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    Athena was a strong and powerful Magica Girl that could control the 4 basic elements of the planet. So, when Blaze destroyed her after her soul got corrupted, he managed to take the scent of those powers one by one. From those spiritual residuals, alongside the wishes and prayers from the humans, he created the 4 Races of Magica Girls that live to date: the Aqua, the Ignis, the Ventus and the Terra. This way, Blaze thought that there would be a balance among Atena Land and that will also encourage the Magica Girls to team up to defeat the evil forces by combining their abilities and powers.

    Because the Magica Girls aren't human, they never age. Nevertheless, her appearance ranges from ages to of 13 to 18 years old in the humans' system and can die. Each individual is able to control the forces of their element and use them for aid themselves against the Berserkers or at their favor to accomplish a task, like burning down an obstacle, fly towards really high places, skate on top of water sources or be able to jump from high places and make the ground shake after the landing. Also, each race is ruled by a Leader, which position was given from generations (starting from the Magic Girls created by Blaze after Athena's demise).

    Another important thing to know is that Magica Girls can have a secret life in the Human World. This is because the golden and unbreakable rule that every Magica Girl knows is that humans cannot know the existence about them. If a human ever discovers a Magica Girl or have some assertive clues about it, the memories and knowledge of that must be deleted. Any Magica Girl has this ability that only works on humans, but sadly, some of them have been breaking this rule, putting the human life at risk.

    Here are the 4 Races:
    Ignis Girls

    From the Latin word "ignis" that means "fire". This is the 1st race of Magica Girls. They control the fire element, and so, their powers are based on it. For example, they can cast out powerful fireballs, passed through flames without been hurt and even create fire tornados that will be living nightmares for any Berserker.

    The personalities of these girls vary, but most of them are identified by their capacity for action and decision. Sometimes, they may act in excess, led by desire and passion. Totally active and social people that are always doing things that attracts lot of attention. Is really rare seeing one of these girls sad or depressed by something that happened.
    Aqua Girls

    From the Latin word "aqua" that means "water". This is the 2nd race of Magica Girls. They control the water element, and so, their powers are based on it. For example, then can cast out water balls, surf through any liquid surface and invoke devastating storms that will punish any Berserker on its way.

    The personalities of these girls vary, but most of them are very emotional. They become depressed very easily by any misfortune that happens to them. They don't have many friends for that reason, so they give their best to keep those they have. They also lack a good sense of discernment, so they're tricked most of the times and they never say no to something, even when the situation requires it.
    Ventus Girls

    From the Latin word "ventus" that means "wind". This is the 3rd race of Magica Girls. They control the wind element, and so, their powers are based on it. For example, the can cast out wind gusts, surf through any source of wind and invoke deadly tornadoes that will suck in everything on its way.

    The personalities of these girls vary, but most of them are very wise. They have a great ability to think through logic to communicate and give out innovative ideas. They know to discriminate the good from the evil with ease. Usually good for friendship, although they may have difficulty with emotional intimacy or family life.
    Terra Girls

    From the Latin word "terra" that means "earth". This is the last race of Magica Girls. They control the earth element, and so, their powers are based on it. For example, they can cast out rocks and boulders from nowhere, can break through the hardest material and invoke one of the strongest forces of nature: earthquakes.

    The personalities of these girls vary, but most of them have a strong nature connectedness. They love to take long strolls trough forests and befriend every animal they encounter on their way. Thanks to this, the Spirt of Nature seems to bless them and enchant their powers. They're extremely pacific persons with everyone except Berserkers, mostly because they are always destroying everything in their path. Ignis are extremely adorable, so they have a lot of friends and they'll won't waver to help out if they're in need.
    Extra-Related Information
    Soul Gems

    The Soul Gem is an egg-shaped object that contains the energy of a Magica Girl. Its size is relative, sometimes it may look like measuring a centimeter and other times larger, but it fits in the palm of a hand. Soul gems also work as Berserkers detector. When the girl transforms, the soul gem does the same and appears somewhere stuck on her body (arms, legs, chest, etc). When not in use, it appears as an accessory (bracelet, ring, necklace, etc.) that can have their names written somewhere.

    The most important thing to know about Soul Gems is that they're literally every Magica Girl life. Their souls are inside of the gem. This way, they can survive severe and hard attacks in battle with the Berserkers. If a body is too far from the Soul Gem, the Magica Girl "dies" and stays like that until their bodies are in the range of the gem. A Magica Girl death is irreversible if the Soul Gem is completely destroyed.
    Another extremely important thing to have in mind is that the soul gems can gain some impurities every time a Magica Girl uses her powers (they slowly get a dark tone). However, they can be purified with Grief Seeds that Berserkers drop. So, be careful and be wise in using your powers.

    From the latin word "amicum" that means "friend, companion". This cat-like being will be always by your side and will aid you during battles with the Berserkers, missions, and quests. Nobody knows exactly from where they came from, only that they're actually living copies from the very first Amicus, Blaze.

    Every Amicus looks the same, but their personalities are different. They also know everything about the Berserkers, except their origins or why they're so evil. All Amicus are also immortal, so if they're killed in combat, their bodies will respawn in Blaze's Plaza.
    If a Magical Girl has the right amount of crystalias, they can go to Anna's Body Manipulations Corner and change their Amicus appearance into one they want (baby dragon, baby phoenix, you decide).
    Corrupted Magica Girl

    Unfortunately, there's can be a point where a Magica Girl becomes so powerful that she may not be able to control herself and use them excessively. Sometimes, they could become depressed for a reason or another or want to avenge a fallen friend really badly. Whichever is the case, every decision that leads to bad consequences made on purpose, the excessive use of powers and the overwhelming negative feelings in a Magica Girl will end in the most awful and unfortunate conclusion ever known between the Magica World: turning into a Corrupted Magica Girl.

    Considered a type of Berserker, a Corrupted Magica Girl is actually really different from them. They still are able to use their powers, stronger than ever, and they'll destroy and kill everything in their path, either an enemy or an ally. At this point, the Magica Girl cannot be saved or return to normal, so the only thing to do is eliminate her at all costs because they'll be a much bigger threat than the whole Berserkers race. Eliminating them is actually a good deed because their souls will be free from a never-ending curse.

    I'm currently working in a system that will decide when a character becomes a Corrupted according to its actions during official Missions and Events. Still, this can be avoided if your character doesn't abuse of its powers, remain calm and with a clear mind and behave in a good way. Also, and the most important, if they purify their Soul Gems once in a while.
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    I don't think it should be to big of an issue using Sai from TW... I plan on using Charles. I just think the biggest issue would be carting over P-Tech... as Kered kinda did provide us with a copyright for all characters and equipment anyone created themselves...
  5. Hmmm...that would indeed be a problem.

    If I just miss out P-tech, go back to just plan pistols it should be ok surely?

    But I notice that FF character bases are not as popular here.......so I may have to tone that down a little.....*shuffle*

    Hi Vay XD
  6. A Discord Server chat is in the making to ensure a better communication and/or make other ways to communicate. I recommend everyone to have a Discord account (it's free ;) ) because I'm most of the time online in there and I'll post a couple of things that may not be available here.

    Also, I'm creating the first Main Story of the Magica☆Girls Series that will feature our beautiful NPCs and from 5 to 6 lucky of the Magica Girls, and an special event.
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  9. *An AC-130H Spectre gunship enters the airspace and begins orbiting Archy. It pumps out a curtain of 25mm Armor Piercing High Explosive tracers, 40mm HE rounds, and 105mm sabots as it orbits.*

    Nice shooting, boys, nice.

    *The Spectre begins it's egress.*

    Not as fun as Divisional Arty but it still gets the job done.
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    Is Archy "Jack" now?
  11. ANYthing can be popular here. All you have to do is give it a try! >:D We do all kinds of roleplays, and if you can't find something that you like, or something that fits for the characters you want to use - You can start your own roleplay!

    For that roleplay from the other site you're talking about, I would suggest doing a plot with a similar story line. >:] Borrowing ideas is within copyright limitations (people do it with books, tv series, movies, etc all the time). So as long as you're not copy-pasting, the whole thing from the original creator there wouldn't be any problems. (the safe way is to give credits of "Inspired by ___'s plot or something!)

    Most of the time, roleplays end up becoming something different anyway when you're playing it! XD

    and uh... welcome to the site!
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    So, Oasis released yesterday to little fanfare (Blizzard fixed most of the cool glitches :L), and within minutes @Candycane Revolver and I found another hilarious bug on the City Center point: infinite traps!

    To reproduce:

    1. Set up a custom match on Oasis with Skirmish rules and cooldowns set to 0%.
    2. Pick Junkrat and beeline it for the road at the edge of the map.
    3. Throw a single trap into the passing cars with E so it gets destroyed.
    4. Immediately turn around, look down and press E twice in quick succession.
    5. You now have two traps placed. Repeat as many times as desired for even more traps.

    This is no mere visual glitch. Every trap you place is still active.
  13. Alright. But I think today is looking like another game-day.
  14. So many greetings! Hi all XD

    Thanks Diana, it all sounds encouraging! However, I'm hoping you won't all stereotype me into just a FF fan - I promise you the rp's I were in on my old board didn't even *mention* FF, it was just a world to base my character in beforehand. I wanted to check that previous world histories were accepted here, and if that's the case - all is well! :D Thanks for the advice regarding story lines, but I shall do my best to keep the old site seperate from here (except for backstory probably). That way it doesn't risk turning into some kind of nostalgia-fest >_<

    TZS- lol! How many times can we badger you? :P

  16. Anya's eyes light up as she took the bag, "What did you get me?" She reach into the bag and pull out the box excitedly.
  17. John smiled as he pulled kunari into his grip and kissed her