Small Town Lovers {Story of Seasons}

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  1. Light flittered through the slightest of cracks in the blinds that covered the farmhouse windows, gently illuminating the newlywed couple as they cuddled up on their shared bed, cuddled together. In their newly married bliss the two had become nearly inseparable. Even in sleep they held to each other, no more than a few centimeters apart.

    It wasn't long before the glimmering light of the morning sun finally became a disturbance, the rays that landed on Kerli's closed eyes slowly prying them open, gently rousing her from her contented sleep. Having been in a state of rather peaceful bliss in her unconscious state the redhead was a bit disgruntled to find herself awake. She settled quickly though when she took note of Firtz's face so close to her own, eyes closed and mouth open as he exhaled. He looked a bit silly, but was adorable as always. Getting used to waking up next to Fritz was still a little difficult and sometimes it made Kerli jump when she realized that she wasn't in her old bed back at the hotel. However, when she regained her bearings and remembered that this, that he, was her home now Kerli felt a swell of affectionate happiness. To think that she got to wake up next to the man she loved every day for the rest of their lives... it made her heart flutter.

    Content as Kerli was just to lay there all day, enjoying the embrace of Fritz's taut arms and caressing his sleeping face with gentle fingers Kerli knew there was work to be done. She knew little about farm work but she did know that the crops and animals couldn't wait forever to be tended to. As difficult as it was to adjust to, a farmer's day started early.

    "Fritz." Her voice was light at first, caressing hands turning on the cheeks they had been loving to give them a gentle pinch, "It's morning. Come on love, wake up." After a minute or two of gentle words and coaxing hands Kerli finally saw her husband's eyes flutter open and she greeted him with a loving smile.

    "Good morning sleepy head." With a soft smile Kerli shifted forward to place a kiss on Fritz's freckled nose. She wanted now more than ever to stay as they were but she knew they didn't have such a luxury now. There was breakfast to be had (for Fritz was surely hungry by now) and work to be done.


    Kamil's day, as always, had started fairly early. While he usually dragged his feet upon first waking up, rubbing the sleep from his drooping eyes while his feet dragged along the floor to trudge him through his morning routine Kamil had an embarrassing amount of pep in his step today. He couldn't deny that he was looking forward to seeing Anastasia, the woman he was proud beyond words to be able to call his fiance. He still couldn't wait for the day he'd be able to call her his wife. And sometimes it felt like he wouldn't have to. One look at the callander said that the wedding was quite some time away, a great many days and nights they had to work through until they could finally, officially tie the knot. The heaps of wedding planning, however, spoke otherwise. Even with the help of Anastasia's family and even Veronica Kamil sometimes worried that they wouldn't have enough time to do anything. He just wanted it to be special, an amazing day for his amazing girl. It was embarrassing to think but it was how he felt.

    After washing up and grabbing a bite to eat, leftovers from his last meal at the restaurant, Kamil popped his hat atop his head and, after a quick check in the mirror, headed out. He waved to Maurice and his children but didn't make conversation, too tired and too focused to think enough to do so. The three seemed much too tired to be too interested in speaking much though, clearly as fresh out of slumber as he was.

    Before long Kamil had made his way to the shop Anastasia both worked and lived at, peering around as the bell tinkled over his head. The moment he caught sight of Anastasia, obviously still a little sleepy, Kamil felt his heart swell, eyes softening as an unconscious smile perked the corners of his lips.

    "Good morning." They'd arranged to go over more wedding plans today, Anastasia's mother graciously offering to man the store herself. There was still much to discuss. Rough wedding size had been discussed, but there was still the matter of just who to invite and even the style of the wedding. While Kamil did have an idea for the flower arrangements, line of work giving him quite an eye for such things, Kamil wasn't too picky on the wedding style or the exact setup. Aside from his very few particulars he was quite easy going and, if Anastasia was happy he would be too.

    Greeting his fiance with a kiss, chaste and sweet in case any of the other members of the house were to walk in on them, Kamil couldn't help but blush. Her mouth was as soft as ever, a hint of coffee on her lips.

    "I brought some catering menus if we get to looking at them today." In all likelihood Reager would be the one whipping up their wedding meas, hopefully finding a bit of help. Even so, they had a few different options to choose from. There was also the discussion of cake design and flavor to be had. They had a lot of work ahead of them, but Kamil couldn't bring himself to mind. He got to spend more time with his darling Anastasia and he was free to daydream about their wedding as much as he'd like. It was hard to keep his mind on anything else for any period of time so that was rather nice for him.
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  2. He couldn’t recall when it was that he allowed himself to retire to bed. Fritz worked hard to maintain his farm, it was the reason why it flourished the way it did. Not to mention he may or may not be in a little competition with his fellow farmers. But, it was all in harmless fun. After all, in the end all of their goals were more or less the same. Fritz enjoyed farm life but there was something else he enjoyed too. That something was married life and although it was something still new to him it was an adventure that he embarked upon with his head held high. He knew he wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Kerli- his wife seemed to feel the same way, knowing that their feelings were mutual seemed to make him even happier. He would sleep soundly through the night and into the wee hours of the morning, his wife at his side as he proceeded to soak up every drop of sleep that he could. He did this practically every day as morning had a way of sneaking up on a person. One minute it was night and then the next it was morning. It also didn’t help that farmer’s had the pleasure of waking a few hours earlier than normal town folk.

    As if on cue the morning sun invaded the privacy of his bedroom, as it squeezed passed a single opening in the curtains and spilled down on both him and surely Kerli. Fritz hadn’t moved an inch, at least not yet. What time was it? It didn’t matter because he would soon receive a wakeup call in the form of his wife’s voice. He didn’t move still but that was because he didn’t wish to. The gentle caress of her hand against his face was leading him into temptation, as he wished to lean into it. Her hands were always warm, soft too. But, it was within a second that her gentle caress became a gentle pinch. This was followed by another wakeup call curtesy of Kerli. It looked as if there was no choice in the matter. It didn’t seem like he minded, at least that’s the story the smile on his face told. His eyes fluttered and soon he was greeted by a familiar face. Fritz’s smile grew at the sight of her. “Good morning” he chirped, a small yawn slipped passed his shortly after. “How are you this morning?” he asked as he slowly proceeded to pick himself up. As he slowly began to move around he could feel his strength starting to return. That was good because he would surely need it with the day ahead. It was nothing a little breakfast couldn’t help instill.
    It was strange how time flies. One minute it was night and the next it was morning, Anastasia swore that she had only finished tidying up and settled into bed for a night’s rest seconds ago. Instead, that must have been hours ago because morning had come and it was time to work again. Her morning routine was more or less the same. She woke up at a certain time every morning, ate breakfast, washed up and then proceeded to look and see what it is that needed to be done on that particular day. Every day there was a list that was drawn up by her mother, the list consisted of errands or tasks that needed to be done and were usually carried out by Anastasia. She didn’t mind the work, some of the errand were things that she enjoyed doing on a non-work day; cooking was an example of this. Although, she believed that she enjoyed baking more so than regular cooking. Not to mention it was something to keep her busy, especially on the days where she didn’t step foot outside of her home. While, it didn’t occur as much as the past every once in a while the young woman dealt with illness. She was a frail child, always getting sick while growing up. It was the reason why her parents moved out here to the countryside, the air was fresh and clean; doing wonders for her. Ever since she came here she improved greatly, it was enough to make her happy because she was finally able to actually live.

    Yet, there was something else for her to be happy about too. It wouldn’t be long until she would be married, yes married. Anastasia would become the wife of a young man who lived in town, his name was Kamil and he had moved to this town quite some time ago. During his time here the two had become acquainted and later developed a relationship which started off simply as friends. She had no idea that it would come as far as it did initially. Before, she knew it she was in the process of planning a wedding or at least attempting to. The young woman was sitting at the front of the shop, in front of her was a book all about wedding planning. Right now she was reading the chapter about what style of weddings there were. As she paused to sip her morning coffee (an attempt to jolt some life into herself) the sound of the shop’s bell echoed as someone entered the shop. A customer? No, it was her fiancé Kamil. Anastasia felt her lips twitch, a small smile taking residence on her face as she laid eyes on the blonde man. “Good morning,” she greeted back. Her usually soft voice seemed a little softer this morning, this was possibly due to the sleep that still encased her. She would admit to being a little surprised when he kissed her, but that didn’t stop her from relishing in the brief contact shared between them. She listened afterward as he spoke, it seemed he had some things with him for them to look at. “That should be helpful,” she replied. “I’ve been doing some reading myself” the woman informed him. It seems the two of them had both been looking into this.
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  3. "Good. You?" Kerli smiled as Fritz slowly began to awaken. She could the life that usually possessed everything her husband did begin to return to his eyes as he started to move, slowly fighting his way through the layers of grogginess that followed a good night's rest. Though the energetic farmer had just woken up he already seemed farther along in that process than Kerli. As much as she loved the peace that came with early mornings, the gentle flitting of the sun and the smell of fresh dew in the grass, she had never been a morning person. If it were up to her she would have spent a few extra hours in bed to soak up as much rest as she could but she'd come to hate sleeping alone. It had only been a brief time since the two had been wed but even so, Kerli could hardly bare the idea of returning to her single life.

    Not willing to go without her morning kiss but feeling far too tranquil to complain Kerli forced herself into a sitting position, leaning forward and taking her rightful peck on the lips. With such close proximity she could feel how warm her husband was, leaving her imagination to conjure thoughts of how comfortable he would be if she were to flop over and go back to sleep on him right now. As much as she wanted to lean over and simply trap him under her for some early-morning snuggles she knew she couldn't. There was work to be done and it wouldn't be long until the red-head was beginning to complain about breakfast.

    Forcing herself to slide from the comfort of the warm blankets and plush mattress after indulging in one more long stretch Kerli grabbed the fluffy robe she kept at their bedside and wrapped it over her shoulders to protect her skin, bare apart from her thin nightgown, from the early morning cold of the drafty farmhouse.

    "What's for breakfast today love?" Kerli inquired, standing close to Fritz as he rose from the bed himself. She would have been happy to cook for the both of them and truly wished she could spoil her husband with such, but she knew better. As hard as she tried, she and cooking had never mixed. She wanted to provide meals and other things for him but not nearly as much as she wanted to avoid giving him food poisoning. So, she had to settle for doing whatever else she could and letting Fritz take care of the cooking. With the skill he did have in the kitchen though, it wasn't too much of a punishment.

    "We should still have enough flour for pancakes. But we should probably get some more soon." Kerli's voice was sleepy as she spoke, eyes beginning to droop again. It was nothing a little tea couldn't fix though, surely.

    Kamil smiled, seeing the sleepy face of his future wife roving over some of the papers that he had brought. With her eyes half-lidded, face relaxed, she looked rather cute. The thought that he would soon be seeing her like this every day, waking up next to her and sharing the mornings before work was one that brought an ever familiar tingling feeling to his stomach, butterflies set free once more. It was a feeling he hadn't been used to until meeting Anastasia, but one he felt rather often since - especially recently. With so much excitement and hope for their future spinning all around them he couldn't help but be happy and excited. Nervous too, with such a whirlwind of activity sweeping around them dropping more and more for them to do, but happy. As happy as he'd ever been.

    Hearing that Anastasia had been doing her own research as well earned a nod from Kamil. It was a relief to have so much support with all this planning, not just from everyone around them but from his own fiancee too. Neither of them were taking on more than the other and they were already working as a team to make this work. If this was any indication of the sort of couple they would be Kamil was already hopeful. Having anastasia by his side, supporting him like this for the rest of their lives was a most wonderful thought to Kamil. The fact that it was going to become a reality was almost dizzyingly unbelievable.

    "Ah, Would you like to go out and discuss this over breakfast?" With so much going on it was sometimes hard for the couple to work in little surprises or dates but Kamil did what he could. The last thing that he wanted was the stress of all this planning to become overwhelming or, worse yet, take some of the joy from the occasion. A breakfast date seemed just the thing to ease some of the stress. The restaurant was closed so early, but that didn't mean that neighborly favours were. Kamil had gotten Raeger to prepare a picnic the night before and all that was left was for Kamil to pick it up. A few hours out and away would be relaxing. The gentle morning breeze, the babbling of the rivers that ran through the scenic mountain side... it was impossible to feel anything but at ease there. To be able to relax, eat, and do a bit of planning there would surely be a nice juxtaposition to the rowdy few days they'd had previous with so much sampling and moving about. Kamil figured both of them could use a break and a little picnic seemed just the thing. Perhaps, if they were fortunate enough to have the time, they could even take a little walk afterwards. Kamil had always loved going on walks with Anastasia and had taken her out on them for more than one of their dates. The way her face would light up when she saw something of interest in the mountains, or spotted an animals brave enough to wander near them, was hands down one of the most beautiful things Kamil had ever seen.​
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