So, I Have This Crush...

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  1. It's on a teacher at my high school ;3; But I consider him a friend, not a teacher. And it's not like he's a middle-aged guy, he's in his early twenties.

    You see, last year when I was a freshman, he was my student teacher in Algebra I. I had him the whole semester. He was at my school for half of second semester, then he left to go back to his college because his student teaching was finished. In the mornings before math, I'd take my stuff upstairs to his room and put my stuff at my desk, then go sit on the opposite side of his desk in the back of the room. He usually graded papers in the morning. We'd talk about stuff, 99% of the time it was Skyrim, and we became friends that way. Whenever we had a few minutes left of class I'd talk to him about what we learned in class that day or something math-ish.
    Eventually, I developed a crush on him. (And before you say it, he didn't induce it or anything [not on purpose, anyway], he wasn't "taking advantage of me", and he had a girlfriend at the time.)

    In May of last year, he left and I wasn't able to say goodbye. I wrote sad, sappy poems after that for a few weeks, I couldn't stop thinking about him. It took a couple months, but I eventually got over him and forgot about him.

    Back in September of this year, he was substitute teacher in the class across the hall from my second block. I saw him that day and he said hello, so I squeaked 'hi' in response, looking at the floor. My heart slammed against my ribs, dude ;O; I could barely breathe.

    Well, last week, he became a substitute for an English teacher while she's out on maternity leave. I pass by him every day on my way to my second block (and there's no way around him unless I want to be late for class every day until he leaves, which won't be for a while). He says hello to me every day and I say hello back. My heart keeps itself under control (thank god) and I can speak like a normal person around him. I want to go into his room in the morning like I used to, to talk about Skyrim or Pokemon (if he plays it, and I really hope he does), but I get shy around him now. My old feelings are back and I can't stop thinking about him. He's in his early twenties, like I said before, and I'm just 15 .3.

    I had to get this out to someone that I didn't know. I don't want my friends judging me about it :T (cause that's what friends do c: Best friends anyway)

    I'd feel so much better if someone else has gone through this OTL Dear god, someone help me.
  2. We all have crushes in high school. When I was in high school, I had a crush on a teacher as well. She was funny and most of all put up with my know it all outbursts, and never really judged me for how I dressed (which was very much less then popular as I grew up in the new age genre and not the 70's in which I am convinced that I belong to, maybe it was my horror flick phase that caused my friendless days). I'd get the same feeling that you have, that butterfly feeling each time you see them, the stumbling on words, the everything that has to go with your infatuation of that certain person.

    It's normal, really it is. But don't let yourself get caught up though, not trying to be mean here but it won't happen and if it does then that teacher is in serious trouble. I'm sure there are many other people out there your age that would love to get to know you. It's alright to have a crush, just don't let it become an obsession. Trust me, it's not pretty.
  3. I had a crush on my teacher! It was my AP Human Geography teacher. He was so cute in such a quirky weird way. I guess the reason I had a crush on him was because he encouraged me and believed in me more than any other teacher would. He would even write notes on my papers or test that I could do better and he knew it aannddd I was just like AAWWWWWWWW.

    He left at the end of that year, and I am now friends with him on Facebook. I don't talk to him though soo that's okay.
    -pats- You aren't alone.
  4. I had a crush on a teacher too. .__.; Mine actually turned out to be a creeper, though. O____O Once he started getting creepy on female students that crush ended FAST.

    The important thing is to remember it's just a crush and not do something bananas. O___O
  5. Thanks for the help guys, and for letting me know that I'm not alone! <3

    Celestialis: About the notes thing, whenever I passed an Algebra test (I suck at math .3.) he'd put something at the top, most frequently, this: =^.^= "Good job!". And just amg ;3; I loved it so much because I have a minuscule social life and spend 90% of my time on the internet and that's like from the internet. O3O

    Phoenix's Wreath: Yeah, if he ever showed interest, we'd both be in huge trouble. ._. Awkward.
  6. I think it's really normal to get a crush on teachers, but it's also good to remember that it's never going to amount to anything.
    It's not something to be ashamed of or anything, certainly, and could be a good learning experience! You can look to them for what you hope to find in a guy who isn't your teacher and qualities that you find attractive for your own information.
    Make sure not to let that be THE person you pine for, though, like was said by others. That wouldn't be as good for you. But just admitting to yourself (maybe not others, if you think they wouldn't understand?) can be healthy and helps you understand what you like in a person.

    Best wishes finding someone who is as nice and encouraging a person, since that seems to be a lot of what you like! :D
  7. So not to take this into the dark side of this conversation, but I think it needs to be said.

    Crushes are fine, but don't persue the man. Even though he's in his 20s, Statutory laws (Romantic persuing of a minor) are still in effect and I've personally seen what those do to families.

    My dad worked as an assistant music teacher for a high school back in the day and decided to start up a relationship with one of the students at the time. He ended up getting sent to jail for 5 years, ruined his life, messed with the girl pretty bad emotionally and was pretty hell to grow up dealing with as a kid locked in the whole situation. I've only recently gotten to the point where I have no problem talking about the situation and it's been just over a decade. Being subtle about it doesn't work, while not the rule it's generally impossible for anyone in a high school to keep any semblance of a secret.

    Anywho, dark aside I agree with Kitty. Use this time to figure out why you feel the way you do about the guy, what drives the attraction and use that knowledge to temper what you seek out in the men you date.

    You seem to have a pretty level head about ya. I'm sure whatever you figure out will work out in the end. Life has a funny way of doing that when you let it run it's course.