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  1. Rules (open)

    1. Once everyone is gathered together, they will split off into different groups.
    2. I'm sorry if i'm not good enough at keeping this kind of story going on my own, i will most likely ask for some plots or ideas from time to time.
    3. Be respectful to other players.
    4. If your character get's bit, they are immediately counted as dying. There will be no one immune to the disease until a working vaccine is created.
    5. One char alive at a time per person. If your character dies, you are allowed to make another.
    6. Not all humans will get along with each other, I understand that: but please consult the other person before you go to have the two characters fight. If your characters fight, I expect to see fairness.
    7. If your character is injured, then they will become sluggish, and weak. That is a known fact of reality and i expect it within this.
    8. Iwaku rules apply here as well.
    9. So i can know you have read the rules(it's a problem many people have, not reading rules) then add to other "What a horrifying stench, the flesh."
    10. These are teenagers, teenagers have hormones and i understand that, but please move a smut scene into PM's or whatever. Because let's face it, romance is going to happen and these kids won't be in the best of minds during dark times, some will have adjusted better, others not so much. My character is a well adjusted one over the ten days, he won't hesitate to kill a zombie, but he will downright refuse to raise a finger to a living human unless they've been bit.

    Character sheet (open)

    Age(no older than 17):
    Sexuality(optional to fill out in case you wish to have romance as well):
    Appearance(picture preferred, descriptions can be given):
    Anything else you'd like to say about your character?:

    My form (open)

    Name: Maro Kazuki
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bi leads more to liking females.
    Appearance: Dressed up like his favorite pokemon, he almost never leaves home without feeling the confidence of the dragon pokemon flygon. It's been a trait he carried since before the epidemic, and that never changed. [​IMG]
    Personality: Before the epidemic happened, Maro was considered to be very shy and quiet. Ever since the epidemic happened and he killed two who were bit, he's become cold, calculated, and leaderly.
    Anything else you'd like to say about your character?: nothing
    Other: "what a horrifying stench, the flesh."

    This is the OOC thread for the smell of death, you can post your character sheets here, or in the rp. Either way, this will be used to converse out of character between players. Or talk about what direction the plot should be heading and other such things.
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  2. Name: Airi Nova
    Appearance: 1034159-bigthumbnail (1)-1.jpg but her outfit is more covered(couldn't find anymore like her)
    Personality: she was always know as sweet and caring before this whole thing broke out. She is now cautious, friendly at times, knows how to defend herself
    Anything else you'd like to say about your character?: she hates know it all's, she like using strategies.
    Other: "Don't think any less of your opponent"
  3. Question! Does it have to be anime?
  4. no, it does not. you can use any description or picture you like.
  5. Sweet. Posted on the main board if that's alright, there are a couple people there that I'm not sure check this OOC thread.
  6. there probably are. I moved the char forms and stuff to this thread since i thought it made the main one look unprofessional. so yeah.
  7. not very useful if people don't check here though. o-o'
  8. Name: Ben
    Age: 16
    Gender: M
    Appearance: 6'0, caucasian. Short brown hair, Green eyes. Wears green cargo pants, Dark blue Tshirt beneath a brown leather jacket and a Baseball cap.
    Personality: calm, collected, smart.
    Anything else you'd like to say about your character?: Fuck zombies.
    Other: they're corpes. Just shoot it in the face.
  10. Lol. What he said. Welcome!
  11. MM that fresh smell of death and rotten flesh in the morning. lemme tell you bout it
  12. Name: Lily Wish
    Age(no older than 17): 15
    Gender: female
    Sexuality(optional to fill out in case you wish to have romance as well):
    Appearance(picture preferred, descriptions can be given):
    [​IMG] Her eyes are amber btw and her hair color is dyed white...

    Personality: Wicked but calm also an observant person..
    Anything else you'd like to say about your character?: Her weapon is a black chainsaw and an axe. Shes secretly insane and great on acrobatics OuO
    Other: Once she snapped out............ RUN.
  13. Welcome. enjoy your time in this stupid idea of mine. uwu
  14. Name: Kaleb Greeshore
    Age 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality Bisexual

    Personality: He's dangerous homicidal he won't have a problem with killing you he drinks a lot of the time when heavily drunk he's a psychopath
    sober he's moody either depressed cranky happy or dangerous his mood varies normal hes curious and caring for friends hes very rude to others and hates socializing plain out he usually stays alone

    Other: keeps his dad's gun and ax his mom walked out on him when he was a baby his mom was a drug user and left him
  15. Welcome to the rp. Have fun i suppose. ouo
  16. haha this is the ooc. you posted that in the wrong forum. uwu
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