Slumber, Little Angel

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i hate everything
The year is 2016, the winter season in the city of Los Angeles. The city moves and lives, without an inkling of knowledge of what moves with them. Supernatural presence mixes in with the Mundane, hiding in a shroud of disbelief. This is slowly being challenged though.

Not by the feeble existence of supernatural hunters, but instead by their fellows. In the time of ancients as legends say the plane of supernaturals was much more extended, creatures vastly more horrific then those current walked the earth. And then they disappeared, all of them, without a sound.

Recently the city of Boston was devastated. Thousands of it's citizens being destroyed outright, all of them, as the public does not know, were supernaturals. And this destruction was made to happen by, reportedly, one single creature.

A single one, the supernatural world as it is known has just found a challenger to it's existence, and there could be many more that awaken, giving them their final sleep is what must be done.

If you are interested Do join up.
Not open for further replies.