So, That Voting

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  1. Well it is voting night tonight and this will be the first time I finally get to go out and vote. (since the last time I was moving and I wasn't a resident of my state at the time) So instead of doing the wrong and completely rude thing by bringing politics into this; instead I wanted to know this.

    [align=center]What, to you, is important in society and why?[/align]
  2. Being able to get your views and ideas out, because nothing will really change if you can't do that. I wanted to go with peace and understanding buuuut, am I even answering right. ><
  3. Freedom and free will. >:[

    I am totally cool with rules and structure to help keep us safe and organized. You know, the basics about murder and thieving, etc, etc, etc... But the minute a government starts telling me how I required by law to live my life? Fuck no. It's none of the government's damn business what I want to do in life, how I do, etc, etc as long as I am not hurting another person or disrupting the public. No one has the right to tell me how to live.

    I already feel like we have a LOT of personal freedom stripped from us in the modern age. :/ I'd hate to see it worse.
  4. Equality and fairness, support of knowledge and learning, and a certain degree of awareness and compassion for their fellows.
  5. Freedom to think, act, and live how I want!

    When the government comes for my guns, I'll give them the ammo first!
  6. Stability, I think, is the single most important thing to me, for a myriad of reasons. It's not just personal stability, either. Economic stability is probably the single most important issue facing the US as a country right now. Regard,ess of who you believe, unemployment is still a huge problem. The unemployed, largely, simply can't find work in much the same way that I can't find that dollar bill with Woodrow Wilson on it.

    Solving the problem of instability is a huge task, and no one man can be depended on to do it -- especially not alone.