So I just make a thread when I have questions?



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I came here with questions and now I have a bigger question, as you can see in the title of this thread. The only one able to make threads in the RP I'm used to was the Admin, so this is... odd for me.
Yes, you make a thread when you have questions!

....What IS the question?

Here, anyone who wants to start a roleplay can start a roleplay thread. :D You can join other people's roleplays or start your own. Our Roleplay 101 Guide gives you a quick rundown how we do it here!
Ok, so I've made more than 5 posts now. Why am I apparently not a member yet?
I do believe you need to amass ten posts before your status changes to Member.
It's more than ten posts, I know for certain. I'm still a New Member and I have thirteen posts, fourteen once I post this.
Good to know. I'd like to actually know the number if possible, but until then I guess I'll just post at random.

Also, where would I check how many posts I have? I think I saw it earlier but I can't find it now that I'm looking for it.
I would like to know the number also, to be quite honest. I think I was told you automatically turn Member after 30 days, though. I can't really remember.

You can see your post count by going to your Profile, going to the About Me tab, and scrolling down until you see the Statistics section. Your post count will be there.
I think it's 20-25 posts or 30 days when your status changes to 'member'. Aye, we want to make sure you're sticking around. ;3
New Registration -> New Member = 5+ Posts
New Member -> Member = 20 Posts OR 30 Days