So I went through this looking glass...

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  1. Alright, not really, but I am a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland.

    My name is Wildfire6, which is a combination of the name of my first character and my lucky number. I am also sometimes referred to as the Evil Lolita because as much as my general personality makes me seem like your general anime Lolita (and my real world appearance) I have a dark imagination and a habit of making my character's lives hellholes.

    So yeah... that's just me.

    I also happen to be a bit of a smart alec, and blunt, so if I say something that hurts your feelings I am quite sorry in advance; it's a reflex.

    The good news is that sharp tongue often translates into my characters, so there's rarely a dull moment when I have one talking.

    I LOVE meeting new people, and chattig as well so please to say hello.

    I came here from ChickenSmoothie because the new rules made rping almost impossible for me due to certain traits brought on by the fact that I like writing the bad guy and getting into big bloody battles and having angry arguements in which the characters curse at least once between the two of them. Quite the violent one I am.

    Anyways, having come from ChickenSmoothie and not having rped actively anywhere else I am a bit lost here. I'm not quite sure how to join an rp, or start one, the later being more important to me as I make rps very often. I also have come to understand that certain behaviors promoted there are discouraged here (i.e. always accepting is bad)
    Help would be greatly appreciated.

    But that isn't what this is, this is my hellos, so hello.

    Man this thing looks long.

    Normally I only write a paragraph or two when I'm not responding to something longer....

    I'm gonna finish off with that little info sheet from the thing for if you don't know what to post. Seems solid enough.

    What do you prefer to be called?
    Wildfire or Wild, anything but Wildflower really.
    Boy, girl, or a mystery?
    Well last I checked I was a girl, so I'm gonna stick with that answer
    How old are you?
    Fifteen going on Twenty
    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying?
    Yep. Reasons above.
    Groups or One on One?
    I like both and I'll gladly play either gender, just nothing to horribly mature or realistic. I have trouble rping those.
    Pool or Beach?
    SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind?
    Angel of Darkness, though I'm not sure who made it..

    All done. Again, Hi!
  2. Ooh, the dubstep song? I like that one :3

    Welcome to Iwaku! A great way to get yourself started is to join some groups (tab up top!) to meet fellow Iwakuans ( Iwakans? Iwaks?) who share your hobbies! The Content forums (Roleplay Institute, United Guild of Worldbuilding, and Creative Challenges) are a great way to kill time, improve your writing, and have fun!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! I do hope you enjoy your stay here.

    And would that be the Angel of Darkness by an anime or Nightcore?
  4. Nightcore, it's very catchy
    I like Iwak, it sounds like a cool alien species :3
    Nice to meet you!

    I do too!
    Nightcore, I listen to it while I write, what anime is it in?
  5. I have no idea what anime it is in. Possibly Sailor Moon?
  6. It's cause it sounds like Ewok!
  7. Hmmm I'll have to find it then. :) Adventures!