Slightly indecent question needing advice

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  1. Ok.. so.. this is REALLY REALLY embarrassing.. but.. well you see.. *Clears my throat* There is this certain item I want for christmas and don't know how to put it on my "List" for my parents to buy it as a gift for me.. its embarrassing to even think about how to ask them to buy me it.. its something for my own satisfaction.. like its um.. Ok.. I'll just come out and say it.. I'm wanting a pussy sleeve for christmas and don't know how to put it on my list without being embarrassed.. how should I even do it or ask my parents.. I mean I am closer with my mother when it comes to this kind of topic.. but its still embarrassing.. anyone have advice on how I can ask?.. I don't really speak with my father.. and I don't think he could handle it if I asked for something like that.. but my mother.. well she and I actually are open about my sex life.. >////.////<
  2. Ask for an Amazon gift card, then buy it yourself. *shrug* That's all I've got.
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  3. Thanks that's one idea.. >///.///<
  4. The above idea is a good one.

    In general, you might just want to spare your parents by not giving them any details they don't want/need to know. Even if they are open about it, it's something that MOST people prefer you keep private, and it's usually appreciated if you are discreet about this kind of thing.

    I doubt you'd want to know the details of what your parents are doing in the bedroom afterall.

    Just to be clear, I'm not judging. Yay for openness about sexuality and desires. But I've learned over the years that there are certain moments and certain people for this kind of thing... and your parents on christmas is not a very good combination ;)
  5. I totally agree with you there.. cause I mean.. there is NO WAY IN HELL I could open a gift in front of my entire family that has a pussy sleeve on the cover of the box. >///.///<
  6. I love the fact that it's called a pushy sleeve.

    The image of Dune Cat comes to mindm
  7. What? It's a pushy in a sock

    Pusey sleeve!
  8. I've heard from some guys that I know, who have tried that stuff, that it isn't that great and that they prefer their own hands. Anyway, take the Amazon gift card. Nobody wants to know that you have or want that thing.
  9. I'm tired of using my hand >///.///< And alright.
  10. This is a good idea, or, to avoid awkward deliveries (assuming there's a place in your town that sells this manner of thing) ask for a visa prepaid card or cash for personal shopping, and use that. I agree with everyone here that acceptance and open-ness aside, most people (especially parents) don't want to know the details of your, um, personal needs. And since you'd also be embarassed telling them, cut out the middleman and just ask for the means :) They can think you're buying clothes or something else that you want to pick out yourself.
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  11. thanks everyone! Though.. question any of you know if they make $30 gift cards for amazon? I mean sure I know they don't make $30 bills but cards could be different.
  12. Check at amazon's website. Most online places allow gift cards of any amount; you can always just round up and keep the change, or ask for $20 and pay the rest yourself. If you don't have a credit card that's what visa prepaids are for!
  13. I don't ever get money sadly.
  14. I understand this frustration!

    I agree with the Amazon gift card idea.

    Also, don't ask me why or how I know this, but the Tenga 3D sleeves are pretty awesome. Not to mention if you're unashamed it actually makes an interesting desk decoration xD

    You can google them - the images are safe-for-work (unlike some other products).
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  15. thanks I checked it out and its saved under my new amazon account with another possible choice. *blush* >///.///<
  16. Have you tried using your face yet.
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  17. Lol I'm not flexible like that XD
  18. Yet