So Many Ideas Not a Clue which one to Start

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Any of these seem interesting?

  1. Yeah the Fandoms

  2. Yeah things like the Hero Villains or Highschool RPs

  3. Ur Taking over the world idea

  4. Naw they all suck

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  1. Hi Raven again. I've looked through most Signups for groups and Interest Here. Not much hitting any of my ideas this go around. Soooo I thought why not make an interest check in. I was gone on a trip and seems to only be my 1x1s left. School is starting the 29th for me I'm aware some may already be in school so I don't expect any of these once made to become fast paced.

    Now for the Ideas

    Digimon type of RP I would need a CO GM for this to help me with some ideas PM me if interested

    Legend of Zelda RP I have two spin ideas for this one with the Legendary Hero one with a new group of Hero's having an adventure in more than just the Land of Hyrule. Idea two would take place of more than one game setting.
    The Legend of Zelda

    A Hero Villain RP Details to come again would like a Co GM so PM me

    A world that has many kinds of creatures a place not known to man that has a battle taking place because of a Dragon Sorcerer and her minions and companies who want to take over

    Avatar the Last Airbender



    Teen Titans can have new characters and heroes maybe a mentor of the old?
    Teen Titans

    Sucker Punch RP maybe a new setting than the movie
    Sucker Punch

    A RP involving Monsters that are misunderstood kind of like the Addams maybe

    Xiaolin Showdown

    A Highschool RP

    A RP that I could well throw in maybe one Premade Character if anyone else has an idea.

    If you have an idea PM me please or if it's a group idea maybe just share it here especially if I missed something that may be like one of these just starting up
  2. I once was involved in a Fullmetal Alchemist x Legend of Zelda crossover rp. it was real fun. But yeah, the Zelda one seems cool
  3. I'd like the Avatar one or the L of Z
  4. Alright I'll keep Zelda in mind then and maybe get better of the idea in place. But I'd kind of like to wait for a bit more interest on it if that's the one which everyone seems to prefer. Being in the past I have jumped a bit to fast at making a thread and it didn't go more then signups...

    Thank you both.
  5. I'd be super interested in Zatch Bell!
    I worked my ass off making up a full set of spells for a character and have never had the chance to use her >.>
    I'm also interested in digimon :3
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  6. Alright atm I think I may just be making a Zelda RP. But if more interest come up for Zatch Bell or Digimon I'll let you know I have a friend for each that I know would like those as well.

    But for Digimon I'll probable be looking for a CO-GM for sure.
  7. Still watching for more interest. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  8. 1. For Digimon RP, I'm all up for it as long as crests aren't used. I just feel that the Chosen One business really just... you know...

    2. Hero Villain RP. LET'S GO AT IT AGAIN.

    3. Teen Titans. Maybe have some sort of basis with the new JLvTT. By the way, is this New 52 where Cyborg is now a member of the Justice League and was never a Titan, but helps and hangs out with the Titans from time to time?
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  9. Oh no Teen Titan 52 spoiler alert lol I'm not yet where I'm reading the New 52 kind of back tracking from the 20thirteen-2015 ones... But I'm watching Young Justice now to see about doing that they actually put in what I explained to my friends before that show about Raven's origins. But I had multiple ideas if a Teen Titans RP and would share if people seemed to wanna do it.

    Villain hero RP I have a certain character i mind but would like a CO-GM if it seems again to have enough interest to maybe get a kick off start on.

    Digimon I agree on the Chosen one business kind of like the hey everyone wants to be Link thing most run into. So yeah nothing like that just well... I'd also would be looking for a CO-GM for this as well.
  10. More of a role call than a spoiler. I describes who, not what.

    If we're taking inspiration from Young Justice, then I think Shazam would be a good addition.

    Which era is this? If the Robin in this is Damian Wayne as opposed to Dick Grayson, I think Red Hood as an antihero-type arc antagonist then recurring ally would be a great idea.

    Everyone should have the chance to go Mega and stuff. I think a more 'Partners choose Digimon Digimon choose partners' approach seems better.

    While I did say no chosen ones, having Partners from the Royal Knights, Seven Great Demon Lords and such is a great idea.

    And maybe a maximum of two partners, as opposed to the classic one?
  11. For me that is kind of an origin spoiler.... No Id be more alright with well when Cyborg was an original Titan who joined the Justice league by invite as the Teen Titan Comics from 2013-2014 seem to have it as. BB being temarary leader for the newer team if ur wanting newer set of heroes making those like Ravanger in the picture.

    I just started watching Young Justice so I'm afraid I don't know that character yet.....

    Usually when I think of Robi. I think of Dicky, Tim, Jason, and Damian and the female Robin I'm now currently learning about.... I never think of just one Robin sothat would all depend on if more intrest are around and what a group seems to think. Atm there isnt much intrest on Teen Titans it seems at all....

    For Digimon idk yet being I would want help for this one unlike the few I didn't say anything really on Co-Gms yet cause of ideas I do have in mind and wanted to discuss before deciding that. Digimon mainly is still up for tons of deciding and ideas but Id lrather more intrest there as well. For it seems to be equal with Zelda and 2 other ideas.

  12. Is 'Female Robin' from Dark Knight Returns, or is 'Female Robin' Tim's squeeze? If the former, that's waaaay into the future where Brucy's hair grows white. If the latter... plausible for integration.

    True, there's multiple Robins, but as they pass the mantle, they take on new ones. That's how I differentiate them.

    Red Hood will only be a possible character if Dick Grayson is Nightwing. You didn't want spoilers so I will not explain anything.

    Ah! I forgot to mention. Before New 52, Shazam was known as Captain Marvel. They changed the name because...

    ... you know, the other Captain Marvel.

    Not too into Zelda, so if my vote helps, revive Crystal Valley.

  13. Female Robin is in a Teen Titans I have like number 30 something. It's still when Bruce has black hair as well...

    Also um thy just change names but usually stay close in some form to being brought in. Like Dicky is Nightwing. Jason is Red Hood. Tim I believe is who became Red Robin or that was Damien I get those two mixed up lately. Then u have the girl.

    Oh I see okay yep I know who that is vs the other one then.
    Alright. It might I'm willing to being it never kicked off. If people are okay with a Hero&Villain Highschool kind of RP.
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