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  1. Keep it up. You're almost there.


    "The key to the source is here. In the way of Paths the future reveals the way..."
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    No, but seriously... What?
  3. The door is unlocked but the door remains closed.

    Barred are we from the fruits of salvation.
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  4. Why is an RP being advertised in general chatting?

    I don't get it.
    Cryptic metaphors abound.
    So... Open it. Locks are for honest men anyway.

    Also, who else can't stand writing in the first person unless it's like a biography or something? Stuff bugs me.
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  5. If you want your RP to be resurrected, just click "request a thread moderation" under "helpful links" at the bottom of the webpage.

    I'm assuming that's what you want, because I can't really see a point with this...
  6. That's why it's general chatting. It leads to that which no one is bound to. Some will see this as complete nothing.

  7. i remember this thread...
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  8. V-v-v-v-viral advertising.

    I would never do that.
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  9. I'm too dumb to understand viral advertising.

    Can I get a cliff's notes version or something with more pictures. Brighter colors would be nice too. And maybe something about America being great.
  10. No Butters. This is a secret that YOU aren't allowed to be a part of. Because we're better than you.
  11. I second this. Could it come with pop up pictures like those books I am fond of.
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  12. I love viral advertising when it's subtle and clever. O_O
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