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  1. Set in the year 2114, the roleplay Days in Morpheus Online takes a different approach than most VRMMORPG roleplays plots; Instead on concentrating on a tragedy or quest, this rp will instead be about everyday life both inside and outside said VRMMORPG; Morpheus Online. Instead on rushing to become 'badass', we will instead take our time to develop both our character and their online selves, as only one character per player both as roleplayer and character will be allowed, but also focus on crafting interesting tales of mundane activities in or relating to gaming if we were able to literally live in such a game. The diverse plots will be slow going, but I would like to think that we will enjoy them more as a result.

    Now, the game will start each night, when our characters will put their gaming helmet and enter the brand new world of Morpheus Online as some of the first players of the game, the start of the roleplay being as a matter of fact the receiving of the game itself, and the creation shortly after of each character's online persona. For each of you, a choice of whether I will take care of GMs, NPCs or Monsters as a GM or you will take care of them yourself when they interact with your character's digital self. The choice is personal and entirely yours.

    Now, the game itself will be set in a mix of the futuristic present of of our characters,the Victorian era and finally the medieval era, complete with fantastical monsters and pet as well as many, many races to choose from, as we each will be in charge of creating our character from their everyday persona to their virtual avatar. Our characters themselves based in Asia, they will therefore be able to eventually meet each night, promoting interpersonal scenes and relationships.

    To end this post, I ask that every player be ready to brainstorm and chat about the rp in the future OOC, for good communication begot great roleplays.
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  2. I am super intersted, but 2 things:

    1) You list three locations. The future one for our normal lives. I am assuming the medieval era for the game. Where does the Victorian come into play?

    2) You said that the rp would be slow, which is fine, but will you still push it along if it begins to drag too much? In my experience, if the GM doesn't try to move things along, the rp begins to fade away.
  3. The three era are merged into the game, actually. :)
    As for the dragging, I will give everyone some small ideas and events to try, so hopefully none of us will get bored.

    Also, the rp will be divided in two times: Night, with the game, and Day, in the futuristic Asia, or the 'real world'.
  4. Thanks for the clarification! Hopefully this will get a few more interests.

    If anything, you could try either adding more details to the OP or making the OOC. (Sometimes that helps add interest)
  5. I'll look into making an OOC soon, so stay tuned! :)
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