So...hi again

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  1. So after conquering the evil which is pre med I am back for a bit. God, I really want to do this but all these books are making me go mad. Aside from that, I'm good. How have things been since I let school own me body and mind?
  2. Welcome back again. XD I hear pre-med is one of the most time consuming and brain eating things of all!
  3. It takes everything I love about biology and then beats me with it.

    Yay indeed!
  4. PANDAAAA! <3

    It's okay. Schools are soul eaters. :|
  5. And career makers but ya mostly soul eaters.

    The funny part is this isn't even going to be the hard part. In fact it's no where near that. There's still 4 years of military to pay for my schooling and then medical school after that then MORE military to cover most of those fees. So ya, not that hard part lol.
  6. School is heresy, and I won't ever have to go.

    Yaay video game design.