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  1. I am looking to do a role play based off this song. Of a succubus/incubus falling for a human woman and the relationship that forms.

    I am willing to play either role and have it either m/f or f/f.
  2. I am super interested. ^^ I will play whatever role you need.
  3. Well huzzah, would you take the succubus/incubus? What pairing would you like? M/f f/f? I am incapable of m/m.
  4. I can play either gender. And I would love to play the succubus/incubus. I have to warn you though that I am a full time college student and have a part time job. My free time is nearly non-existent.
  5. Well, what are you more comfortable with? Also, the same here so I understand.
  6. I haven't rped in a while but I can do both. I haven't really done too much f/f and would like to try it again, but only if you're willing to be patient with me.
  7. That is perfectly fine, patience is a virtue of mine.
  8. The f/f it is. :D Would you like to set up the thread?
  9. Aye I shall, may I ask your average post size? Just so I can try to match?
  10. It'll depend on my mood and how much I can work with and give you to work with. Now is there anyway that my succubus should act? I listened to the song but I'd like to know exactly what you want. Other than a creature that gets it main source of food from sex.
  11. Well, it's your creation on personality, it's opinion of the fact that it get's sustenance from sucking the life energy from humans during sex... So you could be ambivalent and look at it as humans are food and grow into realizing my character is more than that or... whatver , have fun!
  12. :3 I am definitely excited. Are you wanting more story or more sex? Half and half?
  13. Half and half, we'll see where it goes.
  14. You could have had her try and summon my girl. :D Would've been fun. Don't be afraid to give me pointers.
Thread Status:
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