Snow Red

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  1. ooc; So, this role-play is open to who ever would like to join it. I don't have any preferences on who your character is. You could be a teacher, a student, some other kind of supernatural (vampire, fey, were of some kind, etc.), or whatever you desire. This role-play has the potential to become mature. There will probably be a fair amount of violence and romance that leads to sex is up to us! If you're interested, please message me before posting an intro so we can talk specifics about plot and what not!


    Wind whistled through the trees, sounding like a faint and distant scream. The eerie sound was brightened by the trill of a bird’s song. A cardinal, blood red against the snow that clung to the leaves of tall, ancient trees. It was days like these, days so deep into winter that it seemed like it would never end, that made one think of the old stories of Wendigos and ancient spirits.

    A rustle of fallen leaves garnered the attention of a blonde wolf that was padding through the snow. She stopped, her body deathly still as she perked her ears to the sound. Slowly, with careful steps, she stalked through the snow silently. Cold, glacier blue eyes fixed on the body of a brown rabbit sitting perfectly still trying to fool the wolf. The wolf also stilled and waited until the rabbit took a tentative hop. Unfortunately for the ill-fated creature, the wolf was larger and more clever, quickly dodging and snatching the rabbit up between her jaws.

    Prey caught, she ran through the woods with graceful speed and agility. She stopped at the edge of the woods and sat before her body began to undergo painful contortions and stretched until she became, well, human. Huddled naked in the snow was a young woman who bore the same golden hair and arctic blue eyes that the wolf had. The dead rabbit was at her side. She stood, the grace of the wolf still clear, and went to a nearby tree. She dug into the snow at its base until she uncovered a small backpack. Inside was a pair of underwear, fleece sweatpants, a green sweater, and a pair of boots with socks tucked inside.

    After she dressed, she grabbed the rabbit by its neck and made her way across the snow covered field to the fence that guarded the suburban neighborhood from the woods. Climbing the fence came easily, evidence that she’d done it many times before. She landed in the back yard of a small house that looked much like the rest on the street. Ducking in the back door, she was greeted with a warmth that burned through to her bones and a heady scent that made her stomach growl.

    “Hi, dad,” she said, placing the rabbit on the kitchen counter.
    “That all?” The man was tall and strongly built, but did not look much like his daughter. His hair was dark and his eyes a bright amber.

    She nodded solemnly, seeming disappointed with herself. “I’m not strong enough to take down a moose by myself and the deer are scarce with humans hunting them too. I understand that it’s annoying that they walk into the middle of the street all the time, but we’ve gotta eat, you know?”

    Her father let out a barking laugh, showing teeth that seemed a little too sharp.
    “I’m not sure they really think about the well being of the wolves when they go out hunting. They’d be happy to shoot us, too if they could find us,” he said, the last words becoming serious as if he were telling her to be careful.

    She busied her hands by skinning the rabbit. “Can you imagine the look on that Rosenbaum girl’s face if she knew that her next door neighbors were the wolves she heard howling out in the forest?” She laughed wickedly, also showing large, sharp teeth.

    “It’d be real funny right up to the point that her parents decided to gather a lynch mob.”
    “What’s up with you today? You’re being all depressing,” she said, passing him the rabbit as he was chopping up carrots and placing them in a big pot on the stove. He stopped and looked at her.
    “Eira, you’re starting school tomorrow and I don’t want you to mess it up this time. We can’t afford it, okay? Also, I like it here.”
    “You just like that Amy woman who works with you. It’s not like anything could happen, Dad. We’re not much of a pack with only two of us and I’m pretty sure Amy, with her French manicure and highlights, is not much of a wolf,” she said, not sure where the bitterness had come from. Maybe she was just nervous about school.
    “That’s not fair,” he said very quietly. “Dinner will be ready in twenty minutes.”

    Understanding that her father was dismissing her, she took her backpack from the table and went upstairs, making sure to shut her door loud enough.

    After dinner, she spent the rest of the night looking at teen fashion magazines. She had always struggled a bit passing herself off as a normal girl, but it was difficult when you didn’t have a mother and weren’t really given the opportunity to make friends. It was times like these when she really felt more like a wolf walking around in a human body than a girl who happened to also be a wolf. She found make-up strange. It didn’t make sense to her why girls would cover their faces in layers of color that just made them look older. She figured that was the point.

    Eventually, she went to sleep and woke up early the next morning.

    After fussing over trying to find something “cute” to wear, she gave up and settled on just wearing jeans and her favorite cream, chunky cable-knit sweater. As for her hair, there wasn’t much she could do. It was a tangled mess of curls ranging from honey blonde to nearly white, something she’d inherited from her mother. Clumsily, she managed to put on mascara, but after nearly stabbing herself in the eye she was too scared to put on anything else.

    After breakfast, her father drove her to the local high-school. She could drive and had a license, but he’d insisted. This year she was entering school as a Senior. It said on all her forms that she was born in 1994, making her 17 years old. In truth, she was 23 years old, but she didn’t age like normal humans. She wasn’t immortal, but her aging was slower. She’d been passing as 17 or 18 for the past few years. It got frustrating, but her father insisted that while it had its risks, putting her in high-school gave her a chance to be normal. It didn’t really matter, she made almost zero effort to be noticed at school.

    There were times, though, that she wished she could have a best friend or even a boyfriend, but that got too messy and complicated. She’d learned her lesson already. If she were to make relations with anyone, they’d have to be a wolf, and since she and her father weren’t the only wolves trying to pass as human, it was hard to find others. Occasionally, sometimes in a crowded place like a store or on the street, she’d smell someone else. She could count the number of times that’d happened on both hands, however.

    She drifted through the halls between classes, assaulted by all the smells and sounds of human youth. Mixed with the ever permeating scent of body odor were subtler scents, mostly desire or anxiety. The classes were easy as she’d already endured them in some form several times before. It was fortunate she truly enjoyed learning, especially reading. Otherwise, she’d be more miserable than she already was.

    After what seemed eons, it was lunch. Eira took a seat a deserted table near the back of the cafeteria and pulled out her lunchbox. Before she could even open it, someone had sat down next to her.

    “Hi! I’m Rebecca. Or Becky. We have AP English and Physics together,” a chipper voice said.

    She wondered briefly if there was any way she could just ignore the girl, but the expectant hand all but shoving itself in her face made her turn.
    “Eira,” she said, shaking the girls hand before taking the contents of her lunchbox out.

    “Ooh, is that like Mexican or something?” Excitedly, the girl bit into the roll she’d picked up from her tray.
    Eira arched a brow, waiting for her to say she was joking. Apparently not. “Um. Welsh, actually.”

    “I’ve always wanted to go to Wales! Who wouldn’t want to go somewhere named after whales?” She giggled happily and Eira resisted the urge to throw her to the ground and possibly sink her teeth into her throat. The scene played in her mind and she found herself smiling.

    “Eww. What are you eating? It’s so bloody.” Like you could be right now. She snapped out of it and looked down at her food.
    “Oh, it’s just roast beef. A lot of it, I guess. I’m on like...a protein diet. Yeah,” she said, remembering reading something about girls being obsessed with being thin and dieting. Seemed legitimate enough.

    “Oh my god. You are SO skinny! You don’t need to lose weight. I need to lose weight. I have such flabby arms, ugh,” she complained, pinching at imaginary fat. The girl continued on like this and Eira found herself tuning her out completely.

    It wasn’t until she heard the bell ring and she looked up that she saw two eyes fixed very clearly on her from across the room, staring at her intently.
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