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  1. I am back looking for Incest RPs. I am looking for the following pairings below. I am interested in playing what is in bold.

    Dominant Roles:
    Big Brother x Little Sister
    Big Brother has been away to college for several years, leaving his little sister alone with her mother. The sister has always been introverted and shy. She's also a bit of an emo girl. Her big brother has always been her best friend and protector and without him she's been so lost. When she returns home she's so happy. She wants to show him how much he means to her, and goes a bit too far.

    Father x Daughter
    Dad comes home drunk one night and accidentally wanders into his daughters bedroom while she's sleeping. Thinking she is his wife he starts to fondle her. She doesn't resist in fear that her mother might walk in and catch them, and she's afraid her father will hate himself or go to prison if she tries to stop him. She goes along with it, to protect her father.

    Son x Young Mother
    The Son is about to go away to the military and his mother is distraught. She's been such a hard working single mom since her husband left her and her son alone. She wants to do something special for her son before he goes away, they start out having a pleasant night, but they end up having a little too much fun.

    Submissive Roles:
    Sexy Brother x Jealous Sister
    Her brother is pretty much the sexiest man, especially in her eyes. His parents have pushed him to get perfect grades in school and be involved in sports and volunteering to get into a great college. He's never really had time for dating. So all his off time was with his sister. His older sister is a bit plump and a bit of a feminist, most older guys would say voluptuous, but the younger guys are into skinny super models. When she finds out her brother has started dating a super skinny girl she gets jealous. She decides to show her brother just what he's missing.

    Annoying Brother x Vengeful Futa Sister
    The brother has been teasing the sister her whole life. She's always been smaller than him and couldn't really fight back. Now that they are older, he's been getting more nerdy and she's been more into sports. He teases her one last time and it puts her over the edge. She's about to show her brother who the boss really is.

    Naughty Son x Mistress Mother
    The son has been so good growing up, done well in school and always came home on time. Suddenly, now that he's older and into girls, he's been greasing his hair, dressing like a goon and starting to become a real rebel. The mother tolerated this for a while, but once his grades started dropping that was the last straw. Now its time to punish the naughty boy, and she only knows one way to deal with men like him.
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  2. I'd be interested in the big brotherxlittle sister....or even the fatherxdaughter one
  3. I'd be interested in all of them, aside the futa one. I'd love the first one very much!
  4. John knew his Mom was planning a nice evening for them seeing as he was about to board a plane and head off to boot camp and then god knows where. he smiled as he walked into his old home smelling something wonderful cooking in the kitchen. He had been out all day with a few of his old buds but had made it clear to his Mom that he would be hers for the night. John had no idea what she had planned but had stopped at the bottle store down the street and grabbed her favorite vodka and some mixers for the party
  5. This is a request thread, not rp
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