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Sai Rei

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Hi there.

I suppose an OOC introduction would be best XD

I am Sai Rei. Like Slyen, I come from a board which is no longer with us *sniff*. My roleplaying has suffered since then, and I was nudged in the direction of this place. I have spent a day or so looking around the board, and I seem to be still a little lost! Therefore I decided to take the plunge and sign up XD

I do have rp experience (I've been a committed forumer for quite a few years now!) and my main rp interests tend to stem from FF7-based realms. My main character (also Sai Rei, the reason for my nickname) is built around this world. Before I begin using her here, I wanted to check whether or not this type of background is acceptable here, or do we need a completely fresh outlook??

If the name sounds familiar, we might have met either on Turks.net, Twisted Worlds, or possibly on the FFantasy Forums. If so, say hi again! I may not recognise you at first but it would be great to have something in common already XD

*small cough* well, thats long enough for a first post me thinks. Any other questions feel free to ask. If not, its a pleasure to meet all of you!

P.S I saw mention of a "sarcastic British prick" somewhere here - the thought of a possible kindred spirit is very comforting *grin*
Welcome to the site.
Asmo will be along to be sarcastic in a mo... meantime I see you in the cbox and would like to welcome you to Iwaku in my capacity as kroot and general nuisance. The staff will be here soon at the smell of fresh meat and carl will be blowing stuff up soon. Till then he was juice on the fridge and cartoon network if you want. sorry it all we have since Ike ate the remote
Hey Sai!

I don't think it should be to big of an issue using Sai from TW... I plan on using Charles. I just think the biggest issue would be carting over P-Tech... as Kered kinda did provide us with a copyright for all characters and equipment anyone created themselves...
Hmmm...that would indeed be a problem.

If I just miss out P-tech, go back to just plan pistols it should be ok surely?

But I notice that FF character bases are not as popular here.......so I may have to tone that down a little.....*shuffle*

Hi Vay XD
Welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help out.

*walks off into the shadows still in his wolf form, still can't seem to find that cure*
Welcome to the site, Sai Rei! I do hope you enjoy your stay! I've been on this forum for a while and trust me, most of the staff is very kind and helps you with any questions or needs you may have!

If you need any help just ask!
*An AC-130H Spectre gunship enters the airspace and begins orbiting Archy. It pumps out a curtain of 25mm Armor Piercing High Explosive tracers, 40mm HE rounds, and 105mm sabots as it orbits.*

Nice shooting, boys, nice.

*The Spectre begins it's egress.*

Not as fun as Divisional Arty but it still gets the job done.
*Sighs and watches the destruction*

Is Archy "Jack" now?
ANYthing can be popular here. All you have to do is give it a try! >:D We do all kinds of roleplays, and if you can't find something that you like, or something that fits for the characters you want to use - You can start your own roleplay!

For that roleplay from the other site you're talking about, I would suggest doing a plot with a similar story line. >:] Borrowing ideas is within copyright limitations (people do it with books, tv series, movies, etc all the time). So as long as you're not copy-pasting, the whole thing from the original creator there wouldn't be any problems. (the safe way is to give credits of "Inspired by ___'s plot or something!)

Most of the time, roleplays end up becoming something different anyway when you're playing it! XD

and uh... welcome to the site!
Ja whatshe said. Welcome to Iwaku! If you want something to be popular, nag people into joining it. We'll try just about anything once. Usually twice. And some of us are really stupid you can badger us into anything.
So many greetings! Hi all XD

Thanks Diana, it all sounds encouraging! However, I'm hoping you won't all stereotype me into just a FF fan - I promise you the rp's I were in on my old board didn't even *mention* FF, it was just a world to base my character in beforehand. I wanted to check that previous world histories were accepted here, and if that's the case - all is well! :D Thanks for the advice regarding story lines, but I shall do my best to keep the old site seperate from here (except for backstory probably). That way it doesn't risk turning into some kind of nostalgia-fest >_<

TZS- lol! How many times can we badger you? :P

Well, that depends, Sai Rei, on what you be badgering me with. I'm not overly partial to dead fish... But life size cut outs of pretty men- yes, you can knock me over the head with those all day...

And...you know... good plots. I'm a sucker for plot. I would take up the moniker of The Plotstitute but Chopsticks thought of it first and I would hate to be a copycat.

And other Iwakuins may very well kill me if I join another RP without posting on theirs...

But what the hell, I'm a fixed point in space/time- you need an extra character just give me a hollar!
...**totally in late**

Hey there!
Welcome to the site!
My name is Kitti, and I hope you find a roleplay or two here that catches your eye.
Ask if you've any questions ^^