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    Emilia, or simply known by Ems, strolled down the forest towards it's edges that brushed against the city that lied west. She wasn't trying to escape -she was trapped here- but was instead checking her "traps" that she had set down over night. As she walked farther and farther a sweet, luring scent was lingering through the air. This was how she lured most of her prey and smelling how intense it was, the girl could tell that it had worked. She followed the scent until she reached a large hole big enough to hold a wide car. It was obvious that it was man-made, but what made it odd was the large puddle of black slime in it. It wasn't exactly fully black, though more like a semi-transparent goo that kids could buy for a dollar and pay with. It was clearer at the edges of the hole and grew darker towards the center. There was also a light hue of red to it which gave it more of an eerie feel.

    However, one would wish it was a solid black after looking in at it. The gruesome bodies of animals that had been lured in by the scent of the floated in the slime like pieces of fruit in jello. Eyes wide open and limbs stretched out, they looked as if they had tried to swim their way back up only to slowly drown in the hole as slime engulfed their figures and stick on their fur like tar. From what could be seen, there was a total of three raccoons, some squirrels, eight birds, and a single large deer. However, it would be safe to say that even more creatures rested at the bottom of the pit seeing that the others near the surface were fresh.

    The girl smirked at this and walked closer to the hole. She crouched down to where she rested on her knees only an inch from the rim and slowly slid her hand into the slime. Unlike the unfortunate animals, the monstrous goo was as liquidly as water to her touch. Her hand moved in it with no trouble but soon it began to dissolve in the black slime. However she wasn't being eaten by it. She was turning into it. Her whole arm slowly began to turn into the slime except darker and thicker like mucky sludge. The pool of slime reacted to this sudden change by eating away at the animal corpses. Their bodies quickly began to melt away into nothingness. It was as if the slime was consuming them whole. The bubbling sound of bone cracking and flesh tearing could be heard as the goo swallowed them through the large bubbles that danced at the surface. Once everything was, well eaten, the puddle of the binge eating sludge began to seep back toward the girl's slimy arm. It was as if she was pulling it back into her body like a simple strain of spaghetti.

    Soon the hole was cleared out and not a drop of the black slime remained. It was all gone completely. The girl stood up and her arm began to shift again starting from her shoulder. Pale flesh replaced the gooey mess. Once every finger was intact she walked away from the hole. She had many more "traps" to clean out, but she figured she would let them stay until night fall after having her fill of meals for the evening. Despite looking perfectly human aside from her sickly green eyes, she didn't eat like one. No, there was a beast inside of her that needed to be feed constantly and in large amounts. If not feed correctly, well, she would feel bad for those unlucky enough to be around her.

    "I suppose I could see if anyone wanted to join me for a hunt later tonight," she thought.

    Like herself, many others were locked in this seemly endless forest. She had walked for what appear to be ages and only found that the city was the only known edge of this forest maze. Some, like her, were other "hunters" that either killed for fun or for their hunger while others were the unlucky prey. Personally she preferred animals other than humans, but once and a while the beast wanted to eat a harder game to feed upon. Chasing prey was tricky on her part, but it did provide some entertainment. She wasn't strong, but she was intelligent and could easily make traps. She also had others to help her, but they were all back at the place they lived at: a old manor not far from where she was now.

    Sighing, she walked faster towards the manor. It was a hot day and that wasn't exactly her favorite weather. Despite wearing only a light tee shirt, shorts, and of course her undergarments, the sun baked her skin as if she were thrown into a burning oven. She already had a sun burn from not wearing sunblock on her pale skin so far in the summer and being out only made it worse. However, she did need to feed at least three times a day so as much as she hated it, the girl had the fry in the sun.

    "Jesus fucking Christ, can it get even hotter," she hissed softly under her breath.

    Summer and her were enemies. She hated hot weather and hot weather only harmed her. Summer nights were okay though. The girl loved listen to the crickets and frogs at night while either looking at the stars or for prey. The night wasn't too painful nor freezing and many animals were active in the later hours compared to winter. Still, she couldn't understand how some of the others back at the manor actually enjoyed Summer.

    Soon the girl found herself walking into the main entrance of the manor. Her flip-flops gave little "flops" as she climbed by a small set of stairs that had a few clips and cracks in them. A pair of two tall and wide wooden doors stood before her, but were not problem to open up with her slim, delicate hands.

    Once inside, cool air brushed her face as she gave a small, light shout that wouldn't disturb many, "I'm back if anyone actually cares."

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