So I didn't die, in case anyone was curious

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Do you remember me?

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  1. GREETINGS, Iwaku peeps!!

    Kuroh is back after a 6 month absence. And now I know nobody. Which is cool... I'll reintroduce myself, I guess! Get to know the new Iwaku and all that fun stuff!!!

    I'm Kuroh, of a mysterious gender because I find it hilarious when people think I'm one or the other and are wrong. Though you can just check my profile if you're curious...

    I'm not new to the site OR roleplaying!! I'm on my eighth year of rps, and I was part of Iwaku for a few months last year before disappearing off the face of the earth because life is hard and university sucks me up like a dehydrated monkey. I'm usually up for onexones since I'm not exactly the fastest when I reply and I hate getting left behind, but I do occasionally go for the more exciting group roleplays.

    But hey, I'd love to see who's here, say hello, get to know the crowd! And maybe, just maybe, I'll find a good old rp partner again. Ahhhh, those were the days... :P

    (please please talk to me i am desperate for attention like all the time)
  2. Welcome back! I don't think we met when you were here before, but I'm looking forward to seeing you around! I'm a one x one-er, too, so maybe when I'm less swamped with site stuff I'll hit you up for an rp :P
  3. Thanks!!! I mostly stuck to myself with onexones, so I didn't meet very many people before I disappeared :P But that sounds great!!!
  4. Welcome back, it's good to have you back!!! >:D
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