Snowflake Making Contest

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    It's December now, officially, which means that it's winter in most places now! There's snowfall coming for many people, so how better to show affection for the season than to make snowflakes?

    I want your handmade snowflake art!
    Be it drawings, paintings, or something else, I want to see it!

    • It must be your own art
    • It must be PG-13 (I don't even want to see what you might do, don't scar me!)
    • You must have fun!

    That's right, fun is a requirement! I don't want any cranky sassy-pants who just want to win, I want people who are making these to enjoy making them!
    There are some ideas here and here if you need help getting inspiration!

    I hope to see many beautiful snowflakes. I'll decide the winner, and I'll probably confer with others on what they think. The winner will get a shiny award for their profile!
  2. Since I have trouble with the in thread photo uploader can I post my entry as my profile picture?

    Or email it to you and you post it for me?
  3. You can definitely email it to me and I'll post it for you.
  4. I am completely computer illiterate, could you PM me your email?

    nevermind found it lol