So My Big Project Was a Big Flop

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  1. [video=youtube;vOUori5V2qo][/video]

    That means I'm here for a partner.
    Don't worry, I won't bite, I'll only burn.

    Anyhow, I have no firm needs, apart from you allowing our characters' relationship to not have a set course. Have them interact and forge their own path, it's more fun that way.

    If you don't have any ideas and/or don't want to think of any, then I can try and work something out with you.

    If you want to do a fan-based RP with me, I have a list of fandoms eligible. OCs must be used.

    • Chrome Shelled Regios
    • Xenoblade Chronicles
    • Custom Robo
    • Lock's Quest
    • Lunar Knights

    I wouldn't blame you if you haven't heard of some of these.
  2. What type of non-fan based rp did you have in mind?
  3. I was hoping for something in the steampunk genre, or something set in a Georgian-esque era - back when flintlocks, muskets and sabres were the order of the day. The plot is something I can work out based on the genre.

    Alternatively, I did have a plot idea I fancied trying, but it's still in the works, and needs refining. The basis involves a god being imprisoned below a set of ruins, for several thousand years. In the present day, two intrepid explorers/archaeologists/what-have-you stumble upon his chamber. Now looking like little more than a frail, decrepit old man's body, one explorer accidentally unchains him, or otherwise frees him. By doing this, the god is set free, but he needs a physical body until his power is restored. s the explorers are the most immediate ones available, he begins to reside in one of them, and in turn, that person is granted vast amounts of power. However, they slowly lose their mind because of it - whether through the god gaining more power nd taking over their body, or just madness through power. The goal is to seek out the last remaining descendants of the ancient civilisation's high priests/priestesses - only through them performing the appropriate ritual, can the god be chained once again.
  4. Well, that plot seems better for a group rp. It just seems like there would be a need for two many characters to be taken on by two people, but of course I don't know what you were planning for it. I think the georgian/ musket–time, or the steampunk idea seems cool. I love old fashioned artillery as much as the next person!
  5. Very well, I will organise something for us in one of those genres. Do you particularly want either? I can work with whatever you choose, but if not, I will randomly select one.
  6. Take your pick. I'm fine with either.
  7. Eh, I'll choose Georgian. There's never enough of it to go around.
    Blackbeard, Black Bart, pirates all famous for what they did in the Georgian era. But what if pirates decided to expand their horizons?
    Edmond Piper - a vicious bandit, leading his men to pillage all within sight. Roaming the land, he does not bother to claim land, only anything of value on them. He captures the women, kills the men, recruits other, and leaves his signature mark wherever he goes - a load of scorched earth, where a village once was. The army has tried to stop them, but most of them simply slip through the net. The few that are captured are of no use - with no firm destination, nobody ever knows where they go to next.
    Cue [unnamed mercenaries].
    Hired for their reputation as saboteurs, undercover agents and their general ability at guerilla warfare, they are paid to deal with the raiders, and they set off to do just that.
    But it is a well-known fact - mercenaries are only loyal to whoever pays the highest coin.
    And by whoever, I mean whoever.

    Needs refining and tweaking, yes, but it's all I could get off the top of my head.
  8. Sounds cool, exactly where do you think it needs tweaking the most? I can help you if you want.
  9. I think we need to alter the land pirates a bit from sea ones. Not the obvious aspects, but just what their mannerisms are and whatnot (real pirates weren't swashbuckling jolly Rogers, you know, but still).We need to make them different enough to not just be pirates on laand, but similar enough to be able to be classed as a sub-group.