She was saving the seat for someone. It was the end of the school day, and though she debated going straight back to the dorm where there was air-conditioning (shitty air-conditioning, but a/c nonetheless), she ultimately decided against it. A decision she knew she would regret if it got any hotter out.
  2. [​IMG] Jackson had just finished his last class which was a pain in the ass. It wasn't much the class as it was the teacher. Ever since he told off the history teacher she had been on his case about almost everything that there was. As soon as he stepped out the room after gathering his things, he squinted his eyes as he looked up at the sky. he was supposed to me meeting his bro Stevie.

    Immediately heading over to his dorm room, Jackson tossed his backpack on the bed and then changed into his gym attire which consisted in basketball shorts and a tank top. He threw on his sneakers and ruffled through his hair before grabbing his gym bag and heading back out the room. Stevie wasn't a guy but Jackson treated her like she was one because that's what she wanted and that's how it had always been since they were younger.

    As he made his way into the gym, Jackson immediately spotted Stevie on one of the workout benches. Making his way over he slapped Stevie's legs before plopping down on the bench where her feet once was. " How's it going Steph" Jackson couldn't help but laugh knowing how much she hated being called that. Leaning back he grabbed some weights and began lifting.

    In a way Jackson was glad that he did wrestling and football back in his earlier years because it helped build his muscles which was good or his 6'1 frame.
  3. "Fuck you," Stevie said, kicking him in his side with the feet he had knocked off the workout bench. Despite her words, Stevie grinned at him in greeting and practically dragging herself off the bench and heading to the leg press. Jackson was one of the few people who could get away with calling her Steph, though she sometimes hit him for it to. "I swear, if you keep calling me that, you're going to wake up one day underwater," she threatened as she upped the weight on the leg machine. Stevie wasn't one for lifting weights, she was far more of a cardio person, but it kept her muscles tones and Jackson seemed to prefer weights to running, so she went along with it. Soon enough, it became something they often did together. Despite all the exercise, Stevie wasn't ripped, her muscles were toned and she had a six-pack you could grate cheese on, but like many girls that were 5'8", she was very lanky. It couldn't be helped however, and Stevie was fine with that. She liked herself the way she was, and she didn't exercise to gain muscle. It just felt good to do it.

    Shaking herself out of her thoughts, Stevie upped the weights on the leg press before turning to her friend. "So, why were you so late today anyways? I was sweating my ass off waiting for you to hurry up," she said.
  4. [​IMG]Jackson laughed when Stevie hit him. There was time when she hit him and there were times when she didn't. He saw the grin that was on her face and he shook his head before he continued his workout. The weather outside was warm and Jackson was anticipating the break that was coming up soon. He was tired of the cold weather and now the heat was making its way in for better or worse.

    Now sitting up on the bench he worked on his upper muscles. His body was something that he treasured most besides his good looks. he wasn't one of those guys who lived in the gym but every now and again he'd work out just to burn off the Chinese food and pizza he ate prior to. Jackson looked at Stevie before he released a breath. " I was late because I was dealing with my pain in the ass history teacher".

    After a few minutes of working out on the bench he did a little running on the treadmill. A few girls came in to work out and they looked over at Jackson with a smile. " Hey Stevie there's some hot girls who are interested which one you like the brunette or the blonde?".
  5. Stevie hummed in understanding as she went to join Jackson on the treadmill next to him, starting off at a leisurely pace. The history teacher fucking hated Jackson, and perhaps with good reason, but still, it pissed Stevie off that the man couldn't simply just put up with him until Jackson passed the class. He had to be a dick about it and make his life a living hell.

    She began to jog as two girls walked into the gym and smiled at him. "The blonde, but how about you tackle on both?" she suggested. "They're not exactly my type," she said with a gesture to her own set of boobs to imply that the rest of the sentence ended with 'because I have boobs and don't have a dick between my legs.' "You go on ahead," she encourage with a laugh as she began to pick up the pace on the treadmill.
  6. [​IMG]Jackson wanted to mentally slap himself for even asking the question as he looked at Stevie. He knew that she didn't mind when he slipped in thinking that she was a guy because to him she was one of the guys. Looking at her though he could see her soft features which made him remember that she indeed wasn't a guy. Stevie had the short hair thing going on but it was nice and the only reason he slipped up and called her like one of the guys was because she dressed like one.

    " Heh yeah my bad Stevie, nah though im kinda enjoying the single road with flirting, drunk nights and random broads". A smirk formed on Jackson's lips as he hopped off the treadmill and went over to his bag to dry off. He was done exercising and wanted to head back to the dorm and take a nice shower. " Hey im spending the night in your room, my roommate is annoying as hell".
  7. Stevie laughed, she really didn't mind that he slipped up with her gender occasionally. It's not like she did anything to make him think she was otherwise, and besides, they were bros, it was only to be expected. She smirked at his description of his single-life. "Random broads? Sounds like the life of a bachelor is working out for ya," she teased, shoving him as she jumped off the treadmill. "You're so full of shit," she joked as she grabbed her gym bag and hauled it over her shoulder as they made their way out.

    "Okay, thanks for asking," she replied sarcastically. She didn't care, really that he was spending the night. He stayed in her room often after all, it's not like she would say no. "You're lucky I don't have a roommate myself though, otherwise you'd be sleeping outside." She did have a roommate at the beginning of the year. They got along alright, Stevie supposed, but the girl transferred schools halfway into the first semester which meant that Stevie had the place to herself. The custodians had quickly removed the extra bed so they could use it for new students and she had replaced the area with a mini-fridge and t.v. It was quite the impressive little room.
  8. [​IMG]Jackson chuckled at Stevie's comment as he continued to dry off and place his towel back in the bag. He had placed some spare clothes in the bag because he knew ahead of time he was going to stay in Stevie's dorm. It wasn't that Jackson didn't like his roommate but it was just that Randy was weird and talked way to much for Jackson plus the fact that he always smelled like cheese.

    After zipping up his bag Jackson motioned for them to head back to the dorms. He was sweaty and wanted to take a shower. When they got to Stevie's room he placed his hands in her pocket and took out her room key and opened the door. Jackson liked her room a lot and maybe it was because she was by herself and got a fridge and TV although he had a TV in his room.

    Immediately Jackson pulled off his shirt and then his shorts tossing them by his bag as he reached for his towel and then walked into the bathroom. Fully removing his clothes he took a nice shower and then dried off putting on his boxers and then walked back into the room. " Wow that's exactly what I needed". He jumped onto the bed laying on his stomach and then turned to look at Stevie " Hmm I just realized that your sort of kinda have breast".

    Nodding his head Jackson chuckled and then reached for the remote to turn on the TV so that he could relax.
  9. Stevie knew Jackson wasn't a huge fan of his roommate. He was in one of her classes and the B.O. that came off of that guy in waves was enough to make her sick to her stomach. She didn't blame him for wanting to spend as much time as possible away from that room. She was pretty sure that by this point, the whole room smelled like bad cheese.

    They made it to her room and punched Jackson as he reached into her pocket and rolled her eyes as soon as he started to strip and head into her bathroom. "So much for modesty," she mumbled, but she walked into the room anyways. She honestly didn't care, it wasn't like she was seeing parts of Jackson she hadn't seen before. She decided to wait until he was in the shower before getting changed herself though. It felt good to take off that constricting sports bra finally. Stevie liked a good sports bra for working out, but the damn thing got sticky and uncomfortable when she sweat. By the time Jackson came back into the room, Stevie was already wearing an over-sized hoodie over basketball shorts and her favorite fuzzy socks to get more comfortable. She had already taken a shower in the girl's locker room back at the gym, so she saw no need to take another.

    At Jackson's comment, Stevie scowled. "No shit, Sherlock," she said with a grimace. "These things called boobs come along with being a girl, did you know?" She said this sarcastically before she rolled her eyes and playfully shoved her friend and turning her attention back to the t.v. "I swear to God, Jackson. How are you noticing this now? I've been a girl for seventeen years now, that's not likely to change."
  10. [​IMG]Jackson looked over at Stevie and then down at the rest of her body which was covered in basketball shorts and the large hoodie which was twice her size. He had never seen her in anything tight..ever and if he did Jackson didn't remember. He sat up on the bed fully before turning his attention to the TV briefly.

    " Well yeah asshole I know it comes along with being a girl.. I just never looked at you like that". Jackson chuckled when he was shoved by his friend before poking her neck. " Im just now noticing because im actually looking at you for what you really are, a girl". Ruffling his hair, Jackson smiled and then removed the hoodie from his friends head and then tackling her on the bed so that he was on top. " Give in and say im the best".

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    "I'm flattered," Stevie retorted dryly. "Not that I blame you for not seeing me that way, I'm not exactly the most feminine girl out there," she admitted, unashamed. Stevie was okay with that though, she was comfortable the way she was, why would she want to change?

    Her thoughts were interrupted by Jackson tackling her to his bed. She fought against him and kneed him in his stomach. "Fucker!" She yelled at him, "geddof!" She said as she attempted to flip them over.