So I'm going to leave the internet -cept iwaku-

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  1. Everywhere I go on the internet (aside from iwaku and tumblr and a few select others it seems) people basically tell me I'm doing this wrong, saying this wrong blah blah blah and I'm really really really sick of everyone having a massive stick up their butts!

    I'm sticking to forum and site rules, chatting with friends, then get all this bullshit red tape flung at me. -Not here though, like I said ya'll are real welcoming and kind- So I'm going to do what a lot of us RP-ers rarely do *big gasp* I'm going to go outside and get fresh air and generally stop letting people on the internet who dont even know me tell me what to do!

    ANyone have any suggestions of fun hobbies or things to do when you leave the internet (cept for iwaku)
    Facebook, youtube and 4chan seem to be the bitchies sites (no surprises there though I guess) I know tumblr can be full of real bitches too, but I havent had any bad experiences, I guess it just concerns who you follow and stuff. Is reddit bad? Im not joining -Ive had enough bad luck on sites where I'm supposed to be allowed to voice my opinion xD I'm not joining more-

    Any of you guys know any "Danger sites" where people like to start shit?
  2. Any GIANT website is going to be filled with stupid. D: Cause, well... people are dumbs. >>;; One day Iwaku will get like that too if we had millions of members. XD It's impossible to moderate the social atmosphere of a site once it gets that big. D:

    If you wanna find COOL sites, you need to look for ones that have smaller communities. 10,000 members or less! And You'll prolly have to jump through a bunch of sites until you find one that has a good staff team that are respectful and know what they're doing. Plus finding one that has the kind of people you like.

    It's an adventure. O_O
  3. Shiiiiii, I'd moderate the hell out of a large site. We could totally rock a huge member base and stay awesome!

    Nah, but ferreals everyone should just leave the internet and come play at Iwaku. The interwebs would be a better place.
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  4. If someone has a stick firmly lodged into their rears, set it on fire.

    Fire fixes everything.
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  5. For offline hobbies, I would definitely go with cooking first and foremost. You get to enjoy the rewards of what you're doing, there's no end to variety and new things to learn, and just about everyone loves a good cook. Baking to barbecuing, soup to sashimi... food is fun to make. ^^

    Then I would recommend walking. You can jog, if you prefer, but walking is so much more social. You get to meet people in your area- and their dogs & cats. I've seen all kinds of cool bugs & birds, watched the squirrels run around like idiots, and had a deer run into a fencepost and break its neck about six feet away from me. XD Found some keys and broken phones and stuff on the road, not to mention plenty of loose change. It's really relaxing and a surprisingly good source of exercise. Walking burns well over half the calories of running in the same amount of time, so if you walk for just twenty-five minutes, it's doing you considerably more calorie-burning good than a ten-minute mile. ^^
    Personally, I like walking after dark. Might have something to do with living in an area where most of the year daytime temperatures have no problem getting over eighty... but even when it's cold in the winter, I think everything looks much more interesting when it's not all bright. Of course, depending on where you live, this might not be an option. :/

    You can also consider looking into repairing and rehabbing small electronics and mechanics, like watches or music boxes or toys. Most thrift stores have more slightly-broken things than they know what to do with, and if you can cannibalize parts from one to another it won't cost you much at all. Some of them will even let you mess around for free, as long as you let them sell the stuff you fix. ^^ It's a useful talent, and it's uniquely rewarding to watch something work again after being broken for years.
    You can also rehab and update furniture, but it's a bit more of an investment and often difficult to sell the final product. I only do pieces that I can personally use, otherwise they just pile up. I'm working on an antique military-style trunk right now. It needs a new paint job and a new bottom, maybe some shine on the bolts. When it's done I'll have something awesome to use as a footlocker to keep my junk in that isn't the IKEA furniture everyone else will be using.
  6. Loving all these responses so far :D feeling much better already!!

    @Diana, sadly you're right, thats the ups an downs of being a large or small site, a small site perhaps doesn't have all the resources a larger site may have (at the very least it hasn't got as much traffic, and if you'd depending on ads etc, you need traffic!) but with the tonnes of traffic comes the tonnes of trolls and dodgy people. I hope iwaku keeps the intimate feel it has now, no matter how big it gets, I know it will be hard to do, but this is the nicest online community I've come across in a while, its certainly worth investing your time on the forums here!!! Like on 4chan or reddit etc some people are most likely afraid to post incase they get abused, but on here, the very worst you walk into is a lively debate, which isn't bad at all!!!!

    @October Knight, too right, iwaku best site on the internet!!! Seriously preferr this to FB, twitter (social networking in general when its annoying snobby people I',m unfortunate to work with *eyeroll*

    @Alan, someone get this man a flame thrower! Your method is the perfect way to deal with asshats (or ... pole-butts :S)

    @Lady Sabine, here comes the super long response :D Your post was REALLY awesome, seriously, you would make the ultimate blogger, particularly with all those past times to keep you busy :D

    Cooking is a superb idea, because I'm a dreadful cook and really could use the practice!!! I like making cute sweet treats, but it would be nice to make them from scratch not from that instant mix (betty crocker stuff!!)

    Walking is great, I live out in the country and there is a really long canal (lots of them actually since they connect at the loughs) so there is lots of places to walk, but, instead of walking, I reckon I'd take to cycling, my cousin got a bike and it would be great to go on trips around the country with her :D plus, I'm not too confident on the bike myself -a few bad falls here and there haha- so it would be great ot get the confidence back up :D Any form of exercise is a great suggestion anyway! Particularly since it wont be too long till its spring/summer here and the weather is more favourable. Theres no use waiting till summer then suddenly doing 500% exercise, when you can be building up slowly starting from now (it will prevent injury later!!)

    I like the darker evening times too, its nice to see a bit of a stretch in the days again though, its getting brighter at night.

    Trawling through thrift stores is one of my fave hobbies, I buy clothes and remodel them -I am a seamstress- its probably what I spend most of my offline time doing when Im not busy with school work :D So I will certainly keep that up :D Now that you mention modifying furniture and gadgets, it would be nice to have a better (more ergonomical) workstation, I have very little space in the loft where I sew so it would be really good to build proper racks and storage units for threads, fabric, ribbons etc etc :D

    Thanks guys :D I think I'll stick around on here ;)
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  7. The internet harbors many, many assholes. I've explored it and experienced it long enough that none of it bothers me anymore. And when it does, I just make my own asshole-ish remarks.

    I agree though, stick to what you like. I spend significantly less time online simply because it distracts me from what's truly important in life.
  8. @Fluffy, spoken like a true ... really wise person.

    Usually I dont take internet anon stuff to heart, and the hate stuff wasn't even totally directed at me, but just reading comments and shit you start to think

    "I hate the human race a little more when I see anon posts like this"
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  9. My life has entirely changed because of Iwaku, I have to admit it is a social media,However , It is the social Media I have "Choosen". Excuse my french, But I can be quite a picky Bitch at times.

    Iwaku Pleases me beyond any internet sensation, and it is absolutely because of the things we all have two things in common here, We all like to write and we all Like to eat food.

    as far as offline hobbies go, I know a ton! Crochet is a lost art, however learning from youtube videos is a sure fire way to learn fast.

    crafts, wood work, leather working, jewlery making, endless list of things to create.

    Go for nature walks, find the nearest park and just go walk around for a bit during the daylight hours and soak up some sun. vitamin D!

    lol Go to your local bookstore, sit in and reeeeeead! I love books and I love reading them for free >.>

    Cooking, Baking, culinary is always a useful hobby to have and tasty too.

    Ironically, there are a ton of internet hobbies too. I just avoid stupid people on the internet, I don't want to let other peoples life choices dictate what I do with my time and I also get out in the world more than I used to. I think its very important to step away from the World wide web on daily basis.

    I was born on the internet and is it strange sometimes I'm grateful that I have a horde of morons to hide behind?
  10. I agree with them on walking as when I walk I imagine stories but sadly I forget them when I get home. But another hobby I would recommend is drawing as it has helped pull me through alot.
  11. That killed me x'D so true lol

    I think I was spending too much time online and it was just beginning to get to me >A<'' lesson learned!!! Take breaks from the internet or you end up getting sucked into the the area of the internet where people spend all their time dick-punching each other ... I don't have a dick but ... that area of the internet still sucks!
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  12. Do not read youtube comments.
    Do not read youtube comments.
    Do not read youtube comments.
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  13. I've read youtube comments ... they kill my brain cells ... :(
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  14. ... Damn ... I caused more offence on the internet by using local humour to someone who is not from my country and they took it waaaay the wrong way ... Like .. why am I not able to talk to people without them getting really offended ... I honestly am not trying to be that douche :S Think I'll start a new thread called "Teach KuroHime how to communicate without causing someone to get pissed off" all suggestions are welcome!!!
  15. We are all different, and eventually going to piss 'somesone' else off. sometimes people don't want to deal with or talk about certain things that we ourselves have questions about or just simply want to discuss for the sheer fact that we NEED a second, third or even forth opinion. shit Kuro, this is the internet, he only place you CAN get a million answers to one question. soe will be helpful, some will troll and others will simply ignore it. Just keep your head High. Sifting through the BS is just something that comes along with the internet and what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

    we can and will adapt to either become what we hate or rise above it and become the change we wish to see in the world. Iwaku is officially my favorite place on the internet simply becuase of the people here, the genuiene personalities, points of veiw, I have pissed people off too and usually it is good to find someone patient enough to listen to you, that is when we can get outside of our own head, see from the others perspective and objectively solve our problems to learn from the 'mistake'. This is so that in the end we are not defined by our mistakes but ultimately defined by how we choose to rise above and survive these said mistakes.

    no worries, its all good. ^_^
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  16. I couldn't decide to rate your response thanks or love ... but I loved it so I clicked love :') thats really inspiring Fijoli, and like, motivational :) I'll not get bogged down by sassy people on the internet!!! If I ever do, I'll just have to read your comment again and pull my socks right up again!!
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