Slice of life, drama anything! 1 on 1 request!

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  1. ey ey!
    So THANK YOU for checking out this request post :D
    Plots i have been thinking about: (doesn't neccesarily need to have any of these plots, but if one attracts you, be sure to let me know)

    Illegal actions:
    can be 2 girls, 2 boys, or mixed really happy with anything.
    you are a hard working lawyer, you've just been called by the agency you work for, told you HAVE to make this person guilty, as there is no doubt they are guilty. where the client has been put on trial for (insert criminal action you wish) At first glance, the person seems thoroughly guilty, but as time go on you see the person change. and so do yourself, what will you do? do the job or help a "friend"

    I think I've fallen for a stranger
    can be 2 girls, 2 boys, or mixed really happy with anything.
    the day before after a day that everything had gone against your luck, you decided to get a drink to soothe the pain, soon it turned to more then one, andbefore you knew it, you woke up the day after in a motel with a stranger. at first glance you wonder why you went with them. you leave fast, but you keep stumbing into this stranger, who just wont leave you alone.. or is the other way around.. or perhaps.. destiny?

    The new roomate:
    can be 2 girls, 2 boys, or mixed really happy with anything.
    After a few months in your new apartment at a new part of town, you decide it feels to lonely being on your own in the apartment, and so you put a request in the mail, and soon. you find your new roomate. how will the two of you get along?

    arranged marriage:
    can be 2 girls, 2 boys, or mixed really happy with anything.
    you finally turned age of marriage, and your marriage has been arranged. you have not been told any about this stranger, what will happen when you meet them, and who will they be

    a fan's nr 1 joy:
    can be 2 girls, 2 boys, or mixed really happy with anything.
    you won the contest, youre ACTUALLY going to spend the entire day with your favorite idol. what will the two of you do? and what will happen? will you be disgusted, or will you be overflowed with joy

    Theraphy group:
    the title really does explain itself, its your first time there, what the group theraphy is about, and with whom and all will be decided by you and I <3

    hope anyone likes!

    I know fandoms, however i also love oc's. im up with anything really!
    ifyou have another plot you'd like instead be sure to tell me! hehe <3
  2. I'm interested in the roommates 1x1 pm me if you want to discuss
  3. I'm interested in doing an arranged marriage roleplay!
  4. I actually would love to do the 'I think I've fallen for a stranger' idea
    it just seems like it would be fun and interesting to do~
    I also like the Illegal Actions idea, just seems drama filled and interesting which also strikes my fancy

    (So indecisive I know >3<)

    I would love to do either of these ideas so I hope we could~
  5. oh yay!! pm me and we shall sort out the details, ah im so excited XD
  6. ah yes i love both too actually!
    isnt it possible to mix them (i've thought really hard about it)
    that the lawyer in the illegal actions plot, might fall in love with the client? like mixing up feelings with work kinda thing? OR we just do botH! <3 haha!
Thread Status:
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