So I Started Watching Firefly...

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  1. Oh my god.



    It's literally the coolest shit in the universe. How do you make a space western with Chinese themes something so friggin' glorious?
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  2. It was too good to live on...
    Fox killed it before the show could finish. :(

    Resulting in the movie being rather rushed/condensed cause of all the story left to tell.
    Firefly deserved better.
  3. Firefly really did deserve so much better! ;__; Fox is notorious for cancelling the good shows...
  4. I think Fox must of spawned from the pits of hell itself.
  5. One of my old coworkers lent me his box set and it was probably the greatest gift I have ever gotten... minus the fact that I have to return it haha. The character development is amazing o.o
  6. "I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar."

  7. Ah yes, you have now witnessed the harshness of reality. The most amazing show ever that we will never have more of....
  8. After you're done with Firefly I suggest watching "Battlestar Galactica" followed by "Caprica."
  9. Because you have people in your live who love you and wanted to spare you the pain of longing for that second season, knowing it will never come.
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  10. I guess my husband must hate me then. He's the one who showed it to me, then waited until I was hooked to say "Guess what? They canceled it!"
  11. Mate of mine did the exact same thing.
  12. Such cruel and heartless people in the world! :(
  13. "The hero of Canton,
    the man they call Jayne"
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  14. "You're going to burn in a very special level of Hell.
    A level they reserve for child molesters...and people who talk at the theater."
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  15. Seriously, I wonder how many online petitions, emails, letters, and bomb threats have been made to get Firefly back on the air. If Sy-Fy had any brains, they would have scooped that shit up right away instead of blowing their money on shit like Sharknado.
  16. "Well look at this! It looks like we arrived here just in the nick of time! What does than make us?"
    "Big damn heroes, sir."
    "Ain't we just?"

    Oh, and...

    Nathan Fillion is awesome.
  17. Now this is the money we scrounged together to get Firefly back on the air. You take it, give us our favorite show back, explain to the rest of the board that it's best for everyone.

    FOX Exec: "Keep the money. Use it to buy some DVDs or something. We aren't putting this show back on the air, end of discussion."



    *next FOX exec gets dropped on the ground*

    Now this is the money we scrounged together to get Firefly back on the air...
  18. He's going to be my second husband. <3
  19. Here's hoping Netflix picks it up like they did with Arrested Development, someday... Y'know... but GOOD.
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