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Whenever I post a roleplay scenario, in this or other forums... It gets utterly and completely ignored...

So, could you guys give me a tips in my roleplays, to make then better and more chamative? Any help is apreciated.


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If you're referring to the recent RP scenario you've created that shows a time of creation at 1 hr ago, I'd suggest that you be patient. Also... and this isn't meant to be offensive but your post there is rife with spelling errors and places where your grammar could use some work. The more attractive you make your RP sound the more likely it is that you'll attract players. You also came across as extremely vague in your specifics, if you want people to play as characters then you have to give them characters, you also have to give them an opening post that set's the stage.

Going off your RP again, you also came across as extremely controlling, warning people that you are not responsible if their character information is used for whatever purpose, explaining that you have the right to ignore posts; overall it came across like you were explaining a legal contract.

To be honest, I think you need to spend some more time in RPs that you didn't start, get a feel for how people play here. Hell I started thread for a RP but have yet to make an opening post in it, it's also dead for exactly that reason.

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SorAkiev did a very nice job explaining some basics that can help you. Spell checking, making the Rp presentable and 'clean looking', well laid out. These are all things that can help you create games that people want to join. Think of your RP Sign-up like the advertisement to a movie or a cover to a book. People choose rps based on first impressions.

I haven't actually looked at the game you posted here, just giving you some general information.

However, If you would like some help starting/creating games I would be more than happy to help you, just shoot me a message on my profile and we can go from there.

Also, don't get discouraged when people don't join your games. It happens to everyone, sometimes Ideas flop. Just gotta keep trying : )
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Sor definitely hit on the big things! Most people want to see a neat and organized Signup thread (and roleplay posts). Grammar/Spellinging doesn't have to be perfect (I know mine isn't c__c), but if players can't READ it easily, they'll skip it and find something else.

I know the one thing that turns ME off about a roleplay is when the GM sounds cranky or mean. I avoid roleplayers where people demand you to be "literate" (cause that sounds rude to me), and I avoid roleplays where the GM says they'll do whatever they want to your characters. I know there's moments when GMs HAVE to do stuff to move stories along, but I hate going in to roleplays thinking a GM is gonna hijack me the whole time. D: Along this same line are roleplays with five million different rules about what you're "not allowed to do", instead of explaining when the roleplay IS for... It just makes me afraid I'll make a bunch of mistakes and then get yelled at for it. XD

Time and advertising/invitations is also a factor. Especially if you're a newbie! People dun want to admit it, but they're often afraid to play with a new member, cause they just don't "know" you yet. So like October and Sor says, it's good to join other people's RPs first when you start out on a new site. ...But when you do have an awesome rp you wanna start yourself, you have to actively invite people to it. I always send out Private Messages to players that like "my kind" of roleplay and ask them to take a look or join it!


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Plus, Iwaku has a lot of unspoken rules, formed by the callibre of people who have come here. It goes without saying that the GM has sovereign right within his own roleplay and that players who disrupt a roleplay can be immediately reported to the roleplay mods (including me). If you look at the content of other more-established OOCs you will see this at work. We are all equals here committed to a common goal of telling entertaining stories. It's not about powerplay.

The GM poses the concept. The players show respect that concept and ask what they can and cannot do. And douchebags are fed to the mods.

That's how we roll.

So I agree with the others. Show us what you love about the concept, not what you feel will threaten it. If we see your passion for the idea, we'll share in it. "Fuck yeahs" are infectious.


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Easy, non?