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  1. So, little bit of background. I'm an extremely girlish guy. Since just before spring break I've actually started going by Luna IRL. Some friends are finding it to be a bit of an adjusting process, but I'm also noticing that I'm a lot more comfortable being myself around others now. Before I was kinda reserved, and put on a bit of an act to avoid being taken advantage of.

    One of the changes actually came to me in an interesting way. Without visual clues, all sorts of people mistake me for a girl now. Over the phone, 3 different people have addressed me as Ms. and 2 people in a drive-through apologized to me at the window when I drove by for making the same error(it really doesn't bother me though).

    I should have done this so much sooner. I can't tell you how nice it feels to escape a gender role after feeling trapped by it for years. I feel super special awesome.
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  2. It's always good to hear of people being more happy with themselves and there life. :)

  3. Yup, just need to work on getting the family to be ok with it.
  4. Well if your family are decent and caring people I'm sure it will happen.
  5. Good on you, mate, I'm happy for ya~
  6. I'm glad to hear that you've taken that first step and that you're feeling much happier in your skin. The world is still a pretty harsh one and there are still many challenges to face for those who feel the same as you do. And as much work is there still left to do, progress has been made and progress is important. As for the family, I'm sure that those who care for you and love you will be more than happy when they see how much happier you've become. Stay strong, stay true to yourself, there is nothing better than being able to love yourself first and foremost.
  7. I felt like throwing a rainbow in there was appropriate. Feel your oats, henny!
  8. Yo Luna, it's been a long time. I still remember when you fessed up to everyone on another site we shall not name what you are. My words then are the same as they are now: Congratulations, be yourself.

    I'm glad it's working out for you. As always, I'm around to chat. :ferret:
  9. It was actually this very thought that drove this change for me. For the longest time, I thought the question was, "Is it worth it for me to express myself in this way if it creates so many problems for me." When I asked the question that way, the answer was a clear no. People made it very clear to me that if I chose this: I would be socially isolated from many of my friends, I'll be discriminated in the workplace, people won't take what I have to say as seriously, some people are going to be rude, some people might be violent, and worst of all, that I was going to be lonely.

    But, I guess what ended up changing my thoughts was when I realized what was really happening, and what it was doing to me. The question wasn't if it was worth it, but instead, "Why do I allow people to control who I am?" And the answer was because I was scared of being alone, but I was already alone. I was in a room full of people, but I felt alone because I kept telling myself that if they knew what I really stood for that they would abandon me. Because I thought that way, I couldn't love myself completely. It made me unfit to lead, unfit to have friends, and unfit to share my life with someone. I realized I had far more to lose by continuing to live life this way.

    So I just wanted to be brave. Even though this is who I want to be, I'm still uncomfortable, and I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way. It's just, even though it is an inconvenient thing, I've never felt so beautiful. I'm proud of who I am, and I'm gonna start acting like it.
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  10. Yeah, but that was an internet coming out. It is a lot harder when you do it IRL. People on the internet are like 500% more awesome.
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  11. Your strength of character, your determination and your courage is more than enough to gain the respect and admiration of anyone in your life who is truly worth a good gosh darn. Some of my good friends from college have made the very change that you have and are some of the most beautiful, intelligent and wonderful people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. True there is the struggle for equal rights, fair treatment and acceptance, but the struggle cannot progress unless there are those willing to stand up and fight for the right to be themselves. Civil rights are fruits born from strife. Don't worry, you don't stand alone in this :)
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  12. Trust me, it is hard for me to forget with the overwhelming support I'm getting from my friends. I'm pretty lucky that way.
  13. Woo Luna chan! You know you'll always have my support, forever and ever. After all, you accepted me unconditionally, and hopefully it's time for the rest of the world to do the same for you.

    None of this silly gender role stereotyping. People who just want to be who they want to be, express themselves how they want to be expressed, that's the kind of world I'd like to live in, and watching it slowly start to happen to someone else is an incredible feeling. You work hard and treat everyone around you with respect, I damn well hope that they begin to do the same for you, because you deserve nothing more than the respect of everyone around you.

    You're going to forever remain a big part of some of our lives, so just make sure you keep doing what will make you happy, and we'll keep supporting you the entire way, no matter what. And if anyone has a problem with that, just point them to my direction, I have several things I can hit them with until they see just how awesome of a person you are. D:<
  14. I am very happy for you congratulations!
  15. The strength and bravery you show here is one few people posses. You should be proud. :)
  16. Fi. <3

    I wish I saw this sooner. I'm going to have to surprise you with something when I see you next.
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  17. So seriously, have we invented internet hugs yet? I need to send all the hugs. Like, how much radioactive waste do I have to fall into to gain internet hugging powers?
  18. I've already brought the means to Iwaku.
    It is up to you to finish the job young Grasshopper.
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