So Bad It's Good: TV and Movie edition!

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  1. I saw Shadow's thread and the first thing that came to mind for me was TV shows and movies, not songs and music videos -- so now I'm making a thread for that, too!

    ...And, ok, another big reason why I'm so eager to make a thread about it is because I knew exactly what I would put down, if it was a TV/movie thread.



    And, yeah, the only reason I'm even aware that this cartoon exists is because I'm such a big fan of the actual band -- but honestly, I'm not even that mad this cartoon mucking up its source material or anything, it's just... a bad cartoon.

    Terrible voice acting, lazy animation, and the writing is always just so... awkward. Like, they have these episode plots that are built around Beatles songs, but, despite the fact that a lot of the songs already tell a story to begin with, they instead come up with something completely unrelated and find the most forced, awkward way to make their story marginally connect to the song lyrics. I'll have to see if I can find some good examples later... but yeah, I'm always just so morbidly curious as to where they're going with each bizarre plot thread, and I guess that's what keeps me watching.

    I'm also pretty sure the creators of this cartoon have no idea what an actual teenage girl sounds like, judging by the voices for the Beatles' fangirls.

    Hell, I'm pretty sure the makers of this cartoon have never even heard the Beatles themselves before, or at least, never heard them talk, seeing as how their VA's sound nothing like the real things. I mean, I don't expect the faux Beatles to be able to sing like the real ones -- obviously they just edited in the studio recordings of the songs for that -- but, they could've at least tried to mimic their normal speaking voices...? And it just makes the transitions into the musical numbers sound even more awkward, given how radically the characters' voices change.

    And I've only scratched the surface of everything wrong with this cartoon... I wanted to link to some examples, but all the clips on youtube are in downright terrible quality. It wouldn't take much digging to find full episodes of it online if you guys are really curious enough to watch. >_>

    I've also recently been considering changing my avatar/signature set to something from the cartoon...

    BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT!! What are some of YOUR top so-bad-it's good TV shows and movies???
  2. Sharknado and Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies.

    Just fun to mock as you watch.
  3. Maximum Overdrive. The special effects of that movie are laughable which is what makes it so good. What's supposed to be scary becomes hilarious.
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  4. Garzey's Wing

  5. splice fucked up
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. I'm not really sure this one should count considering it's bad on purpose. :P
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  8. The Room is basically the quintessential so bad it's good film. Anyone who enjoys that weird spot of good badness in cinema needs to watch it at least once.

    Snakes on a Plane painfully stupid... unless you're watching and mocking it with others, which magically transforms it into comedy gold.
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  9. This is what Once Upon a Time turned into for me. Something I watch when I want to be mean.
  10. My brother and I tried watching it, but we just couldn't. We even tried ripping it apart and mocking it's stupidity, but it wasn't funny bad, it was just painfully awkward bad.

    Though that's just my opinion.
  11. Killer Klowns From Outer Space all the way! It is so bad and camp and that's what makes it amazing. They are alien Klowns that grow babies from popcorn, what's not to love?

    Tokyo Gore Police. Its bad. Really bad. Really, really bad, but damn its hilarious. Its a splatter film for the sake of comedy and does not apologize for it. Helldriver is in the same vein.
  12. !! I just remembered!

    Btooom. Yes, with 3 O's.

    This anime is... eugh. It starts out with an almost-decent premise -- a bunch of people (I think they were all supposed to be gamers? It's been a while...) wake up on a seemingly-deserted island and have to kill each other as a part of some 'game' that they were unwillingly made a part of. Oh, and they're all armed with bombs that they're supposed to kill each other with. Ok, not exactly a revolutionary premise, but it could work, right? Except... wow does it fail in execution. Let's see if I can remember everything wrong with it...
    • Ridiculous plot armor on the protagonist.
    • Rape/sexual assault scenes that add nothing but shock value.
    • There was this one character who was supposed to be... a psychopath, I guess? Point is, they basically made him an over-the-top edgelord. How much of an edgelord, you ask? He wore a hoodie with a pentagram on it, and his name was Kira. And did I mention he was only supposed to be, like, 13?? Yeah, all things considered, it was sort of impossible to take this guy seriously.
    • There was this annoying side character... all I remember was that he was fat, had an annoying voice, and there was this running joke about him eating dry ramen. Oh, and they killed him off and tried to make this emotional moment out of the protagonist crying over his body and all that, but it just felt incredibly hollow, especially since the protagonist was kind of a dick to him earlier.
    • Shitty fanservice (you know, anime boobs and all that)
    • I don't actually remember very many specific plot points, but I have a vague recollection of it being very predictable and cliche...
    I watched this with the nerd club at my college. I don't know who suggested it, but, it was pretty clear that the people in charge had never seen it before, and had no idea what they were in for. We watched 4 episodes per week, and, as time went on, fewer and fewer people showed up -- but the ones who did show up (like me) were just becoming more and more accepting of what a trainwreck this anime was, and were showing up specifically for that trainwreck. I remember being really eager to see what happened next just because I was so morbidly intrigued by how ridiculous the whole thing was. The rapey scenes were the one thing that we all agreed were legitimately kind of discomforting to watch and weren't really funny... But, those scenes were all out of the way fairly quickly as I remember it didn't take long for them to kill off the rapist character, so, from that point on, it was all basically just stupid plot shit and hollow emotional moments to keep us entertained. XD I also remember loving just how much of an over-the-top edgelord Kira was, and I'm pretty sure he disappeared early on in the series and then didn't show up again until the last few episodes -- and boy was I happy to see him come back. XD

    Oh, and the animation in this was honestly gorgeous. ...I'm not being sarcastic, it really was some great animation, which is why it was just sad to see such a shitty anime have such great animation. It just didn't deserve it! DX
  13. It's actually originally a manga. Hm... It was better as a manga in my opinion.
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