So long, and thanks for all the fish...

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So I set off Thursday morning, though today is likely my last time being on iwaku, as tomorrow I'll probably be too busy with crying family to log on. In case you didn't know, I'm heading out to boot camp for the Navy, so this is a pretty big chapter of my life that I'm starting. Not sure when I'll be back, if I end up coming back or if I end up being too busy. That's all stuff I can't answer. Anyways, it's been fun, have a lot of fun memories of you crazy Iwakuans, I4L!
YOU'LL BE BACK! YOU KNOW YOU WILL!!............y-you will, right?

Good luck and stay safe, dude!
Godspeed, Kaze. I'll keep your character ticking over in Dark Reign.

*realises Kaze probably knows nothing about that*

Er... >__>


*shoves Kaze on the boat*
Aww, you made me into an NPC? You're so sweet Asmo!
Better check to see if the NPC is wearing a red shirt . . .

Anywho, best of luck 'n stay safe!
Good luck with everything, Kaze.
Good luck, Kaze! Hope things work out for the best! AND WE SHALL PLAY MAGIC ONCE AGAIN. MARK MY WORDS.
.. HUGS for Kazei! D:

A tad late, but Godspeed, good sir.