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  1. Hello everyone! I'm still fairly new to this site but I've managed to set up a couple of RPs, which means I'm feeling ready to start suggesting some plots of my own. My pairings are FxF and FxM, though I'll specify if I have a preferred pairing for each plot. Before we get onto my ideas, take a look at a couple of my rules - I'd also like you to have a look at my RP resume to check we're compatible.

    ~Minimum of two paragraphs per post. I'll match your length as much as I can, but I'll never write less than two paragraphs.
    ~These plots are open to changes/further ideas so plot with me, don't assume I know every little detail going into a roleplay.
    ~For some of these plots I'm open to a lot of violence/bad language so if you aren't into that then those plots probably aren't for you.
    ~Be active. At least one post per day, let me know if you'll be gone for a while/or get bored.
    ~Chat to me - okay, it's not a must, but I'm entirely open to it.

    My plots!~

    Professional Problems:
    (I’d prefer FxF for this but FxM is cool too.)
    Muse A and Muse B are actors. They met when they were both cast in the first series of a popular TV show ((or a movie)) and started a relationship behind the scenes. Both are very famous and attend a lot of interviews/are constantly photographed by paparazzi, plus fans paired their characters together so many fans are pleased to hear they are a real life couple. Sometime after season 1 aired ((or the movie aired)) the couple split up. Now filming is about to begin on season 2 ((or movie sequel)) and the two haven’t spoken since their split. Do they hate each other? Are they still madly in love? How will they deal with working in such close proximity?
    Especially when their characters are written to develop a romance and have a love scene scheduled for episode 6!

    World Cup Winnings:
    (FxF.) Only because the theme wouldn’t work with FxM – if you can configure this for FxM then hit me with suggestions.
    Soccer AU! Muse A (myself) is part of the England football team. Muse B (you) plays for an opposite team in the world cup line-up. Both teams arrive in the US for the 2020 Women’s World Cup. Muse A and B either develop a close friendship or a romance while tournament out and eventually both their teams are down to the final few matches. How will our muses cope with playing against each other? Will either team make it down to the final? And if so, what will happen when one team wins the cup and the other goes home with a silver medal?

    Unlawful Abiding Citizens:
    (FxF. FxM)
    Muse A and Muse B are mob bosses operating in the same city that to an extent allows criminals free-reign. Both appear very respectful and accommodating in public, but behind closed doors they are fierce rivals looking to double cross the other and put the other out of business for good. (Romance ensues.)

    We Could Be Heroes:
    (FxF. FxM. MxM+ but read the snippet for that one.)
    Muse A and B both have superpowers. Muse A (myself) is a super villain and Muse B is either an opposing villain or a beloved superhero. I’m taking suggestions for this one!
    Are A and B best friends, both unknowing that the other is behind the mask they fight in the evening? Is Muse A a disgruntled ex-hero jealous of the new hero in town? Are A and B warring villains, perhaps one of them helped hero Muse C put the other in jail once before?
    Or, if A and B are both men/women. What happens when Muse C enters the picture and A/B fall hopelessly in love? A/B compete for C’s affections both behind the mask and out of it.

    The Hired Hand:
    (FxF. FxM. Doesn't have to be romance.)
    Muse A is a professional assassin with 15 plus year experience. Muse B is A’s protégée, who has only been a working assassin for the past five years. During a routine job, B uncovers evidence of an active serial killer and starts to hunt for the killer without informing the police. A finds out and is roped into the case, while both assassins are still taking on clients!

    (FxM. FxF)
    General idea is that a couple, Muse A and Muse B have been together for a specific amount of time when Partner A goes missing. Just drops all contact. The Partner B has no idea what has happened and resolves to find out – meeting Muse C along the way who ends up offering their help. ((Reason for partner A disappearance can be determined by us))

    (FxF. FxM. Doesn't have to be romance)
    Muses A and B are left to survive when there is a virus outbreak and their city is being overrun with zombies (because everyone loves a zombie AU) Might turn into a group RP if there are a few people interested. Pretty specific plot though I’ll only go into it if someone is interested.

    An Unexpected Journey: (It’s not a Hobbit plot but I wish it was)
    Muse A is waitress/bartender. Muse B is a customer Muse A serves all of the time. One night B and their partner are out for the evening and end up breaking up in the restaurant/bar A works at. The partner leaves and B is left distraught at their table. A comes over to offer some comfort. B breaks down and decides, on the spur of the moment that they are going to leave town to start a new life (other things have been going wrong in B’s life and they can’t take it anymore) A informs B that she is doing some soul searching herself and has decided to go on a 3 week car journey for some sightseeing. A invites B along. B accepts. Both immediately regret what they’ve just gotten themselves into.

    Criminal AU: Okay so for this one, A and B are partners in a criminal enterprise (can be romantic, related, friends, enemies that have to work together. I don’t mind) The kind of crime they commit will alter the course of the plot.

    Plots with lesser thought out plots: Detective/Criminal. Professor/Student. Vampire/Vampire. Assassin/Assassin (Rivals). Age Gap. Divorced couple returning to life after their divorce. Out Lesbian/Closet Lesbian. Sworn Enemies.
  2. I would love to do the apocalypse one. :)
  3. Hello!!! I'm interested in Professor/Student and Vampire/Vampire. And Unexpected Journey. :3
  4. I have a plot for Detective x Criminal. But if you don't like that one then I'm fine with "Professional Problems" with FxF
  5. What was your plot idea for Detective x Criminal? :)
  6. Detective x Murderer

    [Muse A] picked up the file case of [Muse B]. B was the Blue Murderer. Killing people all across the country. A was interested in B's case and took it on. Years they had fought indirectly towards each other. But the day finally came when they would meet, but not how A thought it out.
    A bank robbery happened that early December day. B was withdrawing some cash, when a group if gang members walked in to a Chicago bank. The same time A was just coming in to review another murder. The gang members fired their weapons. Everyone got down quickly, but B continued with their transaction, the teller nervously withdrawing their money. The gang members noticed them, and shit them in the shoulder. That only ticked B off. B pulls out a gun of their own, and a gun war falls out. B manages to kill the gang members, but is shot multiple times. B escapes out the backdoor at the sound of police sirens, but they leave the back door open accidentally. A finally arrives and searches the whole bank with their team, but it didn't take them long to notice the backdoor. A runs out and follows a trail of blood that was left behind, until they stumble across B, lying and bleeding out in the snow. A calls for backup, and an ambulance.
    The ambulance finally comes and takes B away to get the bullets out and stitch the wounds back up. A decides to follow, for when the doctors were done, they would ask B some questions.
    A gets a chance to talk to B where they find out B is the killer they were chasing after, but from B's mouth. Then, B kidnaps A. Making them act like they were taking B down to the station. B makes A get in, while they get to the passengers side, tending to their wounds. B threatens A if they don't drive to a certain location by two weeks, then B would kill A where they stand.
    What A doesn't know is that, B plans for A to kill them when the other police force comes to rescue them. Which would be hard for two people that start falling in love with each other on the journey.
    I would like to play muse B. I don't care what gender my character is.
  7. Sounds good to me, I'm happy with playing A. PM me? :)
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